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  • Cadmium is a naturally occurring minor element.
  • Cadmium is a chemical element with the symbol Cd and atomic number 48.
  • Cadmium is an odorless, silver-white, blue-tinged malleable metal or grayish-white powder.
  • Cadmium is a common impurity in zinc.
  • Cadmium forms various salts, with cadmium sulfide being the most common.
  • Its name is derived from the Latin cadmia and the Greek kadmeia.
  • Cadmium occurs naturally in the environment from the gradual process of erosion and abrasion of rocks and soils, and from singular events such as forest fires and volcanic eruptions.
  • Cadmium metal is produced as a by-product from the extraction, smelting and refining of the nonferrous metals zinc, lead and copper.
  • Removal of heavy metalswas studied by RUBIO in the adsorptive floatation process for metal ions and dissolved air floatation was employed for the solid/liquid separation and the results showed almost complete removal > 98% of heavy metal ions.
  • Cadmium was determined in biological materials by electro thermal atomic absorption spectrometry.
  • Cadmium is used largely in batteries and pigments.
  • Cadmium pigments produce intense yellow, orange and red colours, and are widely used in plastics, glasses, ceramics, enamels and artistsí colours.
  • Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) batteries are one of the major rechargeable battery chemistries in use today in a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications.
  • Cadmium coatings are sacrificial corrosion protection coatings widely used on steel and aluminum especially when exposed to alkaline and salt water environments.
  • Elemental sulphur (S) is used as a fertilizer and has been reported to increase the solubility of cadmium (Cd) in soils and to enhance plant uptakeof Cd.
  • High concentration of Cd in the soil may inhibit seed germination and exert a wide range of adverse effects on the growth and metabolism of plants.
  • Slurry sampling has been shown to be a useful and reliable technique for metal determination by electro thermal atomic absorption spectrometry (ETAAS), with minimal sample pre-treatment.
  • High quality size of CdSe single crystal of large size was obtained by the modified growth technique.
  • Low-level Cd Contaminents can be Diagonised using immunological techniques with antibodies that bind Cd specifically.
  • Thin films of cadmium stannate was prepared using low cost cadmium acetate and tin (II) chloride precursors by spray pyrolysis technique at three different substrate temperatures of 400, 450 and 5000 C.
  • Flameless atomicabsorption techniques are capable of analyzing for cadmium below parts per billion(ppb) (25) but are expensive.
  • Cadmium was refined by vacuum distillation, a technique suitable for low boiling and melting point materials, to remove the heavy and low vapour pressure impurities at ppm level.
  • Worldwide primary cadmium production continues to originate predominantly from Asia (China, Japan and Korea) and the Americas (Canada and Mexico) with only small production from Europe and Australia.
  • The total supply of approximately 20,000 mt of cadmium, approximately 16,500 mt or 82.5% arises from primary cadmium production and the remaining 17.5% from secondary sources such as the recycling of NiCd batteries.
  • Canada is the second largest producer of refined cadmium metal in the world after Japan.
  • The production of cadmium is, to a large extent, controlled by the production of zinc.
  • It is believed that total cadmium consumption demand is on the order of 20,000 to 21,000 metric tonnes and that the difference between total consumption and that supplied by primary production comes from secondary production or the recycling of nickel-cadmium batteries.
  • Cadmium Properties
  • Cadmium Compounds
  • Cadmium Element
  • Cadmium Information
  • Cadmium
  • Extraction and Separation of Cd and Te from Cadmium Telluride Photovoltaic Manufacturing Scrap
  • Effects of Ash Application on Cadmium Concentration in Small Mammals
  • Ultrasound-assisted extraction of cadmium from slurried biological samples for electro thermal atomic absorption spectrometry
  • Virginia Minerals
  • Cadmium Overview
  • Cadmium Recycling in the United States
  • Removing The Cadmium From wet Process Phosphoric acid
  • Lead, Zinc and Cadmium in Root Crops from Mineralized Galena-Sphalerite Mining Areas and Environment
  • Radiochemical Separation
  • Cadmium
  • application of Cadmium
  • Nickel Cadmium Batteries
  • Application of blood cadmium determination to industry using a punched disc technique
  • Development, Characterization, and Application of a Cadmium-Selective Microelectrode for the Measurement of Cadmium Fluxes
  • Interaction Of olfactory
  • Physiological responses of maize to elemental sulphur and cadmium stress


