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  • A fuel cell is an electrochemical energy conversion device. Fuel cells differ from batteries in that they are designed for continuous replenishment of the reactants consumed; they produce electricity from an external supply of fuel and oxygen as opposed to the limited internal energy storage capacity of a battery.
  • Reactants used in a fuel cell are hydrogen on the anode side and oxygen on the cathode side. The materials used in fuel cells differ by type. The electrode/bipolar plates are usually made of metal, nickel or carbon nanotubes.
  • A typical fuel cell produces about 0.86 volts. To create enough voltage, the cells are layered and combined in Series and parallel circuits to form a fuel cell stack. Fuel cell design issues includes costs, water management, flow control, temperature management, durability, limited carbon monoxide tolerance.
  • Fuel cells are very useful as power sources in remote locations, such as spacecraft, remote weather stations, large parks, rural locations, and in certain military applications.
  • The fuel cell buses will be subjected to rigorous environmental, technical and economic analysis, which will then be compared to conventional bus transportation.


  • How fuel cell works
  • Fuel cell fact sheet
  • Fuel cells
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  • Mathematical modeling
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  • Fuel cell Flashlight
  • Fuel Cell Systems and Components
  • Fuel Cell Systems & Components
  • GenCore® Systems
  • Combined Heat & Power (micro-CHP) domestic demonstration unit
  • H2 Truck
  • MIRABO Fuel Cell System
  • Protonex' 500W fuel cell power unit
  • Premion T Fuel Cells
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  • Alkaline Fuel Cell stack


  • General Motors Fuel Cell Research
  • National fuel cell research center
  • Maru Awarded the Inaugural
    Bacon Medal in Fuel Cell Research
  • PNNL's Advanced Technologies
    Fire Up Fuel Cells
  • Southwest Research Institute
  • Case Advanced Power Institute
  • U.S. Universities and Research Institutes
  • Institutes and Companies Forging Ahead into the Future
  • Hydrogen chip to fuel handhelds
  • Institute of Nanotechnology
  • Laboratory creates hydrogen and fuel cell research institute
  • Argonne tests, creates fuel cells to power the future
  • NIST’s New Advanced Imaging Facility Peers Inside Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • NREL
  • TRN Research news roundup
  • German research institute


  • Fuel Cells
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  • Powerzinc Electric, Inc
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  • A Cost Comparison of Fuel-Cell and Battery Electric Vehicles
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  • Improving Productivity and Reducing Operating Costs
    with Fuel Cell Technology
  • Price list 2007
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  • Hydrogen and fuel cells:a new take on financing
  • Fuel Cell financing/ Equity Investment
  • Top firms launch European fuel cell investment fund
  • Fuel Cell Investment
  • A Global Investment Approach
  • Financing Fuel Cell Ventures


  • Status Quo Fuel Cell Development in Europe
  • Opportunities, Strategies, and Forecasts
  • Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Vehicle Development in China
  • New Fuel Cell System
  • Future Cell Phones
  • The future of fuel cell
  • Hydrogen forecast
  • Research for the energy future
  • Battery & Fuel Cell Materials


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  • Fuel cell Market
  • Fuel Cell Market Survey: Portable Applications
  • Fuel Cell Today 2005 Worldwide Survey
  • Polyfuel Enters Market with Methanol-Based Fuel Cell
  • Fuel Cell Market Prospects and Intervention Strategies
  • Fuel cell market survey: small stationary applications
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  • Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • Fuel Cell Research Trends
  • Fuel Cell Research at the
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Coal-Based Methanol for Fuel Cell Vehicles Study Summary
  • Advancing the performance
    of fuel cell systems
  • Fuel cell review
  • Fuel Cells delivers fuel cell to municipal utility
  • Fuel Cell Technology and Application
  • Cornell's fule cell nears profitbale results
  • Fuel Cell Testing Facilities
  • Versa’s founder


  • Fuel cell buses
  • Fuel cell Applications
  • Portable applications
  • Automotive applications
  • Stationary applications
  • Transportation applications
  • Innovation In Fuel Cells
  • Manhattan Scientifics Receives Micro Fuel Cell Patent in Korea
  • Manhattan Scientifics Licenses Fuel Cell Patents To Ballard
  • NanoDynamics Granted Key Fuel Cell Patent
  • Patents


  • Fuel-Cell Bus Development in India,
  • USCG Air Station Cape Cod Fuel Cell Project
  • Fuel Cell Project
  • New Technology
  • Hydrogen fuel cell project at Princeton farm called world's first
  • Canada’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry
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  • 2005 Worldwide Fuel Cell
    Industry Survey
  • CY 2005 Membership & Participation in California Fuel Cell Partnership


  • Projected Automotive Fuel Cell Use In California
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  • Electric Fuel introduces practical, zero-emission transportation.
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  • Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell System
  • High-Efficiency gas fuel cell
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