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  • Cobalt is a brittle, hard metal, resembling iron and nickel in appearance. It has a metallic permeability of about two thirds that of iron. Cobalt tends to exist as a mixture of two allotropes over a wide temperature range. The transformation is sluggish and accounts in part for the wide variation in reported data on physical properties of cobalt
  • The origin of the name Cobalt is thought to be from the German kobold for "evil spirits or goblins", who were superstitiously thought to cause trouble for miners, since the mineral contained arsenic which injured their health and the metallic ores did not yield metals when treated with the normal methods. The name could also be derived from the Greek kobalos for "mine". Cobalt was discovered in 1735 by the Swedish chemist Georg Brandt.
  • The process through which occurrences of cobalt rich ferromanganese crusts and polymetallic sulphides in the Area may be converted to commercially exploitable  deposits;  Technological issues associated with commercializing cobalt rich ferromanganese crusts and polymetallic sulphide deposits in the Area; Economic and financial issues associated with commercializing cobalt rich ferromanganese crusts and polymetallic sulphide deposits in the Area; The market outlook for the base and Precious metals to be found in these two potential ores;
  • The technology for producing the cobalt-60 isotope was developed by MDS Nordion and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) almost 55 years ago using research reactors at the AECL Chalk River Laboratories.
  • Murrin Murrin is a world-class hydrometallurgical project, using sulphuric acid in high-temperature, high-pressure autoclave vessels to aggressively leach nickel and cobalt from low-grade lateritic (oxidised) ores. Hydrometallurgical processing offers significant environmental benefits compared to traditional pyrometallurgical processes, such as smelting, and much of the energy, heat and consumables used in the Murrin Murrin are recycled
  • Innovative technological solutions has enabled the Fort Saskatchewan refinery to address production-limiting factors, achieve incremental production gains and process record quantities of cobalt contained in feeds. Autoclaves conduct chemical reactions at elevated pressures in order to extract and recover metals from metal-bearing feed materials. The advantages of hydrometallurgical processes, in comparison with conventional pyrometallurgical smelting processes, are that it requires lower capital costs, does not emit sulphur dioxide, and substantially all metal and chemical agents are recovered for sale.
  • The ore from the mine will be transported by large trucks along unpaved mine roads to the proposed on-site mineral processing plant. The plant is proposed to be located as close as possible to the mine and in an area where there are not many people living. The mineral processing plant will include a crusher, a sulphuric acid plant and an acid leach plant. It will be able to produce at least 40,000 tonnes per year of copper and also recover cobalt. Alternative analyses will be done to determine whether the cobalt will be recovered as pure metal or as an intermediate product.
  • Cobalt prices have risen by around 250% and 350% from the recent cyclical lows and the prices were trading around $15,500/tonne ($7/lb) and $28/lb respectively. The seeds of the bull market . although at the time developments suggested that they would have the reverse effect.
  • World cobalt production continued to increased . Demand remained strong, but the free market cobalt price decreased to approximately $21.50 per pound by year end.
  • Market sentiment shifted from concern about availability to forecasts of potential oversupply as future production increased at a faster rate than demand.
General Information
  • ASTM F75 Cobalt Chrome Alloy
  • Cobalt(II)carbonate/ KBr pellet
  • Cobalt Chemistry
  • QSI-Nano Cobalt
  • Radioactive Cobalt
  • Cobalt
  • Technical Data for Cobalt

Company Profile

  • Punjab Company
  • London Company
  • List of Cobalt Producers
  • Company from Sylvania
  • US Company
  • Australian Company


  • London Consultant
  • United Kingdom Consultants
  • Consultant from California
  • List of Consulting Team
  • American Consultant
  • Consultant from Indiana


  • Production of Cobalt in 2004
  • Production of Cobalt in 2005
  • Production of Cobalt in 2006
  • 2005, world production of refined cobalt
  • Cobalt—Its Recovery,
    Recycling, and Application

Mining Process

  • Murrin Murrin Nickel and Cobalt mine, Leonora, Australia
  • Moa mining and processing
  • Mining cobalt in Morocco
  • New process for recovery of nickel, cobalt, scandium
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for a proposed Copper and Cobalt Mining and Processing Project, Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo


  • Cobalt  in Cemented Carbides
  • Cobalt  in Chemicals
  • Cobalt  in Electronics
  • Cobalt in Environment
  • Magnetic Alloys
  • Cobalt in Metallurgical uses
  • The ultimate product design and development tool


  • Summary of the Authority's workshop on prospects for mining cobalt rich ferromanganese crusts and polymetallic sulphides in the area-technological and economic consideration
  • Deep-ocean Mining Technology
  • Cobalt-60 Production Technology
  • Innovative Submerged Arc Furnace Technology for Non-Ferrous Metal Industries
  • Technology
  • PTA Wastewater Process Technology
  • Lithium-Based and Nickel-Based Rechargeable Batteries
  • Cobolt, A New Primary Burnerfor SRUs
  • Development in Cobalt and Nickle Electrowinning Technology
  • Non-Contact Copper and Cobalt Detection For 0.18 μm Technology


  • Dynatec Secure Funding for Nickel and Cobalt Project
  • Cameroon Cobalt Nickel
  • Idaho Cobalt Project
  • Lundin Mining updates on the Tenke Fungurume copper/cobalt project
  • Mt Margaret Nickel-Cobalt Project
  • Commissioning Launched
    At Nickel-Cobalt Processing Project in the Philippines
  • Ruashi copper/cobalt project, Katanga province in southern Democratic Republic of Congo


  • Cobalt Processing Plant
  • Chambishi cobaltpurification
  • Metallurgical Plant
  • SMM To Expand HPAL Plant At Coral Bay Nickel the Philippines
  • Copper-Cobalt  deposit Plant


  • Crusher
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Drilling, Boring & Mining Equipment
  • SBM VSI crusher
  • Iron & Steel Tanks
Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Cobalt Carbonate
  • Cobalt Acetate
  • Cobalt Based Alloy
  • Cobalt Nitrate  Hexahydrate  Reagent
  • Cobalt (II) Sulfate Heptahydrate
  • Cobalt gluconate
  • Cobalt Base Magnetic Core
  • Cobalt


  • Iron-cobalt alloy
  • Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices having a double metal salicide layer
  • Polymeric compositions with barrier properties and packaging materials made from these compositions
  • Preparation of finely divided isotropic cobalt-containing ferrite powder
  • Pulse Generation by Changing Magnetic Field
  • Recovery of Cobalt
  • Cobalt Alloy Heat Treatment


  • Adsorption of Co 2+ and Cd ~+ on Wyoming montmorillonite
  • The Microstructural Changes of Cobalt Powder in Consequence of Cold Pressing Process
  • Structural Effects of Cobalt-Amine Compounds on DNA Condensation
  • Elasticity of Cobalt at High Pressure Studied by Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
  • Kinetics of Decomposition of  Cobalt Coordination Complex on Montmoriuonit Surfaces
  • The Response of Cobalt-Deficient Lambs to Liver Extract and Vitamin B12


  • Cobalt - Co
  • Epitaxial growth and properties of cobalt-doped ZnO on a-Al2O3 single-crystal substrates
  • Preparation and Properties of Monodisperse Magnetic Cobalt Colloids Grafted with Polyisobutene
  • Mechanical Properties of Electroformed Nickel Cobalt Alloys
  • Microstructural and surface properties of cobalt containing amorphous carbon thin film deposited by a filtered cathodic vacuum arc
  • Physical properties of Cobalt
  • Properties of Cobalt
  • General Properties of Cobalt


  • Annual Average Cobalt Price
  • Cost Data of Cobalt in the Market
  • Mineral Industry Surveys in November 2006
  • Mineral Industry Surveys in December 2006
  • The Cobalt Market
  • Cobalt Supply & Demand 2006
  • Looking beyond the bull market
    The prospects for nickel and cobalt out to 2010


  • The Material Flow of Cobalt in US
  • Cobalt News
  • Experimental Report
  • Water Quality report for Cobalt
  • The Synthesis of Cobalt Oxalate Dihydrate Laboratory Report
  • J.D. Power and Associates Reports
  • Cobalt
  • Site Visit Report on the Shituru Copper-Cobalt Deposite
  • The Subprime Report
  • Technology Development for Iron and Cobalt Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts


  • List of Cobalt Suppliers
  • List of Suppliers for Cobalt Products
  • Selling Leads of Cobalt
  • Indian Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers, Traders of Cobalt
  • Cobalt Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • USA Suppliers list
  • Global Suppliers list
  • Cobalt Suppliers Guide


  • Cobalt Buyers List 1
  • Cobalt Buyers List 2
  • Cobalt Buyers List 3
  • Cobalt Buyers List 4

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