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  • Coconut oil, also known as coconut butter, is a tropical oil extracted from copra with many applications. Coconut oil constitutes seven percent of the total export income of the Philippines, the world's largest exporter of the product.
  • Coconut oil is a fat consisting of about 90% saturated fat. The oil contains predominantly medium chain triglycerides, with 86.5% saturated fatty acids, 5.8% monounsaturated fatty acids, and 1.8% polyunsaturated fatty acids. Of the saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is primarily 44.6% lauric acid, 16.8% myristic acid and 8.2% palmitic acid, although it contains seven different saturated fatty acids in total. Its only monounsaturated fatty acid is oleic acid while its only polyunsaturated fatty acid is linoleic acid.
  • Coconut oil is excellent as a skin moisturizer. A study shows that extra virgin coconut oil is as effective and safe as mineral oil when used as a moisturizer, with absence of adverse reactions. Although not suitable for use with condoms, coconut oil is an excellent, inexpensive, lubricant for sexual intercourse.
  • Coconut oil can also help in healing Keratosis pilaris by moisturising the affected area. The coconut oil should be applied in the shower, and may cause the KP bumps to disappear. Coconut oil has been tested for use as a feedstock for biodiesel to be used as a diesel engine fuel. In this manner it can be applied to power generation and transport using diesel engines.
  • The coconut oil market accounts for 72 per cent share in the hair oil market. In the branded coconut hair oil market, Marico (with Parachute) and Dabur are the leading players. The market for branded coconut oil is valued at approximately US$ 174 million.
  • A Consumer Care Company, claims to be growing at 25 per cent in spite of the hair oil segment growing by a mere 2.5 per cent this year. The company has also decided to enhance its retail presence by nearly 20 per cent from the existing 5 lakh retail outlets in an attempt to reach the rural parts. Targeting a Rs 500-crore turnover over the next 3-5 years, the company expects its flagship brands to emerge as Rs 100-crore brands each in future.
  • Hair care product imports have grown at an annualized rate of roughly 5% over the last four calendar years, from $US 36.6 million in 2000 to $US 57 million in 2004. The sub sector's value has grown through the popularity of higher-margin products and growth in areas such as colorants and styling agents.
  • Dabur Amla hair oil is large hair oil brand in the GCC and commands more than 50 per cent of the market. Dabur Vatika Hair Oil, another key Dabur brand, is the market leader in the value-added pure coconut hair oils category.
  • Marico owns well-known brands such as Parachute, Saffola, Sweekar, Shanti Amla, Hair & Care, Revive, Mediker, Oil of Malabar and the Sil range of processed foods.
 General Information
  • General information about hair
  • Hair care
  • Hair types, their problems and treatments
  • Coconut oil
  • Types of coconut oil
  • Origin and botanical traits of Amla
  • hair oil

Manufacturing Process

  • Preparation of jojoba oil
  • Manufacturing methods of virgin coconut oil
  • Production of coconut oil
  • Production process of virgin coconut oil in Central America
  • Production of coconut flour and virgin coconut oil
  • Manufacturing process of virgin coconut oil-Video file

Company Profiles

  • Ageless Herbal products
  • India Company
  • Cosmetics Company
  • Esoteric oils CC
  • The Drug Company
  • Indian hair oil
  • Narang Medical
  • Quality First International
  • Valley Herbal  


  • Dermatology Consultants
  • Ellar Group
  • Experts in hair care products
  • Project Consultancy Services
  • Consultant

Projects and Applications

  • Best oil spill cleaner
  • Coconut oil for power generation by EPC in Samoa
  • Hair oil- project information
  • Hair today gone tomorrow
  • Virgin oil-The smarter fat that helps promote weight loss
  • Using coconut oil as an engine fuel
  • Virgin oil in beautifying skin

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Coconut oil
  • Coconut oil, refined
  • Science Stuff Inc- coconut oil
  • The buying group- coconut oil
  • Safety data for coconut oil acid diethanolamine condensate
  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Hair loss fact sheet


  • Carols Daughter hair oils
  • hair care products
  • Botanical hair care products
  • Pure jojoba oil
  • Neem hair oil
  • Rosemary hair oil
Patent and Technology
  • Hair oils
  • Hair tonic
  • Hair styling oil
  • Hair oil applicator
  • Hair clipper having oil pad
  • Hair care products with natural
  • Hair treatment products
  • Hair care composition for conditioning hair with silicone oil
  • New silicone technologies for ethnic hair care


  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Hair oils: Time for consolidation
  • Revolution in herbal hair care industry
  • Implementing rules and regulations to enforce standards in the production and marketing of virgin coconut oil
  • Bajaj upbeat about hair oil market
  • Venezuelan hair care products market overview
  • Olive- Region's first exclusive olive hair oil


  • Amla products- Overall report
  • Evaluation of the clinical efficacy and safety of “Anti-Dandruff Shampoo” in the treatment of dandruff
  • Strategy and business plan towards achievement of its Vision 2010.
  • A herbal solution for dandruff
  • Use of plant extracts in cosmetics
  • Evaluation of anti-dandruff activity and safety of polyherbal hair oil
  • Profile on herbal hair oil

Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Amla oil manufacturers
  • Ayurvedic hair oil suppliers
  • Commar  Associates  
  • Herbal Body Cure
  • Herbal hair oil manufacturers
  • Helene Curtis
  • Kirpal Export Overseas
  • Kolkata exporters of hair care products
  • Manufacturers of hair oil
  • Moon Star Herbal Products
  • Shakti Shipping International
  • Shresh Exports
  • Traders of hair oil

 Safety and Guides

  • Safety condition report 
  • FAQ about head lice
  • Hair loss treatments
  • Tips for healthy hair
  • Hair oil- Video

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