Down Loading & Installing on your hard drive

1. Go to

2. Click on "Download File zila version      3.74MB
3. Click on LINK if it does not down load automaticall
4. Click on save. Select the location where this is to be saved.
6. Double Click on the file you have saved now. Then click " I agree".
7. Click on "Next"  for 4 Dialog boxes continuosly.
8. Then Click "Install"
9. Click "Finish".
10. Now you will get a icon to open filezilla .

Using filezilla to transfer Data

1.Open filezilla > click File > click sitemanager
In sitemanager, under mysites, create a new site ( we tell you the site name) and on the right panel
choose the server type option ( FTPES-(FTP over explicit TLS/SSL)), logon type "normal" ,
Fill in the login/pass words as below: ( we email these details, once payment for the data is received)
pass words:
Click save the above settings

2. Open filezilla, sitemanager in file, highlight the site name and click"connect"

As you launch ftp software, you see the folder " you -want - to -download" ? in the right side pane
Just drag & drop it from right pane to left pane (your computer)
You will see the whole folder getting copied to your hard disk
The server may be busy - so disconnects often?
You can keep reconnecting till you get the entire folder copied to your computer Hard disk
Please down within 24 hour of getting the login details ; these will be changed thereafter

In the most unlikely event of your not getting all the files,  please go to step 3

Double click your folder in the right pane
Then you see number of subfolders in "you -want - to -download " folder
Open each sub folder in both your Computer(left pane) & remote server (right pane)
and compare to see whether all files are copied
If you see files in right pane - but not in left pane, then drag those missing files to
your hard disk

Want to learn more?
DownLoad GUIDE:
PDF] Guide to FTP With FileZillaFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Guide to FTP With FileZilla. Document Date: December 20, 2005. Document Version: Version: 1.0. Disclaimer:. Please note that this document is provided on an ...

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