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  • Leno bag can be woven into small, medium and big meshes. They can have plain drawstring or woven draw tape for different applications. Heat sealed labels with your logo on the bags are available. The sparse mesh of Leno bags allows respiration that helps preserves freshness and provide clear view of the bag's content.
  • Mesh Bags can be offered in a variety of (washable, color fast) colors that can also be used for group and customer identification. Using a variety of colors can help you easily identify bags for multiple users. Screen printing services are available on some mesh and poly/cotton materials.
  • The bags made from Lino and Jute materials were filled with potatoes and the mouth of the bag was closed by stitching. The quantity packed per sack was 25 kg.
  •  Transport worthiness tests indicated that the performance of jute bags and leno bags were satisfactory. No damage to the bags nor to the product was observed. The stack load test also indicated that at the end of 40 days about 12% spoilage occurred in jute bags and 8% spoilage occurred in leno bags respectively.
  • The production process of highly durable PP woven bags which is designed with a flexible work flow to customize production according to the requirements of each customer. Quality checks are integrated into each and every process to ensure hi quality standards of products.
  • Leno Bags
  • Mesh Bags for Water Sports
  • Nylon Mesh
  • Purity Pool
  • Mesh Bags
  • Polyster Mesh
  • Nylon Laundry Bag
  • Mesh Tote Bag


  • Process of manufacturing PP woven Bags.
  • Sinopack Industries
  • Tan Dai Hung manufactures.


  • Mesh Bag
  • Mesh Bag Opener & Bag filling System
  • Open Mesh Bag
  • Method & Apparatus for Opening a Mesh Bag
  • Mesh For Bags Or Packaging

Raw Materials Suppliers

  • Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd
  • Bag Making Manufacturers
  • Polymer Suppliers

Project & Application

  • Application Of Leno Bags
  • Mesh Bag In Bamboo
  • Packaging Of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
  • Commercial Mesh Bags
  • Pvc & Mesh Book Bags
Suppliers & Buyers
  • All Kinds of Bags
  • Suppliers Of Leno Bags
  • Leno Bag suppliers
  • Exporters Of Leno Bag
  • Mesh Bag Suppliers
  • Leno Bag Exporters
  • Leno Bag Suppliers
  • Suppliers Of Mesh Bags
  • Woven Bags Buyers
  • Leno Bag Buyers

Company Profiles

  • Company In Taiwan
  • Company In India
  • Company In china
  • Company In California
  • Company In China
  • Company In Egypt
  • Company In China
  • Company In Canada
  • Company In china
  • Company In Bangalore
  • Company In china
  • Company In China
  • Company In Texas

Machinery suppliers

  • Company In Kyrgyzstan
  • Company In china
  • Company In china
  • Company In China
  • Company In China
  • Company In china
  • Company In India
  • Company In china
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