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  • Antimony in its elemental form is a silvery white, brittle, fusible, crystalline solid that exhibits poor electrical and heat conductivity properties and vaporizes at low temperatures. A metalloid, antimony resembles a metal in its appearance and in many of its physical properties, but does not chemically react as a metal.
  • At least six principal methods are or have been used to extract antimony from its ores. The method used depends on whether the ore is a sulfide, an oxide, or a complex ore, and on the grade, which ranges widely from about 1.5 percent to more than 60 percent antimony by weight.
  • Antimony sulfide ore is marketed in at least three forms for which prices are published— lump sulfide ore (minimum 60 percent contained antimony), clean sulfide concentrate (minimum 60 percent contained antimony), and Chinese concentrate (minimum 60 percent antimony, maximum 30 parts per million (ppm) mercury, and typically 60 ppm selenium).
  • Antimony is used in the manufacturing of products such as textiles and plastics for its flame retardant properties, as a catalyst, a pigment, to improve the properties of friction materials, and as a de-foaming agent in the production of glass.
  • With the development new types of electronic power devices, the demand has increased for large diameter heavily antimony doped silicon.
  • Flame retardants account for about 70% of primary antimony demand and 90% of the demand for antimony trioxide. More stringent flammability standards and safety legislation, together with increased demand for plastics and IT-related products, will result in higher demand for flame retardants.
  •  World demand for antimony trioxide in this market is forecast to rise by 7.5% annually from and estimated 106,000t in 2004 to 152,000t by 2009.
  • Production of antimony trioxide is forecast to continue to grow in response to rising demand for flame retardants in various products and for catalysts in PET production, although not as quickly as the end-use products because of possible inroads by competitive formulations and reductions in unit requirements.
  • Antimony has been widely used as a catalyst in the production of PET plastic for nearly thirty years. Consumers can rest assured that Antimony and its application for PET food and beverage containers are well tested and regulated for safety
  • Today, three different antimony compounds are used as poly conden­sation catalysts. The majority of the polyester is catalyzed by antimony trioxide originating from a wide variety of sources. More than 12 companies are competing in this market.
  • Primary antimony accounts for only about one-fifth of the antimony used in batteries but for larger proportions in most other metallic products and usually accounts for all the antimony used in nonmetallic products
  • Antimony
  • Antimony Characteristics
  • Classification of Antimony
  • Antimony and Compounds
  • The Mineral Native Antimony
  • Antimony Occurrence, Extraction, Properties and Applications


  • Antimony Flame Retardant Products
  • Dust-Free Antimony Trioxide
  • Antimony Chemical Company
  • Antimony trioxide Details
  • Antimony Trioxide
  • International Industry


  • Spectrophotometer
  • Blast Furnace Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Furnace & Allied Equipment
  • Metal Machine Manufacturer
  • Successful Industrial Equipment


  • Company In Thompson Falls
  • Company In Burma
  • Company In Myanmar
  • Manufacturing Plant

Company Profiles

  • Company From China
  • Company From UK& Europe
  • Company From Japan
  • Company From India
  • Company From China
  • Company From China
  • Company From Ashland

Suppliers & Buyers

  • Antimony Trade Leads
  • Suppliers Of The Antimony
  • Antimony Suppliers
  • Antimony Trioxides Suppliers
  • Antimony Suppliers
  • Suppliers Of Antimony Trioxides
  • Antimony Buyers
  • Exporters Of Antimony
  • Manufacturers Of antimony


  • Expanded Antimony Application
  • Welding, press characters Lead batteries Infrared detectors
  • Antimony Trioxide
  • The Combined Antimony Electrode
  • Realization and optimization of thermoelectric devices using bismuth and antimony materials
  • Nano Product Application


  • General Properties
  • Antimony Trioxides Grades
  • Description Of Property
  • High Grade Antimony


  • Growth Technology
  • Nyacol Nano Technology
  • Antimony Recycling in the United States
  • The Current Status of Catalysis and Catalyst Development for the Industrial Process
  • Antimony Free Flame Retardant Systems for Polypropylene Molding
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Battery Types
Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Antimony Trioxide
  • Antimony chemical Identification
  • Antimony Metal
  • Antimony
  • Antimony Pentafluroide
  • Safety data For Antimony


  • Alkoxylation process using antimony catalyst
  • Electron Emitter Including Porous Antimony
  • Method of working up antimony halide catalyst solutions
  • Method Of Removing Antimony From Electrolyte
  • Alloy With Tin & Antimony
  • Antimony separation Process
  • Process for producing antimony trioxide


  • Domestic survey data
  • Chinese policy reforms bring stability to antimony market
  • Antimony Net
  • Demand Increase Forces the Antimony Metal Price Up
  • Drilling Campaign Started at Blue Spec Shear Project
  • Production, Import ,Uses
  • Republic Gold Limited
  • Mineral Industry Survey

Consultants & Project

  • Northwest adds to its advanced Blue Spec Shear gold-antimony project and strengthens regional Nullagine position
  • Experts in antimony
  • Consultant In USA
  • Consultant From Norfolk
  • Consulting Services From South Africa
  • Consultant From Kuwait


  • The extraction of Antimony from its ore
  • Mineral Commodity Profiles
  • Selective liquid-liquid extraction of antimony from hydrochloric acid media
  • Solvent Extraction Of Antimony
  • Storage Of Antimony
  • Production Of Antimony


  • Antimony Metal
  • New Materials International
  • International Antimony
  • Mapping Survey Confirms  Antimony Mineralization
  • No antimony threat in food
  • Great Lakes Antimony Trioxide
  • Antimony Trioxide not a risk to human health
  • Thoughts From the Old Miner


  • Antimony in Drinking-water
  • Studies confirm safety of antimony trioxide’s use as catalyst in PET bottles
  • Antimony Tri chloride
  • Antimony & Compounds
  • Toxicological Profile For Antimony And Compounds


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