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  • A Biomarker is a substance used as an indicator of a biologic state. It is a characteristic that is objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of normal biologic processes, pathogenic processes, or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention.
  •  Biomarkers validated by genetic and molecular biology methods can be classified into three types. 1. Type 0 - Natural history markers 2. Type 1 - Drug activity markers and 3. Type II - Surrogate markers.
  • In medicine, a biomarker can be a substance whose detection indicates a particular disease state (for example, the presence of an antibody may indicate an infection). More specifically, a "biomarker" indicates a change in expression or state of a protein that correlates with the risk or progression of a disease, or with the susceptibility of the disease to a given treatment.
  • The use of biomarkers in BioPharma R&D and diagnostics will enable more precise, predictive and preventive clinical care. Biomarker-enabled R&D is evolving into a new discipline with a strong patient focus
  • Molecular biological markers, or biomarkers, are natural products that can be traced to a particular biological origin. They are powerful tools that can be used to trace diseases, drugs and environmental contaminants in modern systems
  • Biomarker can also be used to indicate exposure to various environmental substances in epidemiology and toxicology. In these cases, the biomarker may be the external substance itself (e.g. asbestos particles or NNK from tobacco), or a variant of the external substance processed by the body (a metabolite).
  • The biomarker discovery for applications in drug discovery, preclinical studies of drug development and diagnostics research applications was the largest and accounted for nearly 48 per cent of the total market in 2007.
  • Escalating costs and lengthy clinical trials are major concerns for researchers attempting to boost productivity and efficiency in the field of drug discovery.
  • Biomarkers are emerging as the solution to these problems with their ability to reduce drug development costs and time.
  • The global biomarkers market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.5 per cent from USD 0.63 billion in 2004 to USD 2.90 billion in 2008.
  •  Despite the early stages of market development, leading drug companies are already responding by investing in biomarker discovery programmes.
  • On the diagnostics front, the global market for biomarkers for ovarian cancer which topped $175 million in 2006, is expected to surpass $328 million by 2010. Markets for stroke, cervical cancer, bladder cancer, and many other biomarkers are experiencing similar growth trends.
  • The second biggest segment was found to be the use of biomarkers on molecular diagnostics applications which was estimated to be worth $2.3bn in 2007.
  • The global market for biomarkers will grow from a predicted value of $5.6bn in 2007 to $12.8bn by 2012 at a compound average growth rate (CAGR) of 18 per cent.
  • Biomarker
  • Cardiac Biomarkers
  • About biomarkers


  • Expanding The Frontiers Of Double Stranded DNA Sizing Accuracy
  • Explore Technology
  • Imgenex Product Lines
  • Max biochip
  • leading-edge technology, tools, and service for genetic analysis


  • Available Technology
  • Biomarkers Technologies
  • Cell Cycle in Cancer
  • Decode Genetics
  • Illumina Technology
  • HDVY Technology
  • Breakthrough in Technology
  • Proteome Technology


  • Biomarker For PTSD And Why PTSD Is So Difficult To Treat
  • Biomarker May Be An Early Predictor Of Advanced Breast Cancer
  • Methane on Mars A Possible Biomarker
  • Early Results from Alzheimer’s Neuroimaging Biomarker Project Show Promise for Faster Study of Therapies
  • Clinical Data Achieves Validation of Genetic Biomarker for Determining Risk of Clozapine Induced Agranulocytosis
  • System Wide Peripheral Biomarker Discovery
  • Proceedings of a Joint U.S. Food and Drug Administration


  • A Method for Biomarker Validation and Biomarker-Based Dose Response: A Case Study with a Bayesian Network Model for Benzene
  • Cancer Biomarkers
  • Quantitative Proteomics
  • Integration of Biomarker Method Validation & Qualification
  • Biomarkers At Eurofins Medinet
  • Accelerating the Drug Development Pipeline


  • Biomarkers For ALS
  • Prostate Cancer Biomarkers
  • Biomarker Detection In Circulating Cells.
  • Biomarkers For Alzheimer's Disease
  • Method For Detecting  Biomarkers
  • Implantable Biomarkers & Method Of Use
  • Biomarkers For Detecting Ovarian Cancer
  • Process For Preparation Of A Biomarkers specification
  • Biomarkers Sensing
  • Serum Biomarkers For Chags Disease
  • Osteoarthritis Biomarkers & Uses Thereof


  • Guidelines for the collection and processing of serum- and EDTA-plasma samples
  • Guidelines for the next 10 years of proteomics

Application & Functions

  • Proteomics and Biomarkers
  • Blood Pressure as an Example of a Biomarker That Functions as a Surrogate
  • Biomarkers in Clinical Development
  • Biomarkers as indicators of environmental and biological sources
  • The use of biomarkers in barramundi to monitor contaminants in estuaries of tropical North Queensland
  • Evaluation of nasal biomarkers after allergen challenge
  • The Evolution Role Of Biomarkers
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy as a biomarker in a cell culture and in a nonhuman primate model for ovarian cancer chemopreventive agents
  • Using Biomarkers to Collect Health Data


  • Consultant From Park City
  • Experts in biomarker
  • Consultant From Durham
  • Consultant From Australia
  • Consultant From Chicago

Company Profile

  • Company In Canada
  • Company In Germantown
  • Company In Phoenix
  • Company In Cambridge
  • Company In Boston
  • Company In Wilmington
  • Company In United Kingdom
  • Company In Waltham
  • Company In UK
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  • Company In North America
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  • Company In San diego
  • Company In United Kingdom
  • Company In USA


  • The Biomarker Market
  • Bio Markers Current Perspective & Future Prospectus
  • Biomarker market predicted to 'explode'
  • Biomarkers & Drug Discovery
  • Strategic Analysis of Biomarkers in Clinical Trials
  • Biomarkers Market Could Hit $1 Billion in Revenues by 2010


  • Cardiac Biomarker Assays
  • Early clinical evaluation for molecularly targeted anticancer agents based on biomarker analysis
  • A Comprehensive Biomarker Discovery and Analysis
  • Drawbacks of recist criteria for tumor response and biomarker analysis
  • Serum Biomarker Chip
  • Multi Layer Micro Fluid Devices for Amino Acid Biomarker
  • Biomarker Modulation in a Nonhuman Rhesus Primate Model for Ovarian Cancer

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