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Information profile @ a Glance
  • A master alloy is a base metal such as aluminum, copper or nickel combined with a relatively high percentage of one or two other elements
  • Master alloys are produced in various shapes. Examples are: ingot, waffle plate, rod in coils
  • A master alloy is sometimes also referred to as "hardener", "grain refiner" or "modifier" depending on its application.
  • Aluminum master Alloys are often added to strengthen the alloy and are therefore often referred to as "hardeners". Another group is the "grain refiners", alloys that are added for structure control.
  • A grain refiner influences the aluminum alloy during the solidification stage. Its role is to  prevent cracking, combat shrinkage porosity and increase the casting speed
  • Aluminum-Boron or AlB or Boral is added to increase the electrical conductivity of EC grade aluminium
  • Aluminium Master Alloys and Compacted Alloying Products. Competition in the markets for aluminium master alloys and compacted alloying products is global, because of the relatively small number
    of master alloy and alloying tablet manufacturers and the worldwide operations of producers in the
    aluminium industry. In most markets, the Company faces competition to varying degrees from KBM Affilips B.V., KBAlloys, Inc. (and its UK subsidiary, Anglo Blackwells, Ltd.), Aleastur (Asturiana de Aleaciones, S.A.), Eramet S.A. and Hoesch-Metallurgie GmbH. Competition from low-cost producers has
    in the past pushed prices down and could do so again in the future

Basic Information

  • Master Alloys

  • Grain Refinement of Light Alloys

  • Aluminum Scandium Master alloy

Companies & Products

  • Company & products

  • Company - acquired

  • Company in England

  • Quality certificate

  • Company - International

  • Company - grain refiners

  • Company - aluminum grain refiner

  • Company - Korea

Technology Information
  • Foundrymens Guide
  • Production of Al-Ti master alloys from TiO2 in a DC arc furnace
  • Method of grain refining aluminum
  • The mechanisms of grain refinement
  • Grain Refinement of  aluminum Silicon foundry alloys
  • Aluminum Strontium Alloys
  • Aluminum Iron Phosphorus Tablets
  • Production of Al-Ti-C Grain Refiners
  • The preparation of various Al-5Ti master alloys
  • Spectrochemical Investigation of Aluminum Master Alloys
  • Aluminum Beryllium Specialty Alloy
  • Aluminum Boron Alloys
  • Aluminum Hardeners
  • Aluminum Grain Refiners
  • Aluminum Grain Refiners
  • The metallic scraps Valorisation
  • Zirconium additions
  • Aluminum Strontium Master Alloy
  • Method for the production of Master alloys for grain refining Treatment of aluminum melts
  • Aluminum Master Alloys
  • Master alloy for modification and grain grain refining
  • Aluminum Magnesium Lithium alloy manufacturing
  • Process for producing a grain refining master alloy
  • Aluminum based grain refiner

Market Scenario

  • The largest global supplier of aluminum master alloys
  • Investor Information
  • Manufacturers
  • The castings and forgings market in the EU - 2010
  • The European Aluminum Association
  • Company performance

Environment / Pollution Control

  • Sustainability report of company

Project Information

  • Project equipments supplier
  • Technical Consultancy firm
  • List of contacts
  • Project Leader requirement
  • Furnace Technology company

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