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  • Asphalt is a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid that is present in most crude petroleums and in some natural deposits. It is most commonly modeled as a colloid, with asphaltenes as the dispersed phase and maltenes as the continuous phase (though there is some disagreement amongst chemists regarding its structure). In U.S. terminology, asphalt (or asphalt cement) is the carefully refined residue from the distillation process of selected crude oils. Outside North America, the product is called bitumen.
  • Asphalt rubber has been proven over the years to be one of several asphalt options for noise reduction. Making asphalt rubber is different from making conventional asphalt. Instead of mixing asphalt cement directly with aggregates, the process first mixes crumb rubber with the asphalt cement.
  • Asphaltic cement shall be paid for separately by the gallon. Total pay gallons will be based on actual AC content when the actual AC content
    is within 0.2% points of the AC content specified by the Engineer. Surface treatment of Asphalt operations will be permitted only during daylight hours, when conditions are dry and when wind does not adversely affect the spraying operation.
  • Asphalt emulsion is of considerably lower viscosity than asphalt itself (100–4,000 Poise), allowing it to be used at lower temperature. Lowtemperature techniques for construction and maintenance reduce emissions, reduce energy consumption, avoid oxidation of the asphalt, and are less hazardous than techniques using hot asphalt.
  • A research project was undertaken to evaluate the performance of cold in-place recycled (CIR) asphalt projects in the state of Iowa. A sample
    of eighteen roads was selected. It involves milling and crushing the existing asphalt pavement, rejuvenating the existing asphalt cement, and finally placing and compacting the material to a specified thickness.
  • Cracking is one of the two main concerns considered in the pavement design process (the other being rutting); it is the primary mode of deterioration in asphalt cement pavement. Crack repair consists of crack sealing and crack filling. Usually, crack sealing refers to routing cracks and placing material on the routed channel. Crack filling, on the other hand, refers to the placement of material in/on an uncut crack.
  • Stripping in hot mix asphalt (HMA) Project refers to the loss of adhesion between the asphalt cement and the aggregate surface primarily caused by the action of moisture and moisture vapor. The objective of this project was to develop an asphalt pavement survey protocol using nondestructive techniques to efficiently detect asphalt stripping in in-place pavement sections.
  • Construction and maintenance costs for the U.S. roadway infrastructure are approximately $100 billion/year, about 1 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product. Asphalt paving is the largest component of this cost, representing about 20 percent of the total. About 95 percent of the paved roads in the United States are surfaced with asphalt, and most are produced using hot-mix construction.
  • Fortunately for the US and Canadian asphalt market, the Venezuelan strike has come at a time of the year when paving demand is at its lowest. Asphalt demand in southeast Asia remained weak. Marketers reported that the crude price strength and tightness in the wholesale asphalt market has put pressure on quotes. One supplier reported its new Midwest quotes to be in the $165- 180 fob range, depending on the area.
  • Asphalt is a refining byproduct Approximately 3% of a barrel of oil is asphalt, Paving represents 74% of all asphalt sold, OC Trumbull® is the market leader in processed asphalts. Products include coatings for shingles, bulk and packaged asphalt for commercial roofs, and industrial and specialty asphalts.
  • Global demand for asphalt in roofing applications is expected to approach 12million metric tons. Growth in the Asia/Pacific region, the Africa/Mid east region and Eastern Europe will help offset a deceleration of demand in the large US market. Building construction activity in developing   countries will generate opportunities for asphaltic membrane roofing
General Information
  • Asphalt
  • Asphalt Stuff
  • Which is better Asphalt or Concrete?
  • Asphalt compared to Concrete for Highways
  • Asphalt concrete
  • Equivalent Designs: Concrete vs. Asphalt
  • Microstructure - Related Rheological Behavior of Asphalt


  • Ohio DOT’s Fine-Graded Polymer Asphalt Concrete
  • Martin Asphalt Products
  • Specification for Asphalt Concrete Maintenance Material
  • Warm mix asphalt
  • Cutback Asphalt
  • Asphalt Crackfiller
  • Asphalt Sealer Enviroseal


  • Asphalt Technology
  • Emission Estimation Technique
  • Asphalt Emulsion Technology
  • Technologies and Equipment for Construction Machinery - India
  • Pavement Technology
  • Experimental Evaluation of Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixers
  • Asphalt Through the Ages
  • National Center for Asphalt Technology Pavement Test Track
  • Evaluation of Warm Asphalt Technologies
  • Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies and Research

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Asphalt
  • Asphalt-coated sheathing
  • Polymer Modified Asphalt Cement
  • Anionic Asphalt Emulsion
  • Asphalt Flux
  • Lafarge Cationic Asphalt Emulsion
  • Oxidized Asphalt
  • Roofing Asphalt

