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  • There are hundreds of types of optical elements such as lens, laser glass, ultra thin glass, high precision optical components, wafers, optical filters, interference filters
  • The value chain is from customer specific glass development, precision product finishing, processing, measurement for applications in Lithography, Astronomy, opto-electronics, Life sciences and so on
  • Optical glass manufacture belongs to glass and glass products manufacturing industry.
    Manufacturing of optical glass covers optical glass used for magnifying lenses, microscopes, optical instruments, etc.; optical glass for daily use, glass for clocks and watches or similar glass; eyeglass blank; optical glass lens blank and optical resin lens blank; optical glass components that have not gone through optical processing.
  • Optical Components are
    Aspherical Lenses , Cylindrical Lenses, Glass Wafer & Substrates, Optical Filters , Prisms , Spherical Lenses Windows & Substrate
  • Optical Filters are
    Blue Filter Glass , Contrast Enhancement Filters , Interference Filters , Optical Filter Glass , Sun tanning Filters
  • Optical Materials are Active & Passive Laser Glass , HTultra Glasses , i-line Glasses , Infrared
    Chalcogenide Glasses , Low Tg Glasses , Optical Glass , Radiation Resistant Glass , Radiation Shielding Glass , Sapphire , Wafers & Thin Glass
  • The blank media disc business is a 25 billion unit global market. Recordable CD will see a minor decline. DVD-R will see 35% growth globally this year. High Definition and Blu-ray discs will grow at over 100-150% relative to last year. We see massive potential in both blank optical discs and solar PVs.
  • There is increasing demand for optical components as communications markets grow in response to more use of smart phones and more Internet transmission of data
  • Optics can be found in Ophthalmic, Dermatology, Surgery, Imaging. and Biomedical Markets.
  • Semiconductor manufacturing uses optics for a wide variety of different applications. From production to measuring to testing, optics can be found throughout the industry
  • The Defense industry utilizes optics extensively for a variety of programs.
  • Ophthalmic Optics
  • Glass Fusing

Product Information

  • Birefringent optical elements
  • Optical Components
  • Germanium Infrