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  • Caesium or cesium is the chemical element with the symbol Cs and atomic number 55.
  • It is a soft, silvery-gold alkali metal with a melting point of 28 C (83 F), which makes it one of only five metals that are liquid at or near room temperature.
  • Caesium is most notably used in atomic clocks.
  • Caesium is the international spelling standardized by the IUPAC, but in North American English, the spelling cesium is more common.
  • An alkali metal, caesium occurs in lepidolite, pollucite (hydrated silicate of aluminium and caesium) and within other sources.
  • It can be isolated by electrolysis of fused caesium cyanide and in a number of other ways.
  •  Exceptionally pure and gas-free caesium can be made by
    the thermal decomposition of caesium azide.
  • The primary compounds of caesium are caesium chloride and its nitrate.
  • Caesium use as a propellant was discontinued when Hughes Research Laboratory conducted a study finding xenon gas as a suitable replacement.
  • Caesium is used as a catalyst in the hydrogenation of certain organic compounds.
  • Radioactive isotopes of caesium are used in the medical field to treat certain types of cancer.
  • Caesium fluoride is widely used in organic chemistry as a base and as a source of anhydrous fluoride ion.
    Caesium vapor is used in many common magnetometers.
  • Cesium, as the oxide or carbonate, was found to be an efficient promoter of ionization in the flow of hot combustion gases from which electricity is obtained in open-cycle MHD generators.
  • Cesium also forms photosensitive intermetallic compounds with antimony, gallium, indium, and thorium.
  • Cesium is the most electropositive metal and bonds ionically with a wide variety of anions to form compounds, many of which are hygroscopic.
General Information
  • Information about Cesium
  • History about Cesium
  • Facts about Cesium

Consultant & Mining Industry

  • Consultant from Colorado
  • Consultant from Florida
  • Consultant from Newyork
  • Consultant from USA
  • Consultant from United Kingdom
  • Consultant from USA
  • Mining Industry from Canada

Process & Technology

  • Fission Product Extraction Process
  • Preconcentration of cesium-137 (137Cs) from large volume water samples using zirconium ferrocyanide embedded on cartridge water filters
  • Advanced Thermionic Energy Converters: Enabling Technology for Low Greenhouse Futures
  • Cesium Removal Using Crystalline Silicotitanate
  • Sorption and chromatographic techniques for processing liquid waste of nuclear fuel cycle
  • Thermal Technologies


  • Trade leads of cesium
  • Suppliers of cesium
  • Manufacturers of cesium
  • Cesium trade leads


  • Calcium carbonate
  • Calcium sulfate
  • Calcium chloride
  • Calcium fluroide
  • Calcium hydroxide


  • Cesium irradiator operation
  • Exposure to Cesium and Cesium-137
  • Public health statement



  • Cesium lithium borate crystal and its application to frequency conversion of laser light
  • Methods of making cesium salts and other alkali metal salts
  • Process for producing purified cesium compound from cesium alum
  • Production of elemental cesium
  • Recovery of cesium


  • Absorption and emission properties of Nd3C in lithium cesium mixed alkali borate glasses
  • Cation exchange properties
  • Properties of Cesium
  • Infrared Properties of Cesium Bromide Prisms
  • Chemical properties of cesium
  • Optical properties of cesium
  • Structural properties of liquid cesium metal by applying cohesive energy density of the liquid state


  • Accumulation of cesium in leaves of lepidium sativum and its influence on photosynthesis and transpiration
  • Cesium standard for satellite application
  • Applications of Caesium-137 in Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Studies
  • Applications of Cesium
  • Use of Cesium-137 Methodology in the Evaluation of Superficial Erosive Processes


  • Production and use in 2004
  • Production and use in 2005
  • Production and use in 2006
  • Production and use in 2007
  • Production and use in 2008


  • Cesium statistics
  • Cesium Report
  • Liquid Nuclear Waste Processing Facilities
  • Fighting Cancer with Cesium: India
  • Audit report

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