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  • A geographic information system, geographical information science, or geospatial information studies is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographically referenced data. In the simplest terms, GIS is the merging of cartography, statistical analysis, and database technology.
  • A GIS can be thought of as a system—it digitally creates and "manipulates" spatial areas that may be jurisdictional, purpose or application-oriented for which a specific GIS is developed. Hence, a GIS developed for an application, jurisdiction, enterprise or purpose may not be necessarily interoperable or compatible with a GIS that has been developed for some other application, jurisdiction, enterprise, or purpose.
  • A geographic information system (GIS) integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information.
  • GIS allows us to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in the form of maps, globes, reports, and charts.
  • A GIS helps you answer questions and solve problems by looking at your data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared.
  • GIS technology can be integrated into any enterprise information system framework.
  • GIS may allow emergency planners to easily calculate emergency response times and the movement of response resources (for logistics) in the case of a natural disaster. GIS might be used to find wetlands that need protection strategies regarding pollution.
  • GIS can be used by utility integrity management personnel to determine high consequence areas in the event of catastrophic infrastructure or integrity failures within populated sensitive areas.
  • Modern GIS technologies use digital information, for which various digitized data creation methods are used. The most common method of data creation is digitization, where a hard copy map or survey plan is transferred into a digital medium through the use of a computer-aided design (CAD) program, and geo-referencing capabilities. With the wide availability of ortho-rectified imagery (both from satellite and aerial sources), heads-up digitizing is becoming the main avenue through which geographic data is extracted. Heads-up digitizing involves the tracing of geographic data directly on top of the aerial imagery instead of by the traditional method of tracing the geographic form on a separate digitizing tablet (heads-down digitizing).
  • An active GIS market has resulted in lower costs and continual improvements in the hardware and software components of GIS.
  • Recently GIS systems have begun to migrate from stand-alone GIS systems to more integrated, enterprise approaches that share resources, data, and applications using a service-oriented architecture (SOA). This allows application developers to create flexible and extensible GIS that can quickly respond to changing and future organizational needs.
  • The great appeal of GIS stems from their ability to integrate great quantities of information about the environment and to provide a powerful repertoire of analytical tools to explore this data.
General Information
  • Basic GIS Techniques
  • Basic of GIS and benefits
  • SAS/GIS Spatial data and procedure guide
  • Practical, Easy-to-Use, Free GIS and Remote Sensing Tools for Resource Management
  • Getting started with GIS
  • Geographic Information System

Company Profiles & Suppliers

  • Company from California
  • Company from China
  • Company from Delhi
  • Company from Pune
  • Company from Mumbai
  • Company from India 1
  • Company from India 2
  • Suppliers list


  • The Open 3D GIS Project – A Free Tool to Enable 3D
    Geographic Systems on the Web
  • Developing a flash-based tool for GIS application on the web
  • The Multi-Watershed Delineation Tool: GIS Software in Support of Regional Watershed Analyses
  • Open Source Software
  • GIS Tools for Improving
    Pedestrian And Bike Safety
  • VVF: integrating modelling and GIS in a software tool for habitat suitability assessment
  • Geographic information systems software


  • Alternative approaches to parallel GIS processing
  • Application of Participatory GIS for Rural Community Development and Local Level Spatial Planning System
  • Business Process Analysis/ Modeling for Defining GIS Applications and Uses
  • Developing and integrating advanced GIS techniques in an adaptive grid air quality model to reduce uncertainty
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques for Evaluation of Groundwater Quality in Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad
  • Seamless Design and
    GIS Integration
  • A GIS site-selection process for habitat creation: estimating connectivity of habitat patches
  • Soil Erosion estimation through GIS Techniques


  • GPS/GIS Applications in Agriculture
  • Application of Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Developing Models using GIS to Assess Geological and
    Economic Risk: An Example from Mineral Exploration in
    Oman for VMS Copper Gold Mineralisation.
  • Geographic Information Systems as an Integrating Technology: Context, Concepts, and Definitions
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Open Source GIS and Freeware GIS Applications
  • Geographical information systems Applications to marine fisheries
  • GIS Applications and Database Development Within FAO’s Land and Water Development Division
  • Geographical information system and its application to project management in construction industry
  • Using GIS to Promote Regional and Local Economic Development for Utilities


  • Indian GIS industry aims for the sky
  • Geographical Information System Market in Europe 2010-2014
  • GIS Usage in India
  • New report on GIS market in the retail sector
  • Outlook of Taiwan GIS/GPS Industry Market
  • Market Potential Analysis using ReCAP Retail Location Data: Check Cashing and Pawn Brokers
  • European union: A growing market of opportunities for geographical indications
  • Geographic Information Systems Analysis of Red Lobster Restaurant in La Crosse, Wisconsin for the Creation of a Site Suitability Analysis Model
  • A GIS Analysis of Temperature in the Australian Crust
  • GIS Data GIS Analysis
  • Geographic information system (GIS) analysis of ecosystem invasion: Exotic mussels  in Lake Erie
  • Image Analysis and GIS Processing Land Cover DataBase 2 (LCDB2)
  • A Landscape-Level Geographic Information System (GIS) Analysis of Streamside Management Zones on the Cumberland Plateau
  • Mapping and GIS Analysis in support of Clean Energy Development Offshore in Virginia
  • Mitochondrial DNA variation and GIS analysis
    confirm a secondary origin of geographical variation
    in the bushcricket
    Ephippiger ephippiger
    (Orthoptera:Tettigonioidea), and resurrect two subspecies
  • GIS Analysis Models


  • Mississippi Biodiesel Feasibility Study A GIS Analysis.
  • GIS-based Community Selection Support
    Final Report: Methodology and Results
  • GIS project management


  • Consultant from Australia
  • Consultant from California
  • Consultant from Colorado
  • Consultant from Delhi
  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant from Karnataka
  • Consultant from Ohio
  • Consultant from UK


  • Geographic information display control system
  • Spectral geographic information system
  • Geographic information system
  • Geographic information storage, transmission and display system
  • Video geographic information system
  • Geographic information systems using digital watermarks


  • Geospatial Information and Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Current Issues and Future Challenges.
  • Recommendations for a Geographic Information
    Infrastructure to Support Arctic Research: Outcomes of the Arctic GIS Workshop
  • “Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing”
  • Low-cost GIS software and data for wetland inventory, assessment & monitoring
    Ramsar Technical Reports
    John Lowry
  • Potential for Rainwater Harvesting in Africa: A GIS Overview
  • Review of GIS capability and needs in cpaccpartner institutions
  • GIS Report
  • User interface for geographic information systems: Report on the specialist meeting
  • Geographic Information Systems Work Group


  • Estimating the Cost of a GIS in the Amazon™ Cloud
  • The cost analysis of satellite images for using in GIS by the pert
  • Tennessee Base Mapping Program Cost Recovery and Product Price Sheet
  • Insurance pricing with GIS
  • Indian GIS market to touch $10 billion in 10 years

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