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  • Glucoamylase is an enzyme that breaks the bonds near the ends of large carbohydrates (starches), releasing maltose and free glucose.Aspergillus niger is used for producing Glucoamylase.
  • Glucoamylase is an enzyme preparation which decomposes starch into glucose by tearing-off glucose units from the non-reduced end of the polysaccharide chain.It is derived by submerged fermentation of a specially selected producer strain of Asp.
  • It is mainly applying in the industry of beer, ethanol, monosodium glutamate, antibiotic, diastase and feed.
  • Glucoamylase is an important industrial enzyme that is used by the manufacturers of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). More than half of all commercial baked goods and practically all soft drink bottlers usethis syrup instead of sugar because HFCS is both sweeter and cheaper.
  • US demand for enzymes is forecast to rise over six percent per year to nearly $2 billion in 2010, bolstered by strong gains in important markets such as pharmaceuticals, animal feed and starch processing. Other significant markets such as diagnostics, research and biotechnology, and food and beverages will also experience healthy growth, although a challenging environment in the detergent industry will limit even faster advances.
  • Specialty and industrial enzymes demand in the US will grow over seven percent annually, spurred by the advent of novel biocatalysts targeted at a myriad of end uses (e.g., textiles, cosmetics). Medical and diagnostic enzymes will remain the leading end use by value.  
Sources And Production
  • Evolution of the Aspergilli
  • Aspergillus niger
  • Regulation and Genetic Enhancement of Glucoamylase and Pullulanase Production in Clostridium thermohydrosulfuricum
  • Development of an ideal starch saccharification process using amylolytic enzymes from
  • Biochemistry and genetics of carbohydrate utilization by industrial yeast strains
  • Bioprocess And Product Development
  • Fungal glucoamylases
  • Glucoamylase production by yeast
  • Solid State Fermentation for the Production Of Industrial Enzymes
  • Comparative studies on glucoamylases from three fungal sources

Company Profiles

  • Companies in the field & their manufacturing , product details


  • List of experts in the field


  • List of companies supplying the
    products world wide

Products And Price

  • Glucostar L300
  • GC 238
  • Glucoamylase Product
  • Enzymedica GlutenEase 60
  • OYC Products
  • Products List

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  • Coproducts from Bioprocessing of Corn
  • Nutritive sweetners from corn
  • Highly Efficient Hydrolytic Enzymes for The Development of Value
  • Conversion of small grains
    biomass to bioethanol
  • BIO Industrial BiotechnologyBIO Industrial Biotechnology
  • Ethanol Production
  • Industrial Uses of Refined Corn Products
  • Artificial sweetners
  • How Fuel Ethanol Is Made from Corn
  • Effect of Chemical modification on structure and activity of glucoamylase
    from Aspergillus candidus and Rhizopus species 
  • Corn Starch

Patent &Technology Sources

  • Technology For the Production of Industrial Enzymes
  • Enhanced Glucoamylase Production
  • Patent For Recombinant production of glucoamylase P in trichoderma
  • United state Patent for  Thermostable Glucoamylase And Method For its production
  • United state Patent For Thermostable Glucoamylase
  • United States Patent For Highly Thermostable Glucoamylase And Process For its Productions


  • MNC Market Information
  • US prices for brewing enzymes
  • Company Press release
  • Source for market information
  • Biotechnology
  • Symposium on Enzymes in Grain Processing
  • Advanced Enzyme Technologies


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