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  • Home security can be substantially increased by implementation of a few simple and inexpensive, yet effective prevention techniques.

  • The design of a security and surveillance system should provide for the protection of the entire perimeter of a home as well as visual- and audio-based surveillance monitoring. A good security system design should consider the best plan for existing homes as well as new construction. It should also consider the lifestyle of all the inhabitants, the location of valuables or any items to be protected, how the system is to be controlled, adequate smoke and fire alerting sensors, and the type of emergency response required.

  • The Home Security Products are Control Panel, Keypad, Magnetic Contacts, PIR Motion Sensors, Glass break Sensors, Smoke Detectors, Wireless Devices, Remote Control.

  • A home security company can range from a large corporation maintaining an exclusive sales force and local offices to small resellers working as authorized third-party installers. The size of the company doesn’t really matter since every installer should provide all services, the requisite equipment, and information about the monitoring service.

  • Most markets today are driven by technologies. The security market is one of these markets. As the market matures, consumers become more sophisticated in their needs. Some of the technologies that have helped in the growth of the security service market are CCTV and the wireless technology. The next generation of technologies expected to impact the security service market over the next decade includes biometrics, smart cards, and voice transmission.

Contents in the CD ROM

  • Manuals
  • A guide to Home Security
  • Home Security Handbook
  • Home security problems and innovations
  • Home Security
  • Computerized Home Security and Apartment Security
  • Absolute Essentials of Home Security
  • Home Security Guides and Secure community
  • Camera Setup Manual
  • Home security Buyers Guide


  • Home Security System
  • Micron Redefining Security
  • Home Security System Design
  • Home Security using Mobile Phone Technology
  • West London Security
  • Wireless World
  • Burglar Alarm
  • Home Security - Video
  • Home Security and Surveillance System
  • Atmel Corporation
  • Low cost Home security system


  • Jablotron Products
  • ADT Products
  • Brink's home security products
  • DSC Burglar Alarms
  • GE Interlogix burglar alarms
  • Home Security Store Catalogue-1
  • Home Security Store Catalogue - 2
  • Honey Well Burglar Alarms
  • Insteon Products
  • ITI Burglar Alarms
  • Linear Burglar Alarms
  • Norco Alarm products
  • Products from home tech store
  • Products from Amazon
  • Products List
  • Sentinal Products
  • Smarthome products - 1
  • Smarthome products - 2
  • Visonic Power Max Burglar Alarms
  • Brazil Electronic Security Equipment
  • Jamaica Electronic Security
  • Nokia enters into Home Security Market
  • Market Report
  • Industry Forecast
  • Industry news
  • UK Security Services Market
  • Alarm Penetration
  • Home Security
  • Advancing Home System Via Security Channels


  • China Sourcing Report
  • Securing the Great Outdoors
  • Home Security Services
  • Home Security
  • Home security and fire safety
  • Research Update
  • Home Security companies and Contractors
  • A Micron/Wilife Case Study
  • Burglar Alarm
  • Smoke Detector
  • Metal Detector
  • Door Bells
  • Infrared Motion Detector
  • CareGuard Manual
  • Testing Alarm indicating devices


  • Companies Directory - 1
  • Companies Directory - 2
  • Companies in China
  • Companies in Hong Kong
  • Companies in Malaysia and Singapore
  • Companies in South Korea
  • Companies in Taiwan, Italy and Germany
  • Companies in Indonesia and Turkey
  • Companies in United Kingdom
  • Companies in United States
  • Company list
  • Indian companies
  • Companies in Pakisthan
  • Suppliers Directory

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