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  • Chromite, iron magnesium chromium oxide: (Fe, Mg)Cr2O4, is an oxide mineral belonging to the spinel group. Magnesium is always present in variable amounts, also aluminium and iron substitute for chromium.Chromite is found in peridotite and other layered ultramafic intrusive rocks and also found in metamorphic rocks such as serpentinites. Ore deposits of chromite form as early magmatic differentiates. It is commonly associated with olivine, magnetite, serpentine, and corundum.
  • Although its primary origin is ultra-mafic rocks such as peridotites, chromite is also found in metamorphic rocks such as serpentites. Chromite, as is indicated by its early crystallization is resistant to the altering affects of high temperatures and pressures. Thus it is capable of going through the metamorphic processes unscathed, while other minerals around it are being alteres to serpentine, biotite and garnets.
  • The processing of chromite ore is associated with the generation of large quantities of solid wastes containing chromium, which have been disposed of as landfill for many years. The mobilization and operational speciation of chromium contained in soils contaminated with metal salts are important in terms of the environment. Several methods have been employed for the extraction and recovery of solid wastes.
  • Application of selective flocculation using starch to separate chromite from serpentine has been investigated. It was determined that starch has a specific affinity towards chromite which can be exploited in selective flocculation. However, it was found that this could only be achieved when the amount of serpentine in the chromite-serpentine mixture is below 30% by weight and in the presence of a dispersant such as sodium silicate or ultrasonic treatment of the pulp.
  • Chromite is seldom used alone. It is the supreme additive, endowing alloys or materials with new properties: strength, hardness, permanence, hygiene, colour and resistance to temperature, wear and corrosion. This versatility has made chromium indispensable in countless everyday applications. The primary commercial supply is in the form of chromite ore or ferrochromium for the ferrous and non-ferrous metals industries, the chemical industry and the refractories industry, which has a direct application for chromite as a heat conductive foundry moulding sand.
  • Chromite is the most important ore of chromium from which it derives its name. Chromium is an important metal and has a wide range of industrial uses. Chromite forms in deep ultra-mafic magmas and is one of the first minerals to crystallize. It is because of this fact that chromite is found in some concentrated ore bodies. While the magma is slowly cooling inside the Earth's crust, chromite crsytals are forming and because of their density, fall to the bottom and are concentrated there.
  • Chromite mineral is the source for chromium metal. Chromite deposits are found at Nakiloro and Lolung in a belt 6 km long north of Moroto town. The chromite here is associated with platinum, a precious metal. There has been no chromite production to date in Uganda.Chromium is used in making special alloy steels and for chrome coating. Chromite as an industrial mineral is used in metallurgical processing and in furnaces as a refractory.
  • Chromite mining in India started around 1903 there was no ferro-chrome production in the country till 1968. Hence most of the chromite ore was exported. India exported about 3.84 million tonnes between 1903 to 1980. The current production rate of chromite ore in the country is between 0.7 to 0.9 million tonnes per annum. In 1986, India attained a production of 90,000 tonnes of FeCr/charge chrome. Prior to implementation of the OMCAL, and FACOR units, the production of FeCr was only about 20,000 TPA. The situation has changed dramatically due to the commencement of production in the export oriented units.
  • Tata Steel Ltd. and Orissa Mining Corp. Ltd. proposed a joint venture on chromite mining in the Sukinda Valley in Orissa. Orissa Mining held more than 80% of the mining lease in the valley, which totaled 4,700 hectares;Tata Steel held 406 ha.
 General Information
  • Chromite
  • Chromite mineral data
  • Mineral description :chromite
  • The mineral Chromite
  • Chromium, Ferrochromium, and Ferrochromium-silicon

Manufacturing Technology

  • History and operation of Samancor Chrome
  • Preparation of copper chromite catalyst
  • Manufacturing process of chromium chemicals
  • Cleaner process of chromate production by roasting calcium oxide with chromite
  • Speciation and recovery of chromium from chromite ore processing residues
  • Clean method for recovering metals from spent catalysts
  • Separation of chromite from olivine by anionic collectors
  • Beneficiation of chromite by multi gravity separator
  • Recovery of chromite in sulfuric acid leaching
  • Mining by rock cutting in narrow reefs
  • DC-ARC process for chromite smelting
  • Refractory manufacturing technology
  • Advanced technologies for the iron and steel industry
  • Ferrous technologies
  • Ferroalloy technologies

Company Profiles

  • Benguet Corporation
  • Eleckra Mines Limited
  • Industrial Minerals Corporation
  • International Ferro Metals Limited
  • ITBHU. org
  • Oman Chromite Company
  • Orissa Mining Corporation Limited
  • Ressources Minieres Pro-Or Inc.
  • Rohit Ferro-Tech Limited
  • Stillwater Mining Company


