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  • Anisole, or methoxy-benzene, is the organic compound with the formula CH3OC6H5.
  • It is a straw-colored to colorless liquid with an agreeable spicy-sweet odor.
  •  It is used in perfumes, as a flavoring in food and in the manufacture of other chemicals.
  • It is a colorless liquid with a smell reminiscent of anise seed, and in fact many of its derivatives are found in natural and artificial fragrances.
  • Anisole undergoes electrophilic aromatic substitution reaction more quickly than does benzene, which in turn reacts more quickly than nitrobenzene.
  • Anisole is miscible in ethanol, yielding a clear, colorless solution. It is also miscible in ether.
  • Anisole is prepared by the Williamson ether synthesis, reacting sodium phenoxide with methyl bromide and related methylating reagents.
  • The manufacture of anisole in which phenol and dimethylether are continuously brought together as reactants in the vapor phase and contacted with a dehydrating catalyst.
  • Anisole is a solvent used in the synthesis of organic compounds and in large-scale applications such as the production of perfumes.
  • It has been used directly in the synthesis of the marine pyrrole alkaloids polycitone A and B and the nonyl-phenol isomer.
  • Anisole is frequently used in the solid-phase synthesis of compounds, particularly in the cleavage of compounds from the resin such as phosphopepties, 2-(arylamino)quinazolines and 1,5-disubstituted 2-aryliminoimidazolidines.
  • Anisole is a precursor to perfumes, insect pheromones, and pharmaceuticals.
  • The use of anisole as a scavenger along with an extended incubation period may result in higher protein recovery and more protection for amide bonds and side chains.
  • Phenol, DMC and catalyst are fed to the PMC reaction section where a small amount of anisole and CO2 are also produced.
  • It has been reported that a free-radical scavenger species-anisole may neutralize reactive groups formed during the reaction.
  • A novel anisole mixture containing anisole and a mixture of alkyl anisoles and liquid hydrocarbon fuels containing said novel anisole mixture in an amount sufficient to increase the octane number of said liquid fuel composition.


  • Anisole.
  • General Information.
  • Properties.
  • Structure of Anisole.
  • Anisole-Fact Sheet.
  • Procedure of Anisole Preparation.

Raw Materials

  • Phenol.
  • Methanol.
  • Amyl Nitrite.
  • Methyl Bromide.
  • Sodium Phenoxide.
  • Dimethyl Ether.


  • MSDS of Anisole.
  • Anisole-Safety sheet.
  • Material Safety Sheet of Methoxybenzene.
  • Anisole 99%-Msds.
  • Data sheet of Anisole.
  • Methoxybenzene MSDS.
  • Phenyl methyl ether MSDS.
  • Safety Sheet of Methoxybenzene.
  • Anisole Msds.
  • MSDS of CH3OC6H5.
  • Safety Sheet of phenyl methyl ether.
  • Anisole-Data sheet.
  • Material Safety sheet of Anisole.
  • Safety Data Sheet of Anisole.
  • Methoxybenzene Safety data sheet.
  • Msds of phenyl methyl ether.


  • Anisole.
  • TIPS-Pentacene.
  • Ortho-vinyl anisole.
  • Nano PMMA and Copolymer.
  • Glycoprofile 1V, Chemical Deglycosylation kit.
  • Butylated Hydroxy Anisole(BHA).
  • Butylated Hydroxy Anisole-Product data sheet.
  • Product Catalogue- BHA.

Process & Toxicity

  • Friedel-Crafts Acylation of Anisole.
  • Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution.
  • Anisole Recovery from DMC unit.
  • Safety and efficacy of aromatic ethers including anisole derivatives when used as feed additives.


  • Anisole Manufacture.
  • Electrochemical storage cell containing a substituted anisole.
  • Process for Preparing Anisole.
  • Polymorphs of Butylated Hydroxy Anisole.
  • Novel Anisole mixture and gasoline containing the same.

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  • List of Manufacturers.
  • List of Suppliers.
  • Suppliers from Singapore.

Company profiles

  • Company from China.
  • Company1 from India.
  • Company2 from India.
  • Company3 from India.
  • Company4 from India.


  • Consultancy from India.
  • Consultancy from New York.
  • Consultancy from South America.
  • Online Consultancy.


  • Detailed kinetics of the pyrolysis and oxidation of Anisole.
  • Lab Report-Friedel-Crafts Acylation of Anisole.
  • Self-Assembly of all-conjugated diblock copolymer nanostructures from mixed selective solvents.


  • Anisole and Guaiacol Hydrodeoxygenation over Monolithic Pt-Sn Catalysts.
  • Benzoylation of anisole by benzoyl chloride over zeolite catalysts.
  • The Pyrolysis of anisole using a hyper thermal nozzle.
  • The chemisorption of anisole on Cu(II) Hectorite.
  • The Absorption Spectrum of Anisole and the Anisole/CO2 1:1-Cluster.
  • A Comparative study on the anisole methylation activity of lanthanum-promoted SnO2 catalyst.
  • Dual mechanisms in the conversion of anisole to phenol.
  • Reactivity of anisoles on clay and pillared clay surfaces.
  • Theoretical studies on the corrosion inhibition potentials of some anisole derivatives for mild steel.
  • Liquid phase alkylation of anisole and phenol catalyzed of Niobium phosphate.
  • Stimulated-emission pumping laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy of phenol and anisole.
  • Study on the anisole-water complex by molecular beam electronic spectroscopy.
  • Role of transalkylation reactions in the conversion of anisole over HZSM-5.
  • Friedel-Crafts Acylation of Anisole catalysed by H-Zeolite beta of crystalline rice husk ash.

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