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  • Aluminum a silvery white and ductile member of the poor metal group of chemical elements. It has the symbol Al; its atomic number is 13. It is not soluble in water under normal circumstances.
  • Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust, and the third most abundant element overall, after oxygen and silicon. It makes up about 8% by weight of the Earth’s solid surface.
  • Aluminium alloy conductor is revolutionary break through in conductor technology. Users all over the world are switching over to AAAC due to its technical superiority.
  • Aluminum conductors used today in building wire and service cables are more than likely manufactured from an aluminum alloy known as an ACM alloy. ACM stands for Aluminum Conductor Material.
  • The first technology being tested at Powerline Conductor Accelerated Testing (PCAT) is an aluminum conductor composite-reinforced (ACCR) cable, which is an advanced conductor developed by 3M Corporation.
  • Implosive sleeve technology offers a number of advantages over conventional hydraulic methods of joining conductors. Connection quality is better, the splice is easier to install, overall cost is reduced and project completion time is shortened.
  • 6101 aluminum alloy trapezoidal wire in T81 temper is used for overhead self-damping conductors. This type of conductor has high
    wind-induced motion resistance, which protects the conductor from damaging strains caused by high frequency (5-50 Hz) vertical motion
    produced at relatively low wind speeds.
  • Aluminum conductor weighs half as much as equivalent copper conductor. The lighter weight is attractive for small transformers, coils, motors, and portable equipment, especially in aerospace applications where reduced component weight allows a highly important increase in payload.
  • Power transmission cables using a new composite conductor are expected to greatly increase the capacity and efficiency of the U.S. electricity grid. ORNL is working with 3M, the developer of the aluminum-conductor composite-reinforced (ACCR) wires, to analyze the performance of the new conductor.
  • ACCR operates at temperatures up to 210°C (410°F) with no degradation of its properties, while ACSR can operate only at 100°C (212°F) or below. The higher operating temperature allows ACCR to transmit two to three times more power than ACSR.
  • The aluminum serves as the electrical conductor, while the steel provides mechanical support. This hybrid design results in an excellent weight-to conductivity ratio, but it also yields a heavier product, which requires stronger and more costly support structures and limits conductivity.
  • The composite-reinforced aluminum conductor is ideally suited to the transmission and distribution markets for several reasons. Because existing towers and poles could be used without modification, and no additional right-of-way land would be needed, line-permitting time and
    cost would be greatly reduced.
  • The tremendous advantages of the new conductor are brought about due to new innovations in the materials used. Compared to steel, the new composite core is lighter weight, equivalent strength, lower thermal expansion, higher elastic modulus, and higher electrical conductivity. This permits the use of higher operating temperatures, which in turn leads to higher ampacities.
  • The 3M Composite Conductor can be installed quickly using conventional equipment and without heavy construction equipment. This simple solution also reduces service interruption.
  • The development of the high-volume ACSR product was a critical technical milestone. Because of competition in this market, the aluminum product was subject to continuous improvement in its conductivity and consistency.
  • Experts went on to develop processes to refine aluminum to 99.99% purity. Testing methods and quality-assurance procedures were put into place to guarantee that the product would provide consistent electrical and structural performance. Later refinements to electrical conductor alloys have resulted in higher strength levels without significant losses in conductivity.
  • Aluminium
  • Copper Versus Aluminium Conductors
  • Anodizing Aluminium Conductor strip
  • Transmission Line Conductor Design Comes of Age
  • Aluminum Conductor - Background Information
  • Types of Aluminium Alloy Conductors


  • Development of Aluminium alloy conductor with high electrical conductivity and controlled tensile strength and elongation
  • Production Process Flow chart
  • An Improved thick film aluminium conductor process
  • Continuous Casting and Rod rolling Process in Sterlite
  • Manufacturing of 6101 Aluminum Alloy Trapezoidal Wire for Overhead Conductors

Company Profiles

  • Technology Company
  • Company in Gujarat, India
  • Company in West Bengal
  • Company in Punjabi Bagh,
  • Company in Indore  
  • Company in Kolkatta
  • Company in  New Delhi
  • Company in Rajasthan
  • Company in Mumbai
  • Company in Bangalore


  • Consultant in Maharashtra
  • Consultant in Jackson, MI
  • Project Undertaking Company
  • Project Consultants
  • Consultant in Delhi


