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Information Profile At a Glance

  • The term hardwood includes numerous species of trees and shrubs with dense, heavy wood. Depending on their density, hardwoods can be subdivided into "medium heavy," "heavy," "very heavy," and woods that actually sink in water called "ironwoods.
  • Two methods are used for planting tree seedlings: hand planting and machine planting. Both are acceptable.
  • Hardwood trees are easy to recognize because in the summer their leaves are broad, flat, and green, and in the fall the leaves change color and drop off.
  • Processing of Hardwood includes: Transporting Logs, Sawmill Processing, Loading logs for Processing, Debarking, Drying, Grading and Sawing.
  • Many different products, including kitchen cabinets, flooring, household furniture, doors, window frames, decorative molding, pallets,and factory-made wooden buildings come from hardwood lumber.
  • Hardwood flooring production and consumption in Europe increased considerably last year and marked a continuing trend in this sector,despite the ever-increasing threat of competitive imports from Asia.
  • The average price for hardwood sawtimber stumpage in Tennessee during the first quarter of 2006 is greater than $175 per thousand board feet (MBF) Doyle log rule.
  • In establishing a plantation of trees, the major costs are site preparation, and buying and planting seedlings. These costs usually range from $90 to $300 per acre.

Content Headlines on CD ROM

Species and Its Identification
  • Hardwoods
  • Hardwoods-Tree and its Environment
  • Hardwood Tree Images
  • Hardwood Species Images
  • IOWA Hardwoods
  • Difference between Hardwood and Softwood
  • Hardwoods Identification
  • Identification of Hardwood Trees in Iowa

Properties and Uses

  • Strength and Mechanical Properties
  • Properties and Uses of Iowa Hardwoods
  • Mechanical Properties of Wood
  • Hardwood Flooring Species & Properties
  • Hardwood Uses
  • South American Timbers


  • Tree Planting Procedure
  • Regenerating Hardwoods
  • Growth
  • Designing Hardwood Tree Plantings for Wildlife
  • Hardwood Planting Guidelines
  • Planting Hardwood Seedlings
  • Tree Planting Instructions
  • Importance of Hardwood Tree Plantings
  • Direct Seeding of Native Hardwood Trees
  • Site Preparation for Tree Planting


  • General Processing Sequence for Collapse-Prone Hardwoods Flow Chart
  • General Processing Sequence for Non Collapse-Prone Hardwoods-Flow Chart
  • Computer Integrated Hardwood Processing
  • Australian Hardwood Drying Best Practice Manual Part 1
  • Australian Hardwood Drying Best Practice Manual Part2
  • Hardwood Lumber
  • Simulation of Hardwood Log
  • Grading Hardwood Trees
  • Guide to Field Grading Hardwood Trees
  • Changes in Hardwood
    Forest Service Growing-Stock Tree Grades
  • Hardwood Tree and Log Grading
  • Hardwood Tree Grades
  • Tree Grade and Yield Data
  • Hardwood Quality for Solid Wood Products


  • Quality Hardwood, Oak,Classic Timber and Pine Doors
  • Wood Television, Radio, and
    Sewing Machine Cabinet
  • Engineered Wood Products Manufacturing
  • Hardwood Plywood
  • McDaniel Hardwood Products
  • Real Hardwood Veneer Paneling-MSDS
  • Prefinished Hardwood Plywood-MSDS
  • Hardwood Products
  • Green Hardwood Lumber

Equipment Required and Equipment Suppliers

  • Table Saws
  • Drying Kilns
  • Lumber Drying Systems
  • Fixed Equipment
  • Sawing Machines
  • Sawing and Planning Mills Suppliers
  • Timber Drying Solutions
  • Sawmill Equipment & Machinery
  • Saw Mill Suppliers
  • Hardwood Drying Technology Using Emission Technology
  • Hardwood Genetics and Tree Improvement
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Development in Plantation Hardwood Pests and Diseases
  • Tissue Culture Techniques
  • Vacuum Technology
  • Transferring Technologies

Business Opportunities

  • California Hardwoods Provide Economic Develpment Opportunities
  • Thermoplastic Composites - Technology & Business Opportunities
  • Sale of Hardwood
  • Regional Business Opportunities
  • Wood Processing Business-Russia


