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  • Collagen is the fibrous protein constituent of skin, cartilage, bone, and other connective tissue. Collagen is the main protein of connective tissue in animals and the most abundant protein in mammals, making up about 25% of the total.
  • Collagen has specific chemistry, fibrillar structure, and aggregate structure. In the proper form, collagen has functional and biological properties which are lacking in improper collagen and other materials.
  • Collagen is found in a number of tissues, in various sub forms, but is particularly abundant within and around joints. Collagen is unique and also has two amino acids not found in other biological proteins; they are hydroxylated versions of known amino acids, that confer special properties.
  • Collagen is used in Dermal Augmentation, Tissue Sealants/Hemostats, Drug Delivery, Wound HealingCollagen Stents and Vascular Graft Coatings , Tissue Engineering, Cell Attachment, Wound Debridement, Granulation & Angiogenesis, Reepithelialization, Fibroblastic Activity.
  • The U.S. dermal filler market is projected to expand at a compound annual rate of more than 25% through 2011 in the U.S., and 20% throughout the rest of the world, reaching $1.5 billion in global sales.
  • Collagen may cause skin irritation, may be harmful if absorbed through the skin, may cause eye irritation, may be harmful if inhaled, may cause allergic reaction.

Contents on CD ROM

  • What is Collagen?
  • Collagen
  • Collagen-Science
  • Avesta Collagen plus Glucosamine
  • 12 Types of Collagen
  • Wound Healing
  • Synthetic Polymer Mesh and Collagen Sponge
  • Why Use Sponge?
  • Zyderm Collagen and Zyplast Collagen
  • Temporary Injectable Fillers
  • Collagen Products


  • Mechanical Properties of Single Molecules of Type I Collagen
  • Manipulation of Collagen Fibers Mechanical Characterization
  • Effects of Relative Humidity on  Physical Properties of Modern Vellum
  • Oxidative Stress and the Mechanical Properties of Chimeric Collagen-Containing Fibers
  • Physico-Chemical Characterisation of Collagen
  • Changes in Physical properties and in Collagen and Hexosamine Contents in Rat
  • Effect of Hormones on Physical Properties and Collagen Content of Rat's Uterine Cervix
  • Biological and Chemical Properties of Specific Oxidized Lipids Present in Atherosclerotic Lesions


  • Analysis of Collagen Structure
  • Collagen Levels of Structure and Alignment
  • Modifications on Collagen Structures
  • Collagen Structures Considered as States of Aggregation of Kinetic Unit
  • Ultrastructure of human Limbal Collagen
  • Structure and Function of  ECMs
  • Type I Collagen Structure Regulates Cell Morphology


  • Binding of Type I Collagen
  • Biological Functions of Collagen Fragments
  • Peptide Inhibiting Collagen Binding Function
  • Collagen XV and Cardiovascular Structure and Function
  • Vitamin C and Collagen

Collagen Products Preparations

  • Collagen Sponge Preparation
  • Preparation of Collagen-Glycosaminoglycan
    Copolymer Scaffolds
  • Collagen Preparation-US Patent
  • Fish Scale Collagen-Preparation and Partial Characterization
  • Collagen Preparation for Controlled  Release of Active Substances-US Patent
  • Purified Collagens Preparation
  • Three Different Collagen Preparations


  • Codman Nurodisposable Products
  • Zyderm- Collagen Implant Physician Package Insert
  • Recombinant Human Collagen
  • Tears Naturale
  • Pure-Col and CollagenTechnical Information
  • Gelita-Gelatine-Hydrolysates
  • Collagen and Other Injectable Fillers
  • Collagen Products
  • Collagen Beauty Products
  • Collagen Pills
  • Skin Collagen Glycation
  • Genacol
  • Collagen Injections
  • Pura Collagen
  • PureLogicol Collagen Products from GBP 29.99
  • Cell Biology - Assays Kits
  • Bovine Collagen
  • Collagen Capsule
  • Dental Implants


