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  • Cyclodextrins (CD's) as they are known today, were called cellulosine when first described by Villiers  in 1891. Soon after, Schardinger identified the three naturally occurring Cyclodextrins--alpha, beta, and gamma. These new compounds were referred to as Schardinger sugars.
  • Wacker claims to be the world's leading producer of cyclodextrin products, marketed under the Cavamax brand name.The company, which generates annual sales of €2.7 billion.
  • CycloLab is the leading worldwide provider of high-value CD derivatives and complexes.
  • Machineries and Equipments required for the production of cyclodextrin - Bio-reactor, filter, press, centrifuge, sterileroom, S. S. Vessels, cooling systemrefrigerator, air filter, autoclave,analytical equipment’s, etc. 
  • Plant & Machinery-Rs. 20 lakhs
  • Raw Materials - Starch, Enzymes, Laboratory chemicals.
  • CDs are used in many fields, such as Foods, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Agrochemicals, and Pharmaceuticals. Cyclodextrin Chemistry is now one of important fields of Supramolecular Chemistry.
  • CDs are capable of forming inclusion complexes with various organic compounds by incorporating them into the CD cavities. Since these CDs change the physical and chemical properties of incorporated guest compounds, the following general applications of CDs are suggested by many investigators.
    1. Protection of materials against oxidation and UV-degradation during storage or processing.
    2. Stabilization of flavors and spices.
    3. Masking of bitterness and unpleasant odor of food and drug.
    4. Conversion of liquid materials to dry form.
    5. Improve of solubility of materials with low solubility in water.
    6. Controlled release of drugs and flavors.
    7. Catalyst for chemical reaction.
General Info on Cyclodextrin 
  • Complete Guide on Cyclodextrin
  • Past, present, and future of cyclodextrin
  • Cyclodextrin - Novel Food Ingredient
  • Cyclodextrin Encapsulated Complex
Product Derivates of Cyclodextrin
  • Cyclodextrin Containing Products 
  • EKT Cyclodextrins
  • Cyclodextrin Derivative - Captisol
  • Cyclodextrins in Solid Dosage Forms

Production Technology of Cyclodextrin

  • β-Cyclodextrin Complexes
  • Cyclodextrin glucosyltransferase
  • Cyclodextrin production from sago starch
  • Cyclodextrin Drug Bulletin 
  • Gamma Cyclodextrin 
  • Cyclolab - Production Technology
  • Cyclolab company
  • Technology Offer
Application of Cyclodextrin
  • Cyclodextrins For Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Recent Applications of Cyclodextrin
  • Utility of  Cyclodextrin
  • Cyclodextrins and their Applications 
  • Cyclodextrins and their use in life sciences
  • Utilization of Cyclodextrin 
  • Cyclodextrin - Textiles and Polymers 
  • Cyclodextrin - Purification Ability 
  • Cyclodextrin - Polymerization
  • Drug Delivery Technology
Market Strategy of Cyclodextrin 
  • Market History
  • Wacker - Market Report
  • Cyclodextrin Aggregates
  • Benefits of Cyclodextrin 
  • Cyclodextrin Drug Delivery Technology from Decode Genetics 
  • Cyclodextrin Market
  • Cyclodextrin Polymer Technology
  • Cyclodextrin as Penetration Enhancers
  • Cyclodextrin - Encapsulation 
Regulatory issues and Reports 
  • Product and Price List
  • Toxicological Data and Regulatory status
  • Cyclodextrin Regulatory Issues
  • Patents & Patent Applications

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • MSDS - Beta Cyclodextrin
  • MSDS - Alpha Cyclodextrin 
  • MSDS - Gamma Cyclodextrin 
  • b-Cyclodextrin MSDS - Science Lab
  • Cyclodextrin - Patent Application Detail
  • Water-insoluble cyclodextrin - Patent 

Manufacturing Companies 

  • Xi’an HongChang Pharmaceuticals
  • Shandong Baolingbao Biotechnology
  • MaxDragon(GZ) BioChem
  • China Aroma Chemical
  • Cyclodextrin Technologies Development, Inc. 
Distributors and Suppliers  
  • Suppliers Directory
  • Suyog Diagnostics - Distributors
  • MP Biomedical, India 
  • Cyclodextrin Technology
  • Supramolecular Chemistry Group
  • Shaanxi Sample International Trade  
  • Shandong Xinda Fine Chemical

Trade Leads 

  • St. Martin Commodities
  • Beta-Cyclodextrin - Trade Leads
  • Artificial Antibodies from Cyclodextrin Polymers
  • Cyclodextrin drugs - Improve the Solubility
  • Society of Cyclodextrin, Japan
  • Cyclodextrin Derivatives 

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