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Information   Profile @ a Glance 
  • CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas.
  •  It is one of the most viable alternatives to traditional fuel energy resources for the automotive industry.
  • CNG is low in pollutants,high in calorific value and heat yield,economical and available in abundance globally
  • It reduces Carbon Monoxide emission by 80% and Hydrocarbon emission by 45%
  • CNG is stored at compression stations which are directly connected with the gas pipeline
  • Vehicles can also be operated in the dual mode like Petrol-CNG and Diesel-CNG.
  • Under the CNG Dual Fuel Conversion System, a Compressed natural Gas Conversion kit is added to a vehicle with a major modifications to the vehicle's system
  • The kit required for the conversion from petrol generally contains various valves, connectors and gauges.
  • The installation doesn't void the gasoline propulsion as the placement system of CNG kits on vehicles, allows both, gasoline and CNG uses.
  • All CNG Station gas piping must be hydrostatically pressure tested, in the presence of a fire department inspector,at twice the  maximum operating pressure for one hour.
  • CNG is now available at more than 150 CNG filling stations in Bombay at convenient locations. Infrastructure facilities are being developed more rapidly for more stations
  • Four types of CNG stations have been developed in Delhi such as Mother Station, Online Station, Daughter Station, Daughter-Booster Station.
  • The growth of CNG vehicles in the year 2002 was primarily because of economic advantage of CNG with regard to petrol / diesel.
  • Compressed Natural Gas
  • CNG-A problem or A Solution
  • FAQ
  • CNG Fact
  • CNG Infrastructure
  • Alternative Auto Fuels
  • Technical Specification
CNG Bi-Fuel and Refueling Station  
  • Fueling Infrastructure
  • Fueling Station
  • CNG Stations Operation
  • CNG Dispenser
  • Refilling Stations
  • CNG Compressors
  • Bi-Fuel CNG Pickup
  • Gaseous Fuel Vehicles
  • Navana CNG Limited
  • Refueling Technology
  • Refueling Stations Safety
  • CNG Fueling Stations Guide
  • CNG - LPG 4 Wheelers Kits
  • CNG kits SH picture
  • Double Deck Bus
  • CNG Conversion Facts
  • LPG Retrofitment
  • Bi-Fuel System
  • Vehicle Refueling Appliance
  • Trunk Installation
  • Rickshaws
Design and Operation
  • CNG Component
  • CNG Cylinders
  • T Series
  • Conversions
  • CNG System Operations
  • Comparison

Equipments Required

  • Valves and Equipment
  • BRC Compressors
  • CNG Venturi Kits
  • CNG Dispensers
  • Carburetor Resources
  • CNG Conversion Kits
  • Die Casting Parts
  • Products Equipment
  • Carb&Turbo Systems
  • Forging Parts
  • Motorcycles
  • Alternative Fuel

Projects and Reports

  • Annual Report
  • Autorickshaw Demonstration
  • Gas Distribution
  • CNG Dispensers
  • Final Report
  • Fueling Station Project
  • Alternative Fuel Truck
  • CNG Trucks
  • Pollution Prevention
  • U.P.Gas Uses
  • CNG Investing
  • CNG Advantages
  • Natural Gas Buses
  • CNG Specifications
  • BIS Standards

Case Study  and Safety Measures

  • Pierce Transit
  • CARBís Study
  • CNG Bus Safety
  • Compressors Maintenance Intervals
  • Natural Gas Vehicles
  • Recommended Practices
  • Study Materials
  • Conversion Training
Marketing and Cost Estimation
  • Automotive Components
  • Transit Bus Niche Market
  • Chinese Automotive
  • CNG Strategy
  • Transportation-Bangkok
  • Diffusion-Italy
  • Investment Requirements
  • Natural Gas Market
  • Fuel Trends
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Market Potential
  • Distributors
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  • Authorised Workshops
  • CNG Kits Status
  • Omnitek Technologies
  • Kits & Conversion Workshops
  • CNG Cylinder Buyers
  • CNG Kits and Cylinders
  • CNG Kits Exporters
  • Indraprastha Gas Limited

Manufacturing Industry

  • Indian Automotive Industry
  • Industry Development-Pakistan
  • Gas Systems Holland
  • Minda Impco Ltd
  • Natural Gas Industry
  • TEDOM Engines
  • Hindustan Motors Ltd
  • Techlab Autogas
  • Zigong Tongda Machinery Manufacturing
  • Qingdao Luke Auto Gas

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