  • Properties of “ACSS Aluminum” Wires
  • Properties of Solid Aluminum Conductor
  • Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported Physical Properties
  • Mechanical and Electrical Properties


  • Creep Test on ACC/TW Conductor for Composite Technology Corporation
  • Technology Innovation in Aluminum Products
  • ACCR - 3M Innovation
  • New Implosive Connector Technology for High Voltage Conductors
  • ACCR Emerging Technology
  • Powerline Conductor Accelerated Testing Facility
  • Wedge-Connector Technology in Power Utility Applications


  • Continuous nickel plating process for an aluminum conductor and corresponding device
  • Method of manufacturing aluminum conductor wires
  • Re-terminating inaccessible aluminum conductors
  • ACCC - Patent
  • Production method for an insulation layer functioning as an intermetal dielectric
  • Electrical conductor of aluminium
  • Method of manufacturing aluminum alloy electric conductors
  • High purity aluminum alloy conductor for use at ultra low temperatures
  • Method of manufacturing a micro-alloy high purity aluminum conductor for use at ultra low temperature


  • Development of a composite reinforced Aluminium Conductor
  • High Transmission, low sag transmission Conductors
  • Aluminium Conductors
  • The use of composite materials in utility transmission and distribution lines promises substantial, long-term cost and weight benefits
  • ACCC Cable Project
  • Aluminium Conductors - Electronics Sector


  • Aerial Bunch Cables
  • Aluminium Clad Steel Wire
  • Bare Overhead Conductors
  • Power Cable Product Catalogue
  • The CMS Conductor
  • Bare and Insulated Overhead Conductors
  • 20kV Universal power cable with Aluminium Conductors
  • Hard Drawn Stranded Steel Cored Aluminium Conductors
  • Aluminum-clad steel wire/aluminum conductors


  • Plant in Quebec
  • Plant in India
  • Plant in Vadodara, India.
  • Plant in Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Plant in North America
  • Plant in Switzerland


  • Electronic Applications
  • ACCR Wires Power Grids for Greater Capacity and Efficiency
  • Power transmission capacity upgrade of overhead lines
  • An Improved Conductor for Upgrading Existing Lines or New Construction

 Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Aluminium Extrusions
  • Gold Conductor
  • SAS Metal Ceiling Systems
  • Protective Coating


  • ACCC (Aluminum Conductor Composite Core) cable
  • Lighter Weight, Lower line loss, wired to partner with Power
  • Aluminium Market
  • Price List of Bare Aluminum Conductor


  • ACCC Technology Company
  • Double your transmission capacity without changing existing towers
  • Transmission Technologies to Increase Power Transfers
  • Installing Aluminium Building wire
  • ACCR  Conference Presentation
  • Experience with Aluminium Magnet coils
  • Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced Technical Notebook
  • Power Transmission Capacity Upgrade of Overhead Lines
  • Results of the Questionnaire Concerning high temperature conductor Fittings

 Raw Material Suppliers

  • Wooden Drum Manufacturers & Suppliers

  • Aluminium Rod Suppliers
  • Aluminium Alloy Manufacturers
  • Lubricants Suppliers of India
  • Stainless Steel Wire suppliers

Machinery Suppliers

  • Cable making machinery suppliers
  • Pultrusion CompanyWire drawing machine
  • Buff Welding machine
  • Wire Drawing Machine China Suppliers
  • Pointing machine
  • Stranding machine
  • Ageing Furnace
  • Tubular Stranding Machine

 Testing Equipment Suppliers

  • Galvanometer Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Industrial Kilns Suppliers
  • Digital Micrometer Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Tensile Testing Machine Manufacturers
  • Torsion Testing Machine Suppliers

 Indian Suppliers

  • Aluminium - Conductors Manufacturers / Suppliers in Calcutta
  • Aluminum Conductor Exporters
  • Indian Aluminium Conductors Suppliers Directory
  • Trade Leads of Aluminium Conductors
  • Aluminium Conductors Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Aluminium Conductors Suppliers Directory
  • Aluminium Conductors Exporters

 Non-Indian Suppliers

  • Aluminum Conductor Selling Leads
  • Aluminum conductors Wholesalers
  • Suppliers of Aluminium conductors
  • China Suppliers of Aluminium Conductors
  • Foreign Exporters & Manufacturers of Aluminium Conductors


  • Aluminium Conductors Buyers List


  • Installing Aluminum Conductors
  • Technical Guidelines about Conductors

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