  • Arkon Consultants
  • Development Consultants Private Limited
  • Peter W. Harben Inc.
  • Stratum Resources
  • MEP consultants
  • Alan Barry Reid
  • Ralph Peter Harvey
  • Natalie C.G. Freeman
  • Frasheri
  • Chris Pienaar
  • Tim Sullivan


  • Catalytic activity of substituted chromite spinels
  • Characterization of natural chromite samples from ophiolite complexes
  • Chemistry and valency spectra of chromite
  • Selective flocculation behavior of chromite
  • Optimizing lanthanum chromite interconnects for solid oxide fuel cells
  • Spin glass behavior in a single crystal of chromite
  • Co, Ni systematics in chromite from planetary basalts


  • Air moisture sensing properties of ZnCr2O4{K2CrO4 composites
  • Mechanical properties of Lanthanum Chromite
  • Physical properties of Chromites
  • Chromate-reducing properties of soluble flavoproteins
  • Properties of chromite sintering products
  • Overview of properties of chromium


  • Importance of industrial minerals in our everyday lives
  • Minerals and their uses
  • Chromium and its uses
  • Resin coated special minerals and their application in foundries
  • Systematics in chromite as an indicator of relative oxygen fugacity
  • Chromite uses

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Brick
  • Copper chromite, barium promoted
  • Rust-oleum specialty coatings high heat enamel brush
  • Copper chromite, catalyst
  • Epo Tek H70E-2LC,
  • Inmetco Slag
  • Iron chromite
  • Chrome Spinel Sand
  • Road Warrior Truck Bed Coating
  • Chromite ore beneficiation
  • Disintegration of chromites
  • Method of metal chromite preparation
  • Method of synthesis of metal chromites
  • Process for the preparation of copper chromite catalyst
  • Method and apparatus for separating copper from chromite
  • Process for extraction of platinum group metals from chromite-bearing ore
  • Chromite recovery from chromite-bearing ore
  • Method of making highly sinterable lanthanum chromite powder
  • Electrolytic formation of chromite coatings


  • Wemco HMS drum separator
  • Kalimantan zircon processing plant
  • Linco Baxo chromite plant
  • Kemi chromite and ferrochrome mine
  • Oman chromite plant
  • Profitable ferrochrome production plant
  • Pilbara Chromite plant

Projects and Equipment Suppliers

  • Chromite beneficiation plant project
  • Chromite tailings retreatment programme
  • Promoted zinc chromite catalysts for higher alcohol synthesis in a slurry reactor
  • Infrastructure development projects
  • Enrichissement Des chromites platiniferes
  • Mineral development projects on the pipeline
  • Ruighoek Project
  • Tata Steel Ferro Chrome Project
  • Chanderpur Works
  • Roche Mining


  • Minerals market in India
  • Overview of mineral sector of Uganda
  • Overview of market of chrome
  • Sequence of chromite crystallization at Boula
  • Industry operations or processes associated with occupational exposure to Cr
  • Role of chromite mineralisation in Orissa
  • Chromite symposium in Turkey
  • Consolidated ships first chromite from WA project to China
  • Chromite mining: Orissa Government to invite fresh bids
  • SA industry will hit wall if chromite-ore exports persist


  • Mineral industry of India in 2000
  • Mineral industry of North carolina
  • South African ferrous minerals production trends
  • Carbon coated catalyst in Ebullated bed reactor
  • Chromium—A national mineral commodity perspective
  • Chromium market in 1996
  • Events affecting the U.S. nonfuel minerals industry 1900-2000
  • Changes in the tri reporting over the years
  • Consolidated Minerals Limited half year report 2002
  • CFRI report
  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research report
  • Mining Qualifications Authority report
  • Regional Research Laboratory report
  • Mintek-resource based development report
  • SRG services annual report
  • A status report on opportunities for mining education & training

Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Chromite flour manufacturers
  • Selling leads of chromite
  • Chromite ore suppliers
  • Trade leads of chromite
  • Sellers of chromite
  • Chromite producers
  • Opta Minerals Inc.
  • Chromite manufacturers
  • Sell offers of chromite


  • Buyers of chromite
  • Foreign importers of  chromite
  • Indian importers of  chromite
  • Chromite buyers list 1
  • Chromite buyers list 2

 Safety and Guides

  • Health safety and environment guidelines for chromium
  • Chromium hazards  to fish, wild life and invertebrates
  • Chemical safety training modules
  • High pressure study of spinel chromite

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