  • Consultant From America
  • Consultant From Carolina
  • Consultant From Hong Kong
  • Consultant From India
  • Consultant From Washington
  • Experts List Of cadmium


  • Effects of Cadmium on Aquatic Hyphomycetes
  • Effects Of Cadmium in the Noble Rat
  • Effects of Cadmium on Differentiation and Cell Cycle
  • Direct Effects of Cadmium and Lead on Growth Rate and Thyroid Hormone Production
  • Spectal studies on the cadmium-ion-binding properties of bovine
  • Temperature-dependent effects of cadmium and purine nucleotides on mitochondrial aconitase from a marine ectotherm
  • Cadmium Market Overview
  • Cadmium Statistics
  • Cadmium Facts and Handy Comparisons
  • Contamination by mercury and cadmium in the cetacean products from Japanese market
  • Cadmium Prices
  • Cadmium Markets and Trends
  • Cadmium Chloride  Reagent
  • Cadmium Tungstate
  • Cadmium metal
  • Cadmium oxide
  • Cadmium
  • Cadmium Sulfate  Reagent
  • Cadmium Sulfide
  • Suppliers of  Cadmium
  • Manufacturers Of Cadmium
  • Cadmium Suppliers
  • Cadmium Manufacturers
  • Exporters Of Cadmium
  • Cadmium Suppliers List
  • Cadmium & Breast Cancer Etiology
  • Cadmium and Chromium Recovery from Electroplating Rinsewaters
  • Cadmium in the Environment 
  • Metal Toxicity
  • Epidemiological meta analysis cadmium
  •  Cadmium & Rice
  • Additional Information On Cadmium
  • Aerospace Nickel-Cadmium Cell Verification
  • Report on the Gold Peak Cadmium Poisoning Case
  • Histological Staining of Cadmium with 2-(8-quinolylazo)-4,5-diphenylimidazole (QAI) in the Kidneys of Rats Periorally Exposed to Cadmium
  • Secondary Poisoning Of Cadmium
  • CPSC Staff Report on Lead and Cadmium in Children's Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Products
  • Cleaning Of Cadmium Contaminated soil using Plants for  Phytoremediation
  • Modified Growth of Cadmium Selenide Single Crystals from the Vapor Phase and Quality Characterization
  • Development of Immunochromatography for Low- Level Cadmium Rapid Test Application for Rice
  • Novel procedure to prepare cadmium stannate films using spray pyrolysis technique for solar cell applications
  • Cadmium Analysis Of Dried Milk By Pulse Polarographic Techniques
  • Purification of cadmium up to 5N+ by vacuum distillation
  • Cadmium causes calcium loss in bones within hours of exposure
  • Lead and cadmium exposure in children living around a coal-mining area
  • Health Risk Management for Cadmium Contamination in Thailand
  • Cadmium toxicity threatening wildlife in Rocky Mountains
  • A comparative study of cadmium and copper in ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus) in regions with and without historic mining
  • Toxicity Of Cadmium
  • Trace Minerals & Cadmium Toxicity
  • Cadmium
  • Process For RF Sputtering Of Cadmium Telluride Photovoltaic Cell
  • Nickel Cadmium Battery Activation Process
  • Cadmium Electroplating Brightener Compositions &  Process
  • Process For Removing Cadmium From Scrap Metal
  • Process For Purification Of Wet Process Phosphoric Acid By Removal Of Cadmium
  • Buyers Of Cadmium
  • List Of Cadmium Buyers
  • Properties of cadmium-binding proteins in rat testes
  • An Investigation of the Electronic Properties of Cadmium Zinc Telluride Surfaces using Pulsed Laser Microwave Cavity Perturbation
  • Cadmium General Information
  • Sensor Properties Of Cadmium Sulphide
  • Thermodynamic properties of cadmium compounds from quantum chemical evaluations
  • Transport properties of as-deposited cadmium phthalocyanine Schottky-barrier devices
  • Production In The Year 2004
  • Production In The Year 2005
  • Production In The Year 2006
  • Production Of Cadmium In 2004
  • Production In The Year 2007
  •  Cadmium Production

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