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  • Green charcoal is an economical form of alternative fuel for home cooking and industrial needs. It is a more viable alternative to LPG based cooking. It is a compact solid fuel and is not actually green in color. Its name is derived from its source rather than its appearance. It is a product of various "grassy" or cellulosic materials and enzymes processed and compressed into solid pieces much like conventional charcoal. 
  • Charcoal is the solid residue remaining when wood is "carbonised" or "pyrolysed" under controlled conditions in a closed space such as a charcoal kiln. Control is exercised over the entry of air during the pyrolysis or carbonisation process so that the wood does not merely burn away to ashes, as in a conventional fire, but decomposes chemically to form charcoal. 
  • Briquetting or densification is used to improve characteristics of materials for transport and use as energy source. Raw materials include sawdust, loose crop residues, and charcoal fines. 
  • The shell charcoal is manufactured by burning shells of fully matured nuts in limited supply of air sufficient only for carbonisation, but not for complete destruction.
  • In India the average output in the traditional method has been found to be 35 kg of charcoal from 1000 whole shells or about 30,000 whole shells yield 1 tonne of charcoal.
  • The characteristics of charcoal products (lump, briquette or extruded forms) vary widely from product to product. Thus it is a common misconception to stereotype any kind charcoal, saying which burns hotter, etc.
  • One of the most important historical applications of wood charcoal is as a constituent of gunpowder. It is also used in metallurgical operations as a reducing agent, but its application has been diminished by the introduction of coke, anthracite smalls, etc. 
  • Green-waste charcoal has the potential to be used in high-value markets and sold as barbecue fuel, a soil amendment, a digestive health aid, for steel or metal production and to manufacture activated carbons used to purify water. 
  • The markets in the Cement City are Xipamanine, Bazar Central, Mafalala, Janet, Malhangalene dey Povo, and Urbanizacao. Mercado Xipamanine is the largest charcoal market; here around 70 charcoal retailers are located. At the other markets, the number of retailers fluctuates between 15 and 35.
  • At present more than 60% of the briquetting plants are located in the states of Gujarat, Punjab and Tamil Nadu, about 30% plants are located in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka and rest in Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Biofuel
  • Energy Properties Of wood
  • Charcoal
  • Charcoal Information
  • Charcoal as an artists' material
  • Material Safety Data Sheet- Sta Green Horticulture Charcoal

Production And Processing

  • Making Charcoal
  • Charcoal Production
  • Fast pyrolysis Based Biorefineries
  • Pyrolysis And Gasification
  • Charcoal production, dispersal, and deposition
  • Thermal Disposal of CCA Treated Wood
  • Volatile organic emissions from the distillation and pyrolysis of vegetation
  • Black liquor recovery
  • Improved Charcoal Production System
  • Charcoal Making-
    Pyrolysis Gas Burners

Company Profiles and Plant Details

  • Mapecon
  • Chardust Ltd
  • Fuel Briquettes Manufacturing Plant
  • Bio-mass Briquetting Plant
  • Rapid Thermal Processing
  • Integrated Wood Processing
  • Raw materials for carbonisation
  • Namibia Charcoal Industries
  • Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
  • Four Seasons Fuel


  • Full Trade International Consultants
  • BioQuest HB
  • Cynergin Consultants Ltd
  • Expert Consulting and Expert Witness Services
  • Chemical Consultant
  • Dity Business Consultant
  • Forest Consultant
  • Charcoal Production Technology
  • A New Vision for Value-Added Forestry
  • Flash Carbonization™ corn cob charcoal
  • Technologies for the Production and Use of Charcoal
  • Sazawa Charcoal Stove Designed for Efficient Use Of Charcoal
  • Industrial charcoal making Technologies


  • Apparatus and Process For Producing Charcoal From Wood
  • Briquette containing aromatic pellets
  • Methods Apparatuses and Rotary furnaces for Continuously Manufacturing Caerbon- Rich Charcoal
  • Preparation Of Low chromium active Charcoal by Freeze Drying Impregnated Charcoal
  • Process for Making Wood Charcoal
  • Method and apparatus for producing wood charcoal by pyrolysis
  • Renewable Binder for Carbon Electrode Manufacture
  • Charcoal Uses
  • Charcoal as a Potential Tool for Land and Water Remediation
  • Uses of charcoal in Japan
  • Description of the Product and Its Uses
  • A New Look at an Old Remedy- Charcoal


  • Green Charcoal
  • Making Charcoal & Preserving Wood
  • Charcoal Fuel From Bagasse
  • Sustainable Development Criteria For Forestry Projects Operating Under Carbon Markets
  • Bioregional
  • Coconut Shell Charcoal

Suppliers and Buyers

  • Bamboo charcoal manufacturers, suppliers
  • Charcoal Suppliers
  • Charcoal Products Suppliers
  • Charcoal Suppliers in Suffolk
  • Charcoal Tradeleads
  • Coal & Charcoal Companies List
  • Coconut Shell Charcoal- Suppliers
  • Global Exporters and Manufacturers
  • Tradeleads
  • Coconut Shell Charcoal Importers in South Korea
  • Charcoal Buying Leads


  • Green waste to charcoal and Energy
  • Markets for chemicals from a Pyrolysis oil 
  • Pyrolysis of Palm Oil Residues In Malaysia
  • Charcoal fuel gets green light
  • Green charcoal is the new option for environment- conscious consumers in Brazil
  • Logistics of charcoal production
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of the Charcoal Production and Utilization System in Zambia
  • Charcoal Production Process
  • Firewood and Charcoal Trade and Future Trends
  • Charcoal In Cambodia
  • Green-waste conversion to fuel has UH seeing green
  • Charcoal production and use in Africa
  • Business Opportunity- Making Charcoal
  • Charcoal Usage in Cambodia
  • Making Charcoal From Chopstick Bamboo, Lampang, Thailand


  • Charcoal Production And Marketing Report
  • Converting Wood Waste into Renewable Energy
  • Energy From Biomass
  • Annual Report 2004-05
  • Mission Report
  • International Workshop On Biomass Briquetting

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