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  • Garnet is a group of minerals that have been used since the Bronze Age as gemstones and abrasives. Garnets are most often seen in red, but are available in a wide variety of colors spanning the entire spectrum. The name "garnet" comes from the Latin granatus ("grain"), possibly a reference to the Punica granatum ("pomegranate"), a plant with red seeds similar in shape, size, and color to some garnet crystals.
  • The garnet varieties are Almandine, Pyrope, Spessartine, Andradite, Grossular and Uvarovite.The following properties are attributed to some of the specific garnet varieties: Almandine is said to be particularly usefull for strengthening the heart, to inspire love and to perceive truth. Andradite is said to give vitality and to help prevent fears, insecurity, and feelings of loneliness. Pyrope is said to enhance understanding and wisdom. Rhodolite is said to facilitate meditation and enhance intuition, and to inspire love. Tsavorite is said to facilitate meditation, and to enhance spiritual awareness and telepathic abilities.
  • Mantle-derived garnet peridotites are a minor component in many very high-pressure metamorphic terranes that formed during continental subduction and collision. Some of these mantle rocks contain trace amounts of zircon and micrometer-sized inclusions.
  • Garnets are also useful in defining metamorphic facies of rocks. For instance, eclogite can be defined as a rock of basalt composition, but mainly consisting of garnet and omphacite.
  • Garnet is mined as a gemstone and an industrial material, but it is valued primarily for its many industrial applications. The United States developed substantial garnet abrasive technology and applications earlier than other countries mainly because of the large deposits of high-quality abrasive garnet in New York.
  • The United States was the world’s largest consumer of industrial garnet, accounting for 20% to 25% of global consumption. In 2000, the U.S. apparent consumption of industrial garnet was estimated to be 25,400 t, which was a 45% decrease from the 1999 apparent consumption. This apparent consumption decrease was due to a 75% increase in U.S. producer stocks. Most of these stocks were concentrated in two of the U.S. industry’s five producers.
  • The wide price range of industrial garnet was based on the type, source, quantity purchased, quality, and application. In 2000, average values for crude concentrates ranged from about $53 to $254 per ton, and average values for refined garnet sold during the year ranged from $61 to $265 per ton. However, spot prices reached as high as $441 per ton. Quantities sold by U.S. producers increased by approximately 17%, and the value of sales increased by about 21% during 2000.
  • Garnet for industrial use was mined in 2006 by four firms, one in Idaho, one in Montana, and two in New York. The estimated value of crude garnet production was about $3.38 million, while refined material sold or used had an estimated value of $6.20 million. Major end uses for garnet were abrasive blasting media, 35%; waterjet cutting, 30%; water filtration, 15%; abrasive powders, 10%; and other end uses, 10%.
  • During 2006, U.S. garnet consumption increased 8%, while domestic production of crude garnet concentrates decreased by 12% compared with the production of 2005. In 2006, imports were estimated to have increased 25% compared with 2005, and exports were estimated to have decreased slightly from those of 2005. The 2006 estimated domestic sales of garnet remained at about the same level as sales of 2005. In 2006, the  United States was a net importer. Garnet imports have displaced U.S. production in the domestic market, with Australia, Canada, China, and India being major garnet suppliers.
General Introduction
  • Garnet
  • Garnet Chemical Structures
  • Garnet Factsheet
  • Garnet Specification
  • Garnet Properties
  • Garnet Varieties and their Properties
  • Clack Garnet
  • Origin of Grandite Garnet


  • Almandine
  • Andradite
  • Grossular
  • Pyrope
  • Spessartine
  • Uvarovite


  • Garnet Abrasive Grains
  • Garnet Abrasive Grains and Powders
  • Galaxy Garnet
  • Barton Garnet Abrasive Grains
  • Garnet
  • MSDS Sheet - Garnet
  • SharpJet Garnet


  • Garnet Birthstone Products
  • Garnet Pendants
  • Garnet Hanger
  • Garnet Powder
  • Garnet Products

Garnet Sources

  • Garnet mining near North Creek
  • Garnet Deposits
  • Garnet Locations
  • Garnet Sources
  • History


