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  • Asbestos is a group of minerals with long, thin fibrous crystals. The word "asbestos" is derived from a Greek adjective meaning inextinguishable.
  • The Greeks termed asbestos the "miracle mineral" because of its soft and pliant properties, as well as its ability to withstand heat.
  • When asbestos is used for its resistance to fire or heat, the fibers are often mixed with cement or woven into fabric or mats.
  • There are six types of asbestos. They are actinolite, amosite, anthophyllite, crocidolite, tremolite, and chrysolite.
  • Asbestos deposits are found underground, and the ore is brought to the surface for processing using conventional mining practices.
  • Chrysotile asbestos is usually found near the surface and can be accessed with an open-pit mine. Other asbestos deposits are found at varying depths and may require tunnels as deep as 900 ft to gain access.
  • Asbestos fibers are formed by the gradual growth of mineral crystals in cracks, or veins, found in soft rock formations.
  • The crystals grow across the vein, and the width of the vein determines the resulting asbestos fiber length. Because the minerals come from the surrounding rock, the chemical composition of the fibers is similar to the rock.
  • As a result the asbestos must be separated from the rocky ore using physical methods, rather than the chemical methods sometimes used to process other ores.
  • Asbestos is used in brake shoes and gaskets for its heat resistance.
  • In the past was used on electric oven and hotplate wiring for its electrical insulation at elevated temperature.
  • Asbestos is used in buildings for its flame-retardant and insulating properties, tensile strength, flexibility, and resistance to chemicals.
  • In Japan, particularly after World War II, asbestos was used in the manufacture of ammonium sulfate for purposes of rice production, sprayed upon the ceilings, iron skeletons, and walls of railroad cars and buildings and used for energy efficiency reasons as well.
  • In the past asbestos was used as insulation in U.S. and Canada.
  • Sales and use of asbestos increased to meet the demands of these new and expanding markets.
  • Greece was importing about 30,000 t/yr of asbestos for its own asbestos-cement industry .
  • As with many of the industrial minerals mining industries in China, accurate production and trade data on asbestos are difficult to obtain and frequently are not available.
  • In the United Kingdom T & N extended its interests in asbestos products by expanding the capacity of its existing asbestos cement, textiles and friction materials factories.
  • Asbestos
  • Asbestos: The Miracle Fiber
  • History of Asbestos
  • Facts on asbestos
  • FAQ about Asbestos
Process and Technology
  • Manufacturing Processes of Main Asbestos-containing Products
  • How asbestos is made
  • The Asbestos Conversion Process
  • The Technology of Fybrel® Fibrillated Synthetic Fiber in Fiber Cement
  • Microwaves in Asbestos Neutralisation Technology


  • Chemical and Physical Information
  • Durability of Synthetic fibers in Fiber-Cement Building Materials
  • Optical Properties of Fibrous Brucite From Asbestos
  • Properties and Uses of Asbestos
  • Production Report 2002
  • Production Report 2003
  • Production Report 2004
  • Production Report 2005
  • Production Report 2006
  • Production Report 2007
  • Production Report 2008
  • Asbestos Mining in Southern Africa, 1893–2002
  • Asbestos process
  • Refinement of asbestos
  • Green molded product containing asbestos tailings suitable for firing
  • Method of disposing of asbestos waste material
  • Preparation of refractory materials from asbestos tailings
  • Process for obtaining boric acid treated asbestos fiber
  • Method of processing asbestos chips and apparatus
  • Asbestos slate material and process for manufacturing it
Consultants and Project
  • Consultant in UK
  • Consultant in Oxford
  • Consultant in England
  • Consultant in Kent
  • Another consultant in UK
  • Troy Asbestos Property Evaluation Work Plan


  • Non-Roofing Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings
  • Sterling Technical Fibers for Non-asbestos Gaskets
  • Uses of Asbestos
  • Asbestos in Buildings
  • Asbestos-containing products
  • Asbestos and Its Uses
  • Typical Uses of Asbestos
  • Asbestos Uses
Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Organic Disc Pad
  • Safety data for asbestos
  • Platinum on Asbestos
  • Uncommon Commercial Asbestos
  • WeatherBoard

Hazards and Risks

  • Asbestos - Occupational hazards of exposure
  • Working Safely with Asbestos In Clutch And Brake Linings
  • Asbestos-related Diseases: Facts for Workers in Ontario
  • Critical Issues in Monitoring Asbestos
  • Workplace Health & Safety- Asbestos at the Work Site
  • Asbestos Mining in Canada
  • Asbestos Statistics
  • Management’s Discussion and Analysis
  • Asbestos in the world
  • Asbestos: from ‘magic’ to malevolent mineral
  • Worldwide Asbestos Supply and Consumption Trends from 1900 through 2003


  • Asbestos Domestic survey data and tables- 2001
  • Asbestos Domestic survey data and tables- 2002
  • Asbestos Domestic survey data and tables- 2003
  • Asbestos Domestic survey data and tables- 2004
  • Asbestos Domestic survey data and tables- 2005
  • Asbestos Domestic survey data and tables- 2006
  • Asbestos U.S Geological Survey
  • Development of the Asbestos Industry in the United Kingdom
  • Fiber-Cement Siding
  • Mineral Commodity Profiles—Asbestos
  • USA Fibre Cement – Strong Top-Line and Bottom-Line Performance


  • Standards for asbestos mills and manufacturing
  • Asbestos Regulatory Clarifications

Safety and Guidelines

  • Guidelines on the handling of Asbestos Material
  • Consolidation of Asbestos Safety Regulations
  • Your health and safety guide to Asbestos
  • Asbestos Guidance Notes
  • The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 A guide for safety representatives
  • Safe handling of asbestos waste at civic amenity (CA) sites

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