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World CERAMIC Tile Industry @ a Glance
  • The Market for Ceramic Tiles is considered very good as there is boom in construction activities everywhere
  • There are number of technologies available from low cost segments to highly advanced designer products for the Homes of upper rich class
  • The largest markets for ceramic tiles in the Europe are Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.
  • The European ceramics industry continues to be highly competitive internationally, with strong production concentrations in Sassuolo (Italy about 180 firms) and Castellón (Spain over 200 firms) areas, and sizeable activities in Germany, Portugal and France.
  • The Italian ceramic tile industry is the world leader both in terms of production and exports. Italian production is concentrated in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia, whose ceramic tiles production constitutes the 80 percent of the overall Italian total.
  • China, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Thailand, Tunisia are major exporters
  • The most important distribution channel is the wholesale channel. Relatively new trade channels that are becoming important are the DIY channel and the “bathroom boutiques”. Another channel to be mentioned is based on the installer with his own showroom or shop. In most cases, these companies are buying directly from the manufacturers or importers.
  • As the manufacture of Ceramic Tiles, is energy intensive there is the need for energy conservation & related pollution control & productivity measures.
  • Market Growth depends on factors such as house building, non-domestic, key applications - conservatories, showers & en-suites, under floor heating, the use of pods in construction

Projects, Technology, Processing  & Patents

  • Ceramic Tiles - Project Outline
  • Matt glazed ceramic tiles - Technology Offer
  • Visit a Tile Factory
  • Stone Tile Manufacturing
  • Marble Manufacturing
  • Total Ceramic Guide
  • Technology Transfer
  • Wall Tiles & Floor Tiles
  • Glaze Line Machineries
  • Process Guidance - Spray Drying of Ceramics
  • Crushing Equipments
  • Ceramic Manufacturing Consultancy
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • ASTM Tests
  • Case Studies

Companies, Products & Markets

  • Building Materials Industry in India - overview
  • Market Survey Report & Marketing Strategy
  • Ceramics Companies in India
  • Members of Indian ceramics associations
  • Ceramic Tiles of China
  • Chinese Exports
  • Trends in Chinese Industry
  • Tile Company Links
  • Tile Industry Association - U.K
  • Tile Council of America
  • Manufacturers, USA
  • Chinese Suppliers
  • H & R Johnson India
  • Nitco Tiles
  • Capexil-Product Line
  • Tile Adhesives
  • Market News
  • Tile Distributors in USA
  • Italian Company Profile
  • Annual Report
  • Oldest Ceramic Company
  • Florida Tiles
  • Chinese Products
  • Italian Suppliers
  • Company in Karnataka
  • Link : Products & Prices - world Market
  • Importers
  • Traders
  • Manufacturers
  • News Alerts - Link
  • Catalogues

Information Sources

  • TILE Magazine
  • Ceramic Tile Site
  • Indian Ceramic Society Links
  • Building Stones & Ceramics Regulations in Japan
  • Ceramic Tiles Distributors Association
  • Tile Contractors Association - USA
  • CBM Wells
  • Ceramic Porcelain Tableware & Kitchenware.
  • Thai Ceramic Industry
  • Ceramic Industry - India
  • Tile Installations
  • Anti Dumping
  • Technology Trends
  • Substrate Preparation
  • Publications for further study

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