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 Project Information Profile at a Glance
  • There are varieties of fish available.They are sweet water fish and salty water fish. Both the fishes can be stored by dehydration.
  • Dehydration is a process technique of removal of water from fish bodies by mechanical means i.e. heat and humid air over the fish. 
  • The basic principle of fish drying is that the activity of the muscle enzyme and microorganism is reduced to a minimum through drawing out the water content of the fish by sun drying in a traditional way.
  • The temperature of the drying rooms is maintained at approximately 21C (70F) as banks of fans constantly recirculate the warm air to advance the drying process.
  • Salted/green fish enter the drying process at approximately 55 to 60 percent moisture content.
  • Fish drying is carried out in some selected coastal areas and inland depressions of Bangladesh where modern preservation facilities and good infrastructure for transportation are absent.
  • Two to eight days are required for drying depending on the size and species of the fishes.
  • Preservation such as dried fish enable man to store their food and maintained it's nutrient value. 
  • Other ingredients such as salt, pepper, and other spices may be added for it's preserved means as well as to added it's flavor.
  • Dried Fish enable us not only to preserved the fish to be consume at a later time, but as well enable us to eat the whole fish therefore maximize our food resources from the sea.
  • There is good demand of dehydrated fish in India as well as in abroad. So it has a very good export market. 
  • Dehydration potentially can have the biggest effect, by removing water, but this is not practised commercially to any great extent in the UKFish Dehydration.
  • Japan has one of the longest histories of dried fish consumption.
  • Total world-wide consumption in 1993 was 108 million tons/annum. Japan's consumption represents one-tenth of total world-wide consumption.

Content Headlines on CD ROM

  • Benefits of Food Dehydration
  • Food Dehydration Options
  • Quality- Fiskeriforskning's 
  • Quality Assurance Methodology - Mali
  • Quality Enhancement - HACCP
  • HACCP - Inadequate Drying
  • HACCP - Fish Processing, Trade
  • HACCP Monitoring - Report
  • HACCP Testing
  • Production of Fishery Products - 2003
  • Sampling - Bacteria Count & pH
  • Specifications for Dried Fish
  • Estimating Water Content
  • Banglapedia - Dry Fish
  • Dried Fish Notifications
  • Effects of Processing
  • Dehydration Technologies

Dried Seafoods

  • Dried Fishes - China
  • Dried Salmon
  • Dried Salmon Products - Japan
  • Dried Octopus
  • Dried Shark Fins
  • Dried Squids
  • Dried Sea Foods - Guangzho
  • Oven Dried Fish - Dehydrated Fish
  • Smoked & Dried Fish
  • Freeze Dried Fish Foods


  • Atmospheric Freeze Dry
  • Drying of Fish
  • Scallop Drying Process
  • Fish Processing
  • Salt & Dry Fish Processing
  • Salmon Drying Process - Japan
  • Sun & Solar Cabinet Drying
  • Japanese Culture - Directions


  • Asian Dried Seafood - Market Analysis
  • China Market Report
  • Dried Fish Market - China
  • Fish Processing & Marketing - Gambia
  • Fish Consumption & Environmental Justice
  • Hong Kong Dried Fish Market
  • Investigation - Chinese Market
  • Dried Fishery Products -Japan
  • Market Survey - Korea
  • Singapore Market for Dried Fish
  • Taiwan Dried Fish Market
  • Inter-Plant Comparisons
  • World Market 
Equipments Required / Suppliers
  • Spray Dryer
  • Food Dehydrators
  • Fish Processing Machines
  • Vacuum Freeze - Drying
  • Ring & Flash Dryer
  • Solar Food Dryer
  • Fish farming Equipments
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Fish Processing Machinery Suppliers
  • Tray Dryer - Manufacturer, Exporter

Plants / Requirements

  • Buildings and Equipments
  • Dried Pollock Plant - China
  • Financial Analysis
  • Fish Paste Processing Plant
  • Fish Processing Plant
  • Defining Your Goals
  • Dried Fish Plant - Japan
  • Market Research
  • Plant Finance & Management
  • Plant Operations
  • Plant Workers
  • Village Fish Processing Plants
  • Improvements - Fiskeriforskning


  • Thick Dry Fish Curry Recipe
  • Dry fish Curry Recipe
  • Dry Fish Foods
  • Dry Prawn Chutney

Trade - Import / Export

  • Trade in Asian Dried Seafood
  • Economic Feasibility of Export 
  • Dried Fish Export
  • Dried Fish Suppliers
  • Dried Fish Exporters
  • Dried Fish Maw - Manufacturer, Exporter
  • M/s Dhirajlal Devchand - Exporters
  • Dehydrated Fish Ingredients

Dried Fish Markets

  • Air Dried Fish Market - China
  • Nigeria Market
  • Seafood Market China
  • Dried Seafood Market - Singapore
  • Dried Fish Market - Dalian
  • Dried Fish Products - Shanghai Store
  • Market - Manila
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