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  • Lignocellulose is the woody material in trees in which the main components are cellulose, lignins, and hemicelluloses. The proportions among these three main components vary considerably in different trees
  • Lignins are Highly stable polymers of mostly methoxylated phenyl-propanoic residues, synthesized as part of the cell wall of vascular plants, constituting the second most abundant organic polymer on earth after cellulose.
  • Cellulose and Lignocellulose appear to have great potential since they are ubiquitous and renewable, have nanofibrillar structure, are capable of becoming multifunctional,
    and can self-assemble into well-defined architectures.
  • The most important lignocellulosic materials are wood and agricultural wastes, such as straw of various kinds and sugar cane bagasse.
  • Lignocellulose is the major structural material of plant bodies and constitutes the enormously important biorenewable resource used to make building materials, paper, textiles and many polymer derivatives
  • Lignocellulose is also largest available source of biomass on Earth with the potential for conversion to transportation fuels to replace petroleum.
Background Information
  • Lignin, Lignocellulose, Ligninase
  • Chemistry, process and economics
  • Fractionating Lignocellulose
  • Saccharification of
  • Biobased resource utilization
  • About Brix, Glucose, Fructose & Alcohol
  • Three Different Lignocellulosic Materials
Technology Information
  • Cellulose and Ethanol
  • Feedstock Utilization
  • Physical and Chemical Pretreatment Processes for Lignocellulosic Biomass
  • Chemical Pretreatment Methods
  • The Biosulfurol Process
  • Acid based Hydrolysis Processes
  • Sodium Hydroxide Pretreatment of Canola
  • Determination of fermentable sugar in molasses
  • Bioconversion of sago starch to fermentable sugar
  • Sorghum as Feedstock for
    Fermentable Sugar Production
  • Switchgrass for Fermentable Sugar Generation.

Technology Institutions

  • Institute for Technology Development
  • Companies - R  & D
  • Company & Patent

Companies & Products

  • Organic Ligno-cellulose
  • Ligno cellulose
  • Modified Lignocellulose
  • Natural lignocellulose > 90%
  • Lignocellulose Raw Fibre Concentrate

Market Information

  • Lignocellulose-Lignocellulose Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters
  • Industrial Biotechnology Case Studies
  • Biobased opportunities
  • Project Potentials
  • The hydrolysis cost of making biomass an economically viable feedstock.
  • Furfurol
  • The sweet sorghum opportunity
  • Carboleum

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