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  • Auctions are very efficient in determining price, enabling approximately a thousand transactions per hour. It also enables efficient trading by operating at a high clock speed, encouraging competition among buyers, and setting a fixed time to complete a transaction before the clock goes to zero.
  • The flower auctions have play a critical role in the world cut-flower industry by providing efficient centers for price determination and transactions of flowers between buyers and sellers.
  • The various flower auctions owned by Dutch grower cooperatives are critical institutions in the Dutch and world flower industry. Until the recent challenge by the Tele Flower Auction, international growers and buyers readily acknowledged that the Dutch flower auctions provided the best settings for determining prices in the international flower trade. 
  • The setting up of the flower auction centre would ensure organized trade and prevent deterioration of the quality of flowers. It would also help in raising the socio-economic status of those farmers interested in taking up the cultivation of flowers. 
  • Flower Auction Centers are located in Holland.
  • The major buyers of flowers are in the UK, the US, Germany, France, Japan and Middle East. 

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About Flowers & Auctions
  • Edible flowers
  • Production And Trade In Flowers And Plants
  • Cut Flower Industry-Trends And Prospectus
  • Flower Auction
  • Auction Clock
  • Entrepreneurship And Innovation In The Knowledge-Based Economy
  • Emergence Of Auction On The Web
  • General Information & Statistics
  • Creating Competitiveness In Indian Floriculture

Flower Growers

  • Growing Flowers in Hydroponics
  • Canada Flower Growers
  • United Flower Growers
  • Dutch Growers
  • Horticulture


  • Electronic Auction System
  • Experiences with Electronic auctions
  • Mobile Technology
  • Information Technology, Competition And Market Transformations
  • Greenhouse Floriculture Technology

Company Profiles

  • Flower Auction in Japan
  • Flower Auction  in Florida
  • Flower auction in Netherlands
  • Flora Holland Flower auction
  • American Flower Importers Association
  • International Association For Horticulture Producers
  • Committee For Novelty Protection
  • International Community Of Breeders
  • Green Paper on Plant Variety Protection
Indian  Flower Auction Centre-Business Line
  • Flower auction centre  at Gurgaon
  • Hebbal flower auction centre
  • Hosur flower auction centre
  • Karnataka flower auction centre
  • Plans to take over Aussie flower auction
  • India 2004


  • Facts And Figures 2003
  • Newsletter June 2005
  • Newsletter July 2005
  • Newsletter November 2005
  • Newsletter December 2005
  • Marketing And Promotion

License And Agreements
  • License agreement For the Commercial Exploitation
  • State Of Breeder's Rights
  • Breeder's Rights
  • Growers Point Of View On  Plant Breeders Rights
  • Special Issue On Breeder's Right


  • Artificial flower Buyers
  • China Business world
  • Cut Flower Buyers
  • Trade Offers
  • Fresh Flowers And Foliage Importers
  • Australia Importers
  • Global Buyers
  • Importers Of cut Flowers
  • Flower Market
  •  Importers in India
  • Indian Importers And Buyers
  • Silk Flower Importers
  • UK Flower Importers


  • Flower sites
  • Flower suppliers
  • Egypt Flowers Net
  • Florist Distributors And Wholesalers
  • distributors
  • UK Wholesale Suppliers
  • Wholesale Floral Suppliers
  • Top Sellers and Wholesale Flower  Suppliers
  • Useful Links

Price List

  • Declining Prices In the Sequential Dutch Flower Auction Of Roses
  • Costing The Earth
  • Auctions And Price Of Art
  • Annual Report 2003
  • Annual Report 2004
  • Annual Report 2005
More Information
  • Working Document
  • Regional Workshop On Commodity Export
  • Infor DataStream
  • Auction List
  • Auctions And Auctioneering


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