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  • Niobium, or columbium is a chemical element that has the symbol Nb.
  • Niobium is a metal that is gray in appearance and ideal for use with steel to create an alloy that can be used in a number of products.
  • Niobium is a shiny grey, ductile metal that takes on a bluish tinge when exposed to air at room temperature for extended periods.
  • Columbium (symbol Cb) was the name originally given to this element, but the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) officially adopted "niobium" as the name for element.
  • Niobium occurs primarily in two minerals, columbite and pyrochlore. Niobium always occurs with tantalum in these minerals.
  • Only one naturally occurring isotope of niobium exists, niobium-93.
  • The first step in preparing niobium metal is to separate its compounds from tantalum in an ore.
  • Niobium becomes a superconductor when lowered to cryogenic temperatures.
    Electropolishing (EP) has been proven a necessary surface processing method for high-gradient superconducting niobium cavities.
  • A techniques has been developed for processing niobium via powder metallurgy and some have applied powder injection molding to niobium-based alloys and superalloys.
  • Conversion of niobium oxide units into HSLA ferro-niobium through the aluminothermic reduction process or by reduction in an electric arc furnace.
  • Niobium cooled by superfluid Helium contained in stainless steel cryostats.
  • The annealing behavior of niobium single crystal deformed by 8 Equal channel angular extrusion(ECAE) passes.
  • Niobium has begun to attract attention as a metal that can be used in the creation of jewelry.
  • Niobium is used in many alloys. An alloy is made by melting and mixing two or more metals.
  • Niobium is used in special steel alloys as well as in welding, nuclear industries, electronics and optics.
  • Niobium Oxide capacitors are gaining a presence in the electronics marketplace as a non-burning solution, practical for many applications.
  • High strength oil country tubular goods(OCTG) used in sour and gas well applications are generally microalloyed with niobium to improve both the strength and the resistance to sulphide stress cracking (SSC).
  • Niobium and tantalum anodic oxides of optimal thickness have enabled the manufacture of a new generation of bioengineering products displaying minimal corrosion.
  • The basic consideration when applying niobium to steels, is that it forms very stable carbides to facilitate grain refinement and precipitation hardening as strengthening mechanisms in structural steels.
  • Columbium, in the form of ferrocolumbium, is used worldwide mostly as an alloying element in steels and in superalloys.
  • The columbium price is driven by the availability of columbium mineral feed materials, recycling being an insignificant source of supply.
  • Brazil and Canada are the major producers of columbium mineral concentrates and converters of the material to ferrocolumbium.
  • Brazil’s production of columbium concentrates, mostly pyrochlore, accounts for more than 85% of total world production of columbium.
  • CBMM accounted for 87.66% of the total of foreign exchange in dollars-FOB generated by exports of products made from niobium (Nb2O5) in the country.
  • Niobium demand has increased due to a general increase in the use of niobium, high demand in China and the additional use of niobium as a substitute for other, higher-priced specialty alloys.
  • Niobium is also used in the manufacture of jet engine components, rocket subassemblies and combustion equipment
    containing cobalt, iron and nickel-based alloys where strength at high temperature is crucial
  • When treated with sodium hydroxide Niobium is a preferred metal for use in medical implants due to its ability to aid Osseo integration – the process
    whereby bone tissue adheres to metal. Niobium also is physiologically inert and thus can be used in devices such as pacemakers.
  • China is the largest consumer of niobium and Brazil is the largest producer


General Information
  • Niobium or Columbium Facts
  • Niobium Mineral
  • Niobium-Overview
  • What is Niobium?
  • Niobium

Company Profiles

  • Indian Company from Chennai
  • Company from Oregon
  • Company from USA
  • International Company


  • Consultant from Australia
  • Consultant from London
  • Consultant from Minnesota
  • Australian Consultant
  • Consultant from New York
  • Consultant from USA

Commodity Report

  • Columbium Commodity Report in 2004
  • Columbium Commodity Report in 2005
  • Columbium Commodity Report in 2006
  • Columbium Commodity Report in 2007
  • Columbium Commodity Report in 2008
  • Columbium Commodity Report in 2009
  • Columbium Commodity Report in 2010
  • Columbium Commodity Report in 2011


