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  • After closer evaluation, the economics of film lamination and the overall process do not favor it is long-term use.
  • Ferrolite polymer film coatings adhere to the substrate (ECCS material is used as the substrate) through the use of special bonding layers which are co-extruded with the main polymer layer.
  • The main types used are: Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and Nylon (N)polyamide.
  • Film lamination (ex. Ferrolite, TULC, Crystal Can) may seem to be a com- patible technology with extrusion coating.


  • Ferolite joining sheets
  • Ferrolite
  • Daniel Platt Ferrolite Ceramic Tiles
  • Product list
  • Compressed asbestos fibre sheets


  • Company from Delhi
  • Company from Singapore


  • Silver ferrolite enamel


  • Manufacturers of Ferolite
  • Suppliers of Ferolite
  • Exporters of Ferolite


  • Ferolite Jointing Limited report
  • Ferrolite floor tiles
  • House word
  • Steel Innovations and End
  • Powder and extrusion coatings - The role of  100% solids technology in packaging coatings
  • Steel making


  • Refractory material for high-temperature apparatus
  • Particles with silver carried and
    producing method thereof
  • Plant conditioning treatment for plant growth and health enhancement

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