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Information Profile @ a Glance 

  • A Functional Food is similar in appearance to a conventional food that is consumed as a part of a usual diet, and is demonstrated to have physiological benefits and/or reduce the risk of chronic disease beyond basic nutritional functions.
  • Functional foods originated in Japan and are foods which provide a specific health, or performance benefit over and above that expected from consuming a normal healthy diet.

  • The current global market for functional foods is valued at US$14 billion with growth rates running at more than 10% as opposed to 1% to 1.5% for the traditional food sector.

  • The global functional foods market continues to be a dynamic and growing segment of the food industry. Rapid growth will continue for several years and taper off by 2010, when functional foods are expected to represent five percent of the total global food market
  • The current global functional foods market is estimated to be US$7-63bn, depending on sources and definitions. The global functional foods market is expected to grow to US$167bn by 2010.
  • The global growth rate for functional foods will likely achieve an average of up to 14% annually through 2010.
  • Health, nutrition and wellbeing are key marketing messages used by virtually the entire food industry.
  • The functional food market has experienced remarkable growth in the last five years and has certainly been one of the most dynamic sectors in the food industry in terms of product development and international expansion.
  • Global review covers functional food markets in Asia, North America, Western Europe, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. Market size data varies according to source and definition of functional food.
  • Key players - Old-line food giants such as Kellogg, Kraft, Heinz and General Mills now have a stake in popular brands of organic foods and beverages.
  • Key market drivers include: higher understanding of the link between diet and disease; aging of the population and the increased concern for personal health; rising health care costs; increasing consumer interest in preventative measures; and continuing advancements in food technology.
  • An enormous market growth potential both in Canada and foreign markets, particularly in the US, Europe and parts of Asia and this potential is recognized by many key players in the industry.
All About Functional foods
  • Introduction to Functional Foods
  • Functional Foods - Review
  • What are functional foods
  • Functional foods : a taste for success
  • Nutraceuticals and functional foods
  • Functional Foods : An Overview
  • Concepts of Functional Foods
  • About Functional Foods
  • Facts About Functional Foods
  • Functional Foods
  • Functional Foods and Nutrigenomics
Beneficial Effects
  • Functional foods and CHD
  • Functional Food and Organics
  • Erythritol - Functionality in noncaloric functional beverages
  • Obesity and Functional Foods
  • Functional Yogurt 
  • Functional foods and Health ingredients
  • Functional Foods Benefits
  • Functional Foods Fact Sheet

Market Strategies

  • Present status and future of functional oligosaccharide development
  • Functional Foods Market
  • Approaches for Evaluating the Health Effects of Functional Foods
  • Communication barriers in the market for functional foods
  • World leader in functional food
  • IPRs & Functional Foods
  • Canada’s Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals Industry
  • Business Development
  • Developing and Marketing Functional Foods
  • Development of functional foods
  • Functional Food Market

Functional Foods Associations and Manufacturing Sector

  • Emerging giant in functional food - evolution, trends and opportunities in China
  • Dietary Supplements, Photochemical and Functional Foods
  • Functional Foods : Market Opportunities, Regulations & Ingredients for Wellness Foods
  • Functional foods for today’s health-conscious consumers
  • Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils and Trans Fatty Acids
  • Consumer response to Functional foods
  • Functional Foods for the Australian industry : definitions and opportunities
  • AMM Food & Nutrition
  • Buyers guide
  • S.K. Patil & Associates
  • Development and Marketing Strategies for Functional Foods
  • Novel functional foods for stress control

Future of Functional Foods

  • Functional Foods : An Economic Opportunity
  • Functional Foods : Opportunities & Challenges
  • Market Opportunities
  • Food and Beverage processing
  • Functional (Nutraceutical) Foods
  • Functional Foods : Opportunities and Challenges
  • Market Trends and Opportunities for Functional Dairy Beverages
  • Development Opportunities for Functional Foods
  • Functional Foods: Market Opportunities
  • Global Market Global Market Opportunities for Functional Foods

Functional Ingredients

  • Functional foods - Ingredients
  • Functional Food Ingredients & Nutraceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals and Functional foods
  • Soybeans as functional foods
  • Functional Food Cluster
  • Functional Foods
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics 
  • Health Claims
  • Functional Foods: What they mean for Agribusiness
  • Background on Functional Foods
  • Functional Foods : Possible Implications

Recent Trends and Innovations

  • Australian Functional Food
  • Functional Foods - Food Industry
  • Lipids for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
  • National Centre of Excellence in Functional Foods
  • U.S. Food Industry
  • Functional Food Centre
  • Functional Foods Summary
  • Health Enhancing Foods
  • Biotechnology in  Functional Foods  
  • Nordic Innovation Centre
  • Valio – looking for the feel good factor

Developmental Progress of Functional Foods

  • POS Pilot Plant Corporation
  • Types of functional foods
  • Functional food ingredients from tea and other plant sources
  • Novel Components from Fish By-Products
  • Nutraceuticals - Definition and Introduction
  • Innovation In Functional Food And Drinks
  • Functional Foods : Opportunities and Challenges
  • Functional Foods and Natural Health Products
  • Functional Foods as a preventive measure  
  • Functional Beverages
  • Canadian Technological Roadmap
  • Functional Food Ingredients : Opportunities and Challenges
  • Substantiation of Functional Foods

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