  • Aktrain-Consulting Services
  • American Consultants
  • Expert Consulting Services
  • Flooring Consultants
  • Wood Flooring Consultants & Hardwood Flooring Inspection Services


  • Diseases in Hardwood Tree Plantings
  • Environmental and Management Injury in Hardwood Tree Plantations
  • Tree Disease Insects
  • Common Hardwood Tree Diseases
  • Hardwood Killer Tree Diseases
  • Foliage Diseases of Hardwood Trees Caused by Fungi


  • How To Manage Northern Hardwoods
  • Certification Challenges
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Concerns Related to Hardwood Management in California
  • Intensive Hardwood Management
  • Southern Hardwood Management
  • Management Implications
  • Management of Hardwood Forests for Timber in Alabama


  • Floor Projects
  • Hardwood Research Project
  • Hardwood Hanger
  • Building Products Project
  • Wood Projects
  • WoodWise New York Project

Buyers and Importers

  • Hardwood Importer
  • Hardwood Buyers-Worldwide
  • Hardwood Distributors
  • E.O.Burton-Hardwood Importers
  • Hardwood Buyers
  • Hardwood Plywood Importers
  • Wood Importers/Distributors
  • Wood Buyers
  • Hardwood Import-Worldwide


  • Directory of Timber and Lumber Suppliers
  • Hardwood and Lumber Suppliers
  • Hardwood Suppliers from Power Sourcing Directory
  • Hardwoods-Selling Leads
  • Wood Exporters by Country
  • Hardwood Suppliers
  • Hardwood Manufacturers
  • Hardwood Flooring Manufacturers
  • Hardwood Suppliers Directory

Price List

  • SL Hardwoods-Sheet Material Price List
  • Domestic Hardwood-Price List
  • Exotic Hardwood Lumber Price List
  • Future Forests Nursery Species and Price List
  • Hardwoods Price List
  • British Hardwood Tree Nursery
  • Nature Hills Nursery
  • Forest Service Nursery Catalog
  • Porcupine Hollow Tree Nursery
  • Tropical American Tree Farms
  • Seedling Production and Distribution
  • Tate's Tree Company 
  • Native Plant Nursery


  • Tree Farmer Shares Some Ideas
  • Hardwood Flooring Shipments-2005
  • Benefits and Practical Application in Forest Tree Nurseries
  • New Building Standard Law of Japan
  • Forest Products News Reports
  • Oak Woodland Conservation Annual Report - 2005
  • Crop Tree Release in Precommercial Hardwood Stands
  • Designing with American Hardwoods
Country Reports
  • Hardwoods of North America
  • Pre-Cut Lumber in Japan
  • Hardwood Business Growth Report-Scotland
  • African Hardwoods
  • Hardwoods  Sawing Technology in Five Tropical Countries
  • Forest Resources in India
  • Solid Wood Products-Mexico
  • Hardwood Grade Lumber Industry in Texas
Market and Future
  • Hardwood Timber Market-Scotland
  • Hardwood Market Survey-2004
  • Wood Product Imports
  • Hardwood Export Market-US
  • Changing Hardwood Markets
  • Flooring's Impact on the Hardwood Market
  • Future Wood Supply from Forest Plantations
  • Sawn Hardwood Market
    Forecasts 2006
  • Hawaii Hardwood Market Study
  • Market Observations by Hardwood Review
Company Profiles
  • Badger Hardwoods
  • Bamboo Hardwoods
  • MacBeath Hardwood Company
  • MapleLeaf Hardwoods
  • Talarico Hardwoods
  • Tropical Exotic Hardwoods
  • Northwest Hardwoods

Plant Details

  • Victorian Hardwood Processing Plants
  • Competitive Hardwood Industry
  • North American Lumber Industry
  • Hardwood Plantations
    as an Investment
  • Investing in Hardwood Forests
  • Providing Timber for All Seasons
  • Lumber Processing Plant
  • Timber Industry-Scotland
  • Wood-Based Panels Industry
  • List of Hardwood Industry Links


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