  • Etching Solution for and Method of Etching Ferrimagnetic Garnet Compounds
  • Garnet-containing stabilizer mixtures for polymers
  • Magnetooptic Garnet
  • Magneto-optical waveguides of aluminum garnet
  • Method for Enhancing the Color of Minerals Useful as Gemstones
  • Magneto - optic Garnet
  • Optical circulator using latchable garnet


  • Elutriation Technology in Heavy Mineral Separations
  • Equilibrium Melting Relations of the Eclogitic System Garnet
  • Mineral H isotopes and water contents in UHP eclogite-gneiss contact from CCSD core samples
  • Mineral and Lithologic Mapping
  • Very high-pressure orogenic garnet peridotites
  • The garnet placer deposit from SE Spain: industrial recovery and geochemical features
  • Two new geobarometers for garnet amphibolites
  • Zoning information in Garnets

Grades and Standards

  • Smithsonian Microbeam Standards
  • Garnet Grades
  • The link between zircon behaviour and ages in high-grade metamorphism
  • Metamorphic Grade
  • Abrasive-grade garnet study
  • Prograde Temperature - Time Evolution in the Barrovian type
  • Metamorphic Rocks


  • Spessartite Buying Guide
  • Comprehensive guide to various kinds of Garnet gems  
  • Garnet Digging
  • Gemstone Jewelry Care Guide
  • Garnet Skarns


  • Industrial Garnet Statistics
  • Industrial Garnet End Use Statistics
  • Garnet Market Potential
  • Marketing Survey
  • Industrial minerals - towards a future growth
  • Penalties against garnet producers
  • Status of Mineral Resource Information
  • Virginia Minerals
  • Garnet Production in 2000
  • Garnet Production in 2001
  • Garnet Production in 2002
  • Garnet Production in 2003
  • Garnet Production in 2004
  • Garnet Production in 2005
  • Garnet Production in 2006
  • Garnet Production in 2007
  • Garnet Production and Consumption in 2003
  • Garnet Production and Consumption in 2004
  • 2005 Minerals Yearbook
  • The Mineral Industry of Montana
  • Garnet Stone Occurrences


  • Explanation and Description of Map
  • Reaction texture and Fe-Mg zoning in granulite garnet
  • Bohemian garnet
  • Coastal Placer Mineral Evaluation using GIS Approach
  • Mineral Commodity Report
  • Compositions of Garnet Sand Grains
  • Garnet
  • The Problem of Garnet Composition
  • Investment Oriented Study
  • Mineral Equilibria in Quartz Leucoamphibolites

Company Profiles

  • Indian Rare Earths Limited
  • Ruby Valley Garnet
  • S2K Abrasives
  • BEI Pecal
  • Transworld Garnet India Pvt. Ltd
  • Indian Ocean Garnet Sands Co. Pvt. Ltd
  • Lapigems Gem Company
  • National Magnetics Group
  • Black Sea Minerals Inc.

Plant Details

  • U.S. $35 Million Six Year Supply Contract Signed by Europa Resources Joint Venture Partner
  • GMR Garnet 
  • GMA Garnet opens new plant in Saudi Arabia
  • Kagara Zinc Ltd
  • The Orissa Mining Corporation Limited
  • Transworld Garnet plant


  • Keck Project Announcement
  • Abrasive Sands Quarrying Project Harts Range
  • Churchill Projects
  • ENB Region
  • The Ivaniv Garnet Project


  • Benefits of Blasting with Garnet
  • Industrial Uses
  • Military Applications for Garnet Sandblast Abrasives
  • Garnet for Blast Cleaning
  • Minerals and Their Uses
  • Non-Metallic Minerals in Canada
  • Garnet Application to Constrain Metamorphic History
  • Garnet—An Essential Industrial Mineral and January’s Birthstone

Suppliers And Buyers

  • Buyer
  • Buyers List
  • Garnet Abrasive Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • B. K. Exports
  • The BMC Group
  • Garnet Powder Suppliers
  • Royal Incorporation
  • Selling Leads
  • S.K Jewellers
  • Garnet Abrasive Suppliers Directory


  • Hudson Resources Inc.
  • Experts in garnet
  • Jeff Kinch
  • Mineral Services
  • Rachel S. Goldman
  • Stratum Resources Aust – Asia Consultancy Services

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