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Project at a Glance Contents on the CD ROM
  • The industrial microbial processes concern fermented food preparations, microbial cell and metabolite productions and wastes processing.
  • They are made in fundamentally the same way with three steps: pretreatment of raw matter, microbial conversion, and product recovery.
  • Originally isolated from nature, but increasingly "improved" by genetic manipulation via mutagenesis and selection or recombinant DNA technology or protoplast fusion (fungi)
  • To be useful in industrial microbiology, an organism must:
    1.produce usable substance(s) or effect available in pure culture genetically stable, but amenable to genetic manipulation
    4.produce spores or other reproductive structures to allow easy inoculation
    5.grow rapidly and produce product quickly in large-scale culture
    6.grow in such a way that the cells are easily separated from the product
    7.not be harmful to humans or agricultural plants and animals, etc.
  • Industrial Application of Microbes
    Even in ancient times, vinegar was made by filtering alcohol through wood shavings, allowing microbes growing on the surfaces of the wood pieces to convert alcohol to vinegar. Likewise, the production of wine and beer uses another microbe-yeast-to convert sugars to alcohol.
  • Recombinant DNA technology has led to large improvements in the manufacture of these microbial products. It has involved combining molecular manipulations with mutational techniques with the aim of increasing yields and overall economic improvements.
  • Overview of microbial products
    Foods:- Breads, cheeses, yogurt, sake mushrooms, wine,beer, soy sauce
    Commodities:- Food additives, Solvents, Biofuels
    Fine chemicals:- Pharmaceuticals,
    Laboratory and diagnostic reagents
  • Properties of a Useful Industrial Microorganism :-
    1. Another important characteristic of an industrial organism is that it grow rapidly and produce the desired product in a relatively short period of time.
    2.The organism must be capable of growth and product formation in large-scale culture                                           3.An industrial microorganism should not be pathogenic,especially to humans or economically important animals or
    4.An industrial microorganism should be amenable to genetic manipulation.
    5.The organism must also be able to grow in a relatively inexpensive liquid culture medium obtainable in bulk quantities.
  • The major commercial products of microorganisms can be classified as follows:
    i. The microbial cells
    ii. Large molecules like enzymes that are synthesized by the microorganisms
    iii. Primary metabolic products, i.e compounds essential for cell growth
    iv. Secondary metabolic products, i.e compounds not required for cell growth
General Information
  • Industrial Microbiology:
    An Introduction
  • Isolation, Preservation and Improvement of Industrial Microorganism
  • The power of the microbes in industry - small bugs, big opportunities


  • Biofuels Mobile Lab Microbial Test Kits
  • Microbe-Lift/Bio-Black
  • Microbial Rennet
  • Industrial Microbial Testing


  • Process For the Heterotrophic Production Of Microbial Products With High Concentrations Of Omega-3 Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids
  • Microbial Degradation Of DDT
  • Purified Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Microbial Control Methods And Devices
  • Microorganisms And their Use In Animal Feed
  • Industrial Microbicide And  a Method For Killing Microbes For Industrial Use

Company Profiles 

  • Company From Changsha
  • Company From Colquitt,GA
  • Company From India
  • Company From Newport Beach,CA

Technology & Production

  • Swabbing Techniques for Microbial Testing of Industrial Equipment
  • Microbial Fermentation Services
  • Overview of microbial products
  • Role Of Microorganisms In Industrial Products


  • Microbial Products
  • Industrial microbes and products.
  • Foods Made By Microbes
  • Industrial Microbiology / Biocatalysis
  • KATHON™ LX 1.5% Microbicide
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Advancing Rapid Microbial Testing


  • Industrial Application of Microbes
  • Microbiology/Industrial Applications
  • Industrial Uses Of Mold And Mushroom
  • Microbes That Eat Petroleum
  • Biodiscovery and industrial
    applications of microbial resources
  • The Role of Microbes in Industry
  • Uses of Microbes
  • Industrial applications of microbial lipases


  • Suppliers Of Industrial Microbes
  • Manufacturers Of Industrial Microbes


  • Domestication of Microbes – Applied and Industrial Microbiology
  • Perspective on opportunities in industrial biotechnology
    in renewable chemicals
  • Novel Strategies for Overproduction of Microbial Products


  • Consultancy From UK
  • Consultancy From UK
  • Consultancy From Wilmington


  • Microbes in Biotechnology Projects
  • Research on Key Technologies of Environmental Microbial Agent Preparation and Production


  • Predictive Modelling To Control Microbial Hazards In the Food Processing Industry
  • Overview of Microbial Hazards in Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Operations
  • Overview Of Food Safety Hazards And Control Measures
  • Risk Assessment Of Microbial Problems And Preventive Actions In Food Industry
  • Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Point Applications To the Seafood Industry
  • Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety Hazards for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Microbial Contaminants & Contamination Routes In Food Industry


  • Microbial resources and industrial microbial processes design and behavior
  • Glycerol: A promising and abundant carbon source for industrial microbiology
  • Testing various food-industry wastes for electricity production in microbial fuel cell


  • Bioprospecting for microbial products that affect ice crystal formation and growth
  • Research Challenges and Needs for Safe Use of Microbial Organisms – an Industrial Perspective in USA
  • Microbial Diversity-Biotechnological And Industrial Perspectives
  • Engineering the robustness of
    industrial microbes through
    synthetic biology

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