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Information at a glance

  • Digital Class allows users to annotate over any image on their PC screen; to collaborate in group settings with electronic whiteboard tools; to record voice and notes in a compressed file and post it to the web or e-mail it.
  • Digital Class is available as packaged software, multimedia lectern, electromagnetic LCD writing monitor or as a Tablet PC. Digital Class utilizes a high compression technology for the graphics and audio, so that the file size of an average presentation is only 10 to 12MB per hour.
  • Digital Class writing monitors are for annotation over any image, electronic white boarding, touch-screen control and recording voice & notes. Digital Class monitor is compatible with AMX Net links and Crestron e-Control, the monitor can be used for “touch screen” control of multiple AV devices.
  • Digital Class can be used not only in a similar fashion as one uses a large whiteboard but it can also be connected to a projector, Plasma screen or projection TV providing the presenter with maximum versatility.
  • It is the modern solution for delivering presentations in a variety of locations- school lecture halls, conference and board rooms of companies, training institutes, hotels, convention centres, etc.
  • One of the most powerful features of Digital Class is its ability to record notes together with the sound track, both of which may be reviewed at a later time, either via the Internet or a LAN.

Contents on the CD

  • The Digital Classroom of the Future
  • Classroom Requirements Document
  • How to enhance classrooms
  • Hardware, Software Requirements
    for Computers used on Campus


  • Digital Classroom Transforms Learning
  • Nurturing Well-Rounded Students
  • Learning Across Schools
  • Intel® Technology Transforms Education at Houston County High School
  • Learning goes mobile
  • Tolani Maritime Institute
  • Armenia Embraces open source
  • Computer Literacy by Extending
  • Toshiba Tablet PC’s
  • Video file


  • The Instructional Technology Lab has a New Look
  • Technology article
  • Integrating Technology in the Classroom
  • Digital class - new technology
  • The Digital Display Technology
    of the Future
  • The digital classroom
  • Tablet Computers For Faculty
  • Improving Learning via Tablet-PC-based In-Class Assessment
  • Teaching with tablet PC'S


  • Software's requirement document
  • FAQ
  • Digital video software
  • Digital class - manual
  • Digital class - toolbar


  • Myths and Realities about Technology in K-12 Schools
  • Enhanced classroom
  • Future trends of content management systems
  • LRC Digital Classroom and Video Conferencing Proposal
  • Investments
  • Tablet PC Pilot
  • Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
  • Alumni report
  • Keeping pace with industry dynamics
  • Digital Libraries in the Classroom Programme
  • Out of the Database, Into the Classroom
  • Debunking the Digital Classroom
  • The digital classroom
  • Company profile


  • Digital document camera with USB capture
  • Civil works digital project notebook
  • Digital projectors
  • Notebook computers in secondary classes
  • Business Class Notebook with Upgrade Processor
  • Digital class Annotation touch screen
  • Comparing LCD & CRT Monitor Costs
  • Digital tools for digital class room
  • Teacher helpers
  • New Intel platform feature enterprise
  • Technology


  • Integrating the digital revolution into the classroom
  • Collaboration in Support of Curricular
  • Bringing Intellect and Innovation into the K-12 Science Classroom
  • Better Teaching and Learning in the Digital Classroom
  • Library Goes Wireless, Digital Classroom Dedicated
  • Powerful New Intel Server Platforms Feature Array Of Enterprise-Class Innovations
  • Digital Journalism
  • Technology innovations in schools


  • Building the Future on Knowledge
  • Digital designs
  • A few design perspectives
  • Digital Classroom Project explores the future
  • Classroom of the Future
  • The Future of Classroom Experience
  • Development of a Tablet-PC-based System

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