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  • Dolomiteis the name of a sedimentary carbonate rock and a mineral, both composed of calcium magnesium carbonate CaMg(CO3)2 found in crystals.
  • Dolomite rock (also dolostone) is composed predominantly of the mineral dolomite.
  • It forms white, gray to pink, commonly curved crystals, although it is usually massive.
  • It has physical properties similar to those of the mineral calcite, but does not rapidly dissolve or effervesce (fizz) in dilute hydrochloric acid unless it is scratched or in powdered form.
  • Dolomite occurs in a different crystal class than the Calcite Group.
  • Dolomite is generally formed from limestone by dolomitisation, a diagenetic process involving replacement of calcium in the calcite with magnesium.
  • Limestone and dolomite are mined by opencast methods and sold either in bulk, powder or slurry form
  • Dolomite formed in relation to organic-rich marine sediments has been termed organogenic dolomite.
  • This type of dolomite is thought to be directly related to the diagenetic processes of sulfate reduction, methane oxidation, and methanogenesis.
  • Dolomite is used as an ornamental stone, a concrete aggregate and as a source of magnesium oxide.
  • Dolomite is used to make magnesia, which has important medicinal applications.
  • Dolomite is used for manufacturing certain types of refractory bricks used in steel making.
  • Dolomite is also used in some cements, as a source of magnesium. Of course Dolomite is also used as mineral specimens.
  • It is also an important petroleum reservoir rock and a host rock for large strata-bound base metal (lead, zinc, copper) deposits.
  • Significant uses of mined limestone and dolomite in Pennsylvania include crushed stone for roads, concrete, and railroads; agricultural lime and grit; the manufacture of cement;  fluxstone and refractory materials for the steel industry; acid neutralization; raw material for the glass industry; and mineral fillers and whiting.
  • Amongst the non-metallic minerals production in India, more than 90 percent of the aggregate value is shared by limestone, magnesite, dolomite, barytes, kaolin, gypsum, apatite & phosphorite, steatite and fluorite.
  • The dimension-stone market for all rock types is increasingly shifting away from imports of unprocessed rock blocks towards slabs and finished goods.
  • Slate, diabase, quartzite, and soapstone were quarried in the Piedmont province; slate was the leading stone I type quarried, in terms of volume and value
  • The bulk of dolomite in the world is used for aggregates. Though it is not economical, magnesium can be also extracted from dolomite. In the medical front, it is used for milk-of-magnesia preparation and there are also claims that it could be used as a magnesium supplement pills.
  • Dolomite
  • Dolomite Information
  • Dolomite mineral information and data
  • The Mineral Dolomite
  • Dolomite Information sheet
  • General Dolomite Information


  • Anaerobic methane oxidation and the formation of dolomite
  • SEM analysis application to study CO2 capture by means of dolomite
  • Determination of small quantities of Dolomite by Differential Thermal analysis
  • Gibbs energy of Formation of Dolomite from electrochemical cell measurements and Theoretical calculations
  • Non-Isothermal in-situ XRD analysis analysis of Dolomite Decomposition
  • Reaction of H2s with half-calcined dolomite in a regenerable process
  • Dolomite Lime’s Reaction Applied on the Surface of a Sandy Soil of the Northwest Paraná, Brazil
  • X-Ray Determination of Dolomite-calcite ration of a Carbonate rock
  • Thermal decomposition of natural dolomite

Company Profiles

  • Company in Mumbai
  • Company in Atlantic Canada
  • Company in Belize
  • Company in Satara, Maharashtra
  • Another Company in Mumbai
  • Company in Rajasthan
  • Company in Norway
  • Company in United States
  • Company in Udaipur, Rajasthan

Consultants and Project

  • Consultant in Colorado
  • Consultant in Western Australia
  • Consultant in USA
  • Another Consultant in USA
  • The Catoche Dolomite Project, Anticosti Basin, Eastern Canada
  • Hydrothermal Dolomite and Leached Limestone Reservoirs: Representative Core Fabrics and Facies
  • Mining and Beneficiation


  • Process for the production of synthetic dolomite
  • Method of manufacturing a sintered dolomite in a shaft kiln
  • Regeneration of sulfided dolomite
  • Hydration resistance for dolomite grain
  • Dolomite sinter and a process of its production
  • Production of sintered dolomite in a rotary kiln

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Concrete Aggregates
  • Dolocron Series-Pulverized dolomitic Limestone
  • Dolomite (Calcium magnesium carbonate)
  • Dolomite
  • DF Dolomitic Limestone
  • Yates Dolomite Lime
  • Dolomite Applications
  • Dolomite Industrial Applications
  • Uses of Dolomite Powder
  • The effectiveness of dolomite and Ni-catalyst mixtures for pure H2 production by methane steam reforming via CO2 capture
  • Dolomite Uses

Market and Report

  • Dolomite and Limestone in South Africa: Supply and Demand
  • The Dolomite Problem - natural dolomite production has become rare
  • Sources of the dimension stone in Poland
  • A Review of the Dolomite and Limestone Industry in South Africa
  • Stone, Dimension
  • Limestone and Dolomite Distribution in Pennsylvania
  • Dimension Stone
  • High-temperature dolomite in the Lower Cretaceous Cupido Formation, Bustamante Canyon, northeast Mexico: petrologic, geochemical and microthermometric constraints
  • Hydrothermal Dolomite and Leached Limestones in a TCF Gas Play
  • Dimension Limestone Resources of Indian
  • Mineral Commodity Report - Limestone, marble and dolomite
  • Dimension Stone in Minnesota
  • Rocks and Minerals Mined in Ohio and their Uses
  • 2200 SM: Dolomite mining in a gravel quarry near Hornstein/ Austria
  • A Railroad geologist looks at Limestone and Dolomite
  • Production estimate 2002 / Raw materials needs trend 2002-2030 / Standardisation
  • Role of a State geological survey in the Development of Limestone and Dolomite Resources
  • Dimension Stone Domestic survey
  • U.S. Geological Survey
  • Dolomite
  • Mineral Resource Production in Virginia
  • Dolomite Mines in India
  • The Ohio Mineral Industries in 1999


  • Dolomite Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Dolomite Suppliers
  • Exporters of Dolomite
  • Dolomite Manufacturers
  • Distributors of Dolomite
  • Wholesalers of Dolomite

Equipments Suppliers and Guidelines

  • Supplier in china
  • Supplier in Russia
  • Consultants Guide: Approach to sites on Dolomite Land
  • Product Guide: Dolomite

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