Asphalt Additives

  • Effects of Amine-Based Anti-Strip Additives on the Performance Grade of Asphalt Binders
  • Liquid Anti-Strips
  • Asphalt additives
  • Bitumen / Asphalt Additives
  • Municipal solid waste (MSW) combustor bottom ash
  • Crumb Rubber Additive for Asphalt Products
  • Asphalt emulsions

Raw Materials

  • Crude Oil Selling Leads
  • Crude Oil Exporters
  • Crude Oil Suppliers


  • Asphalt Composition
  • Asphalt Container
  • Asphalt Elastomers
  • Asphalt Fibers
  • Asphalt Mixture
  • Modified Asphalt
  • Asphalt Production
  • Asphalt Recycling
  • Asphalt Spreader
  • Asphalt Strainer for an Asphalt Distributor

Production Process

  • The Asphalt Rubber
  • Balancing Asphalt Production And Placement
  • Asphalt Cement
  • Asphalt Concrete Surface Course
  • Asphalt Concrete Mix Design and Field Control
  • Asphalt Production Facts
  • Asphalt Manufacturing
  • Asphalt Rubber Membrane Interlayer
  • Asphalt Manufacturing
  • Asphalt Surface Treatment
  • Factors Conductive to the Production of Bituminous Materials with an Apparent Excess of Binder, Although Analytically Acceptable


  • Asphalt Machinery
  • Container
  • Shipper
  • Blades
  • Asphalt-Concrete Cutting Machines
  • Asphalt Drum Mix Plants
  • Asphalt Machinery Suppliers
  • Positive Displacement Pumps for Asphalt Applications
  • Manufacturer
  • Asphalt Machinery Manufacturers
  • Machinery Supplier
  • Asphalt Project
  • Review of Cold In-Place Asphalt Recycling in Iowa
  • Field Manual for Crack Sealing in Asphalt Pavements
  • Asphalt ISO Pilot Team Progress
  • Study of Recycled Concrete in Asphalt Mixes
  • Evaluation of Saw and Seal over the Overlaid Existing Concrete Joints
  • Detection of Stripping in Hot Mix Asphalt
  • Project

Plant Details

  • Asphalt Drum Mix Plant
  • Improving the performance
    of asphalt plant components
  • Improving the performance
    of asphalt plant components
  • Plant - Specification
  • Plant - Picture Gallery
  • Plant Profile
  • Asphalt Plant
  • Asphalt Batch Plant
  • Plant - Contact Numbers
  • Fully Automatic Stationery Asphalt Drum Mix Plant


  • Asphalt Sticker Shock
  • Asphalt Binders
  • California Construction Market
  • Tight Asphalt Market
  • Asphalt Supply in a Volatile Oil world
  • Asphalt Report
  • Roofing & Asphalt
  • Modified Asphalt Market Survey
  • WSDOT Market Analysis


  • Asphalt Seal Coats
  • Hot mix asphalt overlays
  • Asphalt waterproofing and paving applications
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Asphalt Temperature for Application of Roofing Insulation and Flood Coat
  • Asphalt Shingle Application


  • Recommended Performance Guidelines For Emulsified Asphalt Slurry Seal
  • Asphalt Pavement Selection Guidelines
  • Engineering Control Guidelines for Hot Mix Asphalt Pavers
  • Asphalt Roads - Paser Manual
  • Pavement Guidelines
  • Hot Mix Asphalt Production and Testing
  • Baghouse fines

Company Profile

  • Company from Virginia
  • Company from New Jersey
  • Company from Colorado
  • Company from London
  • Another Company from Virginia
  • Company from Texas
  • Company from Lancashire
  • Company from India
  • Company from New Britain
  • Company from Lithuania
  • Company from Gloucestershire


  • Consultant from Ohio
  • Asphalt Consultant
  • Consultant from Florida
  • Consultant from California
  • Consultant from Chicago
  • Consultant from America
  • Consultant from India
  • Experts in asphalt
  • Consultant from Indiana
  • Another Consultant from California

Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Hot Mix Plant Suppliers
  • Asphalt & Bitumen Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Asphalt Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Supplier from Chicago
  • Manufacturer - Asphalt Concrete
  • Asphalt Suppliers
  • Asphalt Plant Locations


  • Barge MM 53 Incident
  •  A Case Study for Indian conditions Using HDM
  • Asia’s largest show for
    roofing, cladding & allied products
  • Paving materials containing DuPontTM Elvaloy® resin
  • World Highways
  • Leachability of Asphalt and Concrete Pavements
  • Asphalt Jungle
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Why are our roads pot-holed?
  • Asphalt Pavement is America's Most Recycle Product
  • Supreme Infrastructure
  • Experimental Verification of Evolution Of Internal Structure of Asphalt and Modified Asphalt


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