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  • Fly ash is the finely divided mineral residue resulting from the combustion of powdered coal in electric generating plants. It is also called pulverized fuel ash. Fly ash consists of inorganic, incombustible matter present in the coal that has been fused during combustion into a glassy, amorphous structure.
  • The implementation of technologies in order to comply with the Clean Air Act has led to the deterioration in quality of fly ash
  • ASTM specification provides both chemical and
    physical requirements that fly ash must meet before it is allowed to be used in concrete, the largest market area for Coal Combustion Products
  • The Loss on Ignition (LOI) of flyash is an important quality when considering utilization. The LOI is primarily due to the presence of unburned carbon. The standard specifications for the use of flyash as a mineral admixture in Portland cement concrete are given in ASTM C618-89a. which sets an LOI limit of 6%; however, many states have set a more stringent limit of 3%.
  • Carbon levels in fly ash impact the ability to entrain air in concrete.
  • There are several emerging technologies that upon implementation will result in a Utilities compliance with required emission standards but will not require subsequent beneficiation
  • In order to regain a market for high LOI flyash, an effective means of removing carbon must be developed. Air classification is one process that has shown significant potential
Background Information
  • Coal Fly ash 
  • Fact Sheet
  • Unburned Carbon types


  • Commercial Beneficiation
  • Technology Description
  • Flyash Carbon Content
  • Beneficiated Fly Ash
  • Carbon separation
  • Beneficiation by Carbon burnout
  • Dry Processing
  • Carbon Burnout
  • Air Classification
  • Technology Update


  • Wet Process for Fly Ash beneficiation
  • Method of fly ash beneficiation & apparatus for the same
  • Method for preheating flyash
  • Method for removing Carbon from Fly Ash
  • Continuous Air agglomeration method for high carbon Fly Ash beneficiation
  • Fly ash beneficiation system with sulfur removal
  • Coal combustion systems with emission control and fly ash beneficiation and methods thereof
  • Sacrificial agents for fly ash concrete

Equipment Suppliers

  • Fly ash Beneficiation Plant - contractor
  • Technology Source


  • Project offer
  • Technology Offer
  • Regulatory approval


  • Case Study - power plant
  • Developments in Beneficiation

Utilization of Fly-Ash

  • Recovery of Alumina from Coal Fly ash
  • Autoclaved Cellular Concrete
  • The use of high volume fly ash  in concrete for building
  • Mercury impregnated activated carbon


  • Product in the market  - coal flyash
  • High Carbon Coal Fly Ash

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  • Plant in India

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