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  • A Sandwich structured composite is a special class of composite materials that is fabricated by attaching two thin but
    stiff skins to a lightweight but thick core.
  • The common composite sandwich structure is made up of two major elements, the skin and the core. Sandwich panel skins are the outer layers and are constructed out of a variety of materials. Wood, aluminum, and plastics are commonly used. More recently though, advanced composite fibers and resins are being used to create skin material.
  • The principle of sandwich construction is that bending loads are carried by the skins, while the core transmits shear load. They enable large gains in structural efficiency, since the thickness (and hence flexural rigidity) of panels can be increased without significant weight penalty.

  • While the design of sandwich panels for stiffness is relatively straightforward, design for strength is more complex. This is because sandwich structures exhibit a range of failure modes, depending on materials, geometry and loading. The most problematic are usually debonding of the skins and core shear failure.

  • An Institute of Structural Mechanics is investigating new manufacturing concepts using optimised fibre products in combination with LRI technologies. Within these activities a number of demonstrator components have been manufactured using a variety of different densities of ROHACELL PMI foam cores. The primary goal of increasing the performance of foam core components was improving shear strength and increasing the quality of the core-skin interface.

  • The manufacturing process of Aluminium sandwich panel includes autoclave process and mechanical finishing process.

  • Based on the manufacture of the fuselage sandwich panels, it was possible to show that the Single Line Injection (SLI) production method is an excellent and safe method for economical production of complex components at the highest quality. Single Line Injection Technology met all design requirements at the very first trial is a good indication for the reliability of the process.

  • Sandwich materials generally exhibits the properties such as High load bearing capacity at low weight, Surface finished faceplates provide good resistance against aggressive environments, Excellent thermal insulation, Long life at low maintenance cost, Good water and vapor barrier, Excellent acoustic damping properties.

  • Sandwich construction is commonly used in structures where strength, stiffness, and weight efficiency are required. Most commonly, Sandwich Panels are used in Aircraft, Space craft, Satellites, Automobiles, Trains, Trucks, Boats etc.

  • Proposals for the construction of sandwich-like components were made in different industrial branches, the application of laser welding started to be increasingly discussed only after the high power laser sources became available on the market at more affordable prices. Due to its high energy intensity resulting in a low heat input and a deep penetration effect, laser welding offers a number of benefits for the production of all-metal and hybrid-metal sandwich panels.

  • Preliminary tests were completed on sandwich panels for one University. These tests were conducted to determine appropriate specimen geometries and fixture requirements for future potential user proposals.
    A report presents the results of tests conducted to determine the stresses induced in the core and facings of a flat sandwich panel by a concentrated load applied at an insert.

  • Aluminium Composite Material
  • Composite Sandwich Panel Information
  • Dynamic Indentation of Lightweight Sandwich Panels
  • What Is a Sandwich Panel
  • Structural Sandwich Performance After 31 Years of Service

  • Sandwich structured composite

Manufacturing Process

  • Composite Sandwich Panel Manufacturing Concepts for a Lightweight Vehicle Chassis

  • Cost Effective CFRP-Fuselage Manufacturing with Liquid Resin Infusion (LRI)

  • Panel Design
  • Foam Core Sandwich Panels made from high Thermal conductivity Mesophase pitch based carbon foam
  • Paper honeycomb cores for Structural sandwich Panels
  • Folded Honeycombs-Fast and continuous production of the core and a reliable core-skin bond

  • Constitutive model for quasi-static deformation of metallic sandwich cores

Company Profiles

  • Company in India
  • Company in Neuburg/ Donau
  • Company in China
  • Company in California
  • Company in Canada
  • Company in Russia
  • Company in Sydney
  • Company in Bristol
  • Company in Penrith, NSW
  • Company in USA
  • Company in UK


  • Adhesively Bonded Joints Between FRP Sandwich and metal Different Concepts and their Strength Behaviour
  • The Collapse response of sandwich beams with Aluminium face sheets and a metal foam core
  • A fatigue characterization of honeycomb sandwich panels with a defect
  • Mechanical Properties of Honeycomb Sandwich Panels of Aluminum and Glass Fiber

  • Strength of Sandwich Panels Loaded in In-plane Compression

  • Thermostructural Behavior of a Hypersonic Aircraft Sandwich Panel  Subjected to Heating on One Side

  • Optimizing Sandwich Panel Performance with 3 D Fiber Reinforced core Architecture
  • Composite Laminated Aluminium Glass Fiber Sandwich Panels
  • Continuous manufacturing system for composite aluminum panels
  • Lightweight Sandwich Panel
  • Method for manufacture of a sandwich panel, the sandwich panel obtained with it and its application in the Construction industry
  • Sandwich Panel
  • Construction Sandwich Panel, Production method thereof and ventilated architectural facade
  • Sandwich panel and method of its construction


  • Sandwich Panel Fabrication Technology
  • Fire Performance of Sandwich Panel Systems
  • High Temperature Lightweight Heat Pipe Panel Technology Development
  • Making Innovation a Reality
  • Composite Rail Innovations

Project and Consultants

  • Modular Light weight Sandwich Bus Concept- Litebus
  • Running and Completed Projects of Institute of Sandwich Technology
  • Insulated Translucent Fiberglass Sandwich Panel Skylight System
  • CFRP composite optical telescope assembly for the 1m ULTRA project

  • Experts from a Group of Building Companies


  • Plant in Denver
  • Plant in Korea
  • Plant in Finland
  • Plant in China


  • Composites in Aerospace  Applications White Paper
  • Sandwich materials -Automotive Applications
  • Innovative 3-D FRP Sandwich Panels for Bridge Decks
  • Fatigue of Sandwich Constructions for Aircraft
  • Steel Sandwich Panels in Marine Applications


  • Alucomat
  • Cellite Products
  • Elite Composite Structural Panels
  • Sandwich Panel Air handling
  • Gillfab 4230 Panel
  • Rigilite Sandwich Panel

Material safety data sheet

  • Flameguard- Fire Resistant Sandwich Panel
  • Sandwich Panels Composed of Fiberglass Fabric Reinforced Epoxy facing skins bonded to a nomex aramid honey comb core
  • Tycor

Market and  Report

  • Aluminium Fabrication Solutions for the Automotive and Transportation Markets

  • Insulated Sandwich Panels And “FM Approved"

  • New impetus for sandwich construction
  • Intermediate-Rate Crush Response of Crash Energy Management Structures
  • Stress Induced in a Sandwich Panel By Load Applied at an Insert

Safety and Risk

  • Fire Protection Data - Cladding panels and sandwich panels
  • Insulated sandwich panels and fire risk
  • Fire Safety of Sandwich Panels

Raw Material and its Suppliers

  • Sandwich Panel Adhesives
  • Aluminum Honeycomb
  • Resin Information
  • Fiber Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Foam Core Suppliers
  • Resins Suppliers

Machinery Suppliers

  • Metal Cutting Machines Suppliers
  • Eps Sandwich Panel Making Machine Equipment Supplier
  • Sandwich panel production line Selling Leads
  • Shanghai Mosen Machine Engineering Co., Ltd
  • Aluminium Composite Panel Machine Exporters


  • Sandwich Panel Selling Leads
  • Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Suppliers
  • Aluminum Sandwich Panel Manufacturers
  • Suppliers Directory of Aluminium Sandwich Panel
  • Sandwich Panels Suppliers
  • Aluminium Sandwich Panel Exporters
  • Aluminium Composite Panel Suppliers in China


  • Aluminium Composite Panel Buyers
  • Aluminium Sandwich Panel Buyers List

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