  • Columbium Production in 2002
  • Columbium Production in 2003
  • Columbium Production in 2004
  • Columbium Production in 2005
  • Columbium Production in 2006
  • Columbium Production in 2007
  • Columbium Production in 2008
  • Columbium Production in 2009
  • Production of Niobium and its alloys
  • Niobium and Ferro-Niobium Production



  • OxiCapTM Capacitors Based on Niobium Oxide Technology in Electronic Applications
  • Niobium in high strength steel for oil country tubular  goods
  • The role of Niobium in low carbon Bainitic HSLA steel
  • The Role and Emerging Use of Niobium in Tool Steel
  • The application of niobium and tantalum oxides for implant surface passivation
  • Active/Passive Transition of Niobium in strong acid and Alkaline solutions


  • High quality superconducting niobium films produced by Ultra High Vacuum Cathodic Arc
  • Modelling and Optimization of the Chemical Etching Process in Niobium Cavities
  • Microwave-Hydrothermal Processing of Niobium- and Tantalum-Based Electronic Ceramics
  • Measuring normal spectral emissivities of niobium by a pulse-heating technique: 1000 K to the melting point
  • Andreev Reflection Spectroscopy in Niobium Point Contacts in Magnetic Field
  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Study of the Corrosion Behavior of Some Niobium Bearing Stainless Steels in 3.5% NaCl

Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Columbium
  • Inconel
  • Nickel Base Alloys
  • Niobium
  • Niobium Selenide
  • Titanium and Titanium Alloy


  • Method for Joining Rhenium to Niobium
  • Method for making Niobium Metal Oxide
  • Method for Making Powders and products of titanium and Niobium
  • Process of Making Niobium Oxide
  • Process for Producing Niobium and titanium compounds
  • Recovery of Niobium Metals


  • DC Field Emission Studies from Isolated Niobium Nanoparticles and Arrays
  • Defect Chemistry and Charge Transport in Niobium Doped Titanium Oxide
  • Local-electrode Atom Probe Tomography on Niobium for SRF Cavities
  • Magnetic Investigation of High Purity Niobium for Superconducting RF Cavities
  • Production projects of high-purity niobium oxide---high-tech new material


  • Microporous niobium phosphates and catalytic properties prepared by a supramolecular templating mechanism
  • Electronic Properties of Niobium Monoxide
  • Field emission properties of novel nanomaterials - niobium and molybdenum sulfide
  • Mechanical Properties of High Purity Niobium Novel Measurements
  • Mechanical Properties of Neutron-Irradiated Niobium
  • Superconducting Properties of Niobium Films


  • Effect of Niobium on Corrosion Resistance to Sulfuric Acid of 430 Ferritic Stainless Steel
  • Electrochemical Behaviour of Niobium and Aluminium in Chloride Melts
  • Effect of niobium on the electronic properties of passive films on zirconium alloys
  • Effect of Niobium on the Formation of Microstructure and Grain Boundary in Fe–Nb and Fe–C–Nb Alloys
  • Effect of Niobium on Nitrogen Solubility in High Chromium Steel


  • Production & Consumption
  • Columbium - Price details
  • Niobium-World Market
  • Niobium Market
  • Yearend Average Columbium (Niobium) Concentrate Price
  • Niobium-World Supply


  • Modeling, Fabrication, and Optimization of Niobium Cavities – Phase I
  • Commerce Resources Corp. Targets Tantalum & Niobium
  • Final Report for “Niobium Complexes As Lewis Acid and Radical Catalysts”
  • Effect of Low density inert gas flush on oxygen columbium reaction
  • Metallurgical Concept And Full-Scale Testing of High Toughness, H2S Resistant 0.03%C - 0.10%Nb Steel
  • 3D Atom Probe Microscopy on Niobium for SRF Cavities
  • Tertiary Minerals
  • Vortex lattice structures in ultra pure Niobium
  • Treasure trove

Suppliers & Buyers

  • Selling Leads of Niobium
  • Suppliers of Niobium
  • Niobium Exporters
  • Niobium Manufacturer / Suppliers
  • Niobium Suppliers
  • Niobium Importers
  • Niobium Buyers List

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