  • Turnkey offer
  • Technology sources & contacts
  • Project consultant
  • Biocore's Technology
  • Collagen Extraction
  • Scaffold Biomaterials
  • Biochemical Genetics of Collagen
  • Osteometer Biotech Gets Collagen Technology Patent
  • Matrix Engineering
  • Adjunctive Treatment with Collagen Material
  • New Collagen Peptides
  • FortaFlex-Collagen Bio-material Technology
  • EU Approves OculusGen Biodegradable Collagen Matrix
  • New Collagen Technology to Achieve Hemostasis
  • Modified Collagen Could Yield Important Medical Applications

Safety Issues

  • Interactive Wound and Burn Dressing-FDA
  • Zyderm and Zyplast- BSE Safety Issues
  • Collagen IV-Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Study of the Safety and Effectiveness of the OculusGen Collagen Matrix as an Aid in Glaucoma and Pterygium Surgery
  • Industry Standards
  • New Fillers Promising- Safety Issues
  • Collagen Applications
  • Collagen and Wound Healing
  • Migration of Corneal Epithelium on a Collagen Sponge in Vitro and in Vivo
  • Lumbar Tapered Fusion Device
  • Product Application
  • Effect of Medium Perfusion
  • Injectible Biomaterials for Bone Tissue Engineering
  • Industry Reimbursement
  • Collagen Biomarkers for Arthritis Applications
  • Application of Collagen in Drug Delivery
  • Automated Genomic Sequence Analysis of Three Collagen VI Genes
  • Collagen Treatment
  • Collagen-Processing Aid For Wine
  • Human Collagen Type1 ELISA
  • Collagen Sheet in Open Wound Healing
  • Cost Benefits


  • Demonstration of the Osseoinductive Effect of Bone Morphogenetic Protein Within Endosseous Dental Implants
  • Collagen Fibril Formation
  • Inamed Corporation Annual Report-2003
  • Bioportfolio - 2010
  • Collagen Conference Report
  • Advanced Tissue Sciences-Annual Report 2001
  • Studies on Diarrhoeagenic Parasites
  • Collagen Products Must Carry New Warning
  • Lipcare Collagen Products For Healthy Lips 
  • Wisconsin Scientists
  • Biotan - 2010
  • Company Report 2010
  • Investor Information of Company - 2010
  • Using Becaplermin Gel with Collagen Products to Potentiate Healing in Chronic Leg Wounds
  • Beauty Products From Skin of Executed Chinese Prisoners

Scientist Research and Projects

  • Engineering a Biological Joint
  • Patient Treatment Outcomes
  • Preventing wound infection
  • Collagen Researchers
  • Associate Research Scientist
  • Collagen Research
  • Collagen Processing Research
  • Collagen Research Comprehensive Reports
  • Research Projects
  • C.elegans Collagen Superfamily Projects
  • Collagen Receptors-Project Details
  • Description of Past and Current Research Projects
  • Prostheses Made of Biomaterials That Regenerate Body Parts
  • Invention of a Natural Collagen-California Project
  • Research & Market Links


  • Cosmetic Dermal Filler
  • Global Market for Dermal Fillers-2005-2011
  • Contact Market Information Consultant - 2010
  • Recombinant Collagen Technology
  • Bovine Collagen for Food Use-UK
  • Use of Collagen from Hides of UK Cattle
  • Devro Operating Review
  • Mid Year Report-2004

Trade Leads

  • Chicken Collagen Type II Supplier-China
  • Bovine Collagen Suppliers
  • Collagen Type II Suppliers-US
  • Collagen Protein Suppliers
  • Collagen Importers
  • Collagen Importers List
  • Collagen Suppliers-US

Collagen Distributors

  • Trade Leads - Injectable Collagen
  • Australia & South Africa
  • Chinese Company
  • Middle East, North America & Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Indian Company
  • Pharmaceutical Companies - Wholesale and Distribution

Company Profiles

  • Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
  • Zyderm and Zyplast Collagen -Explained
  • Inamed Corporation
  • Allergan Inc
  • Artes Medical
  • BioCell Technology

Additional Information

  • Collagen-Based Biomaterials Markets-US Brochure
  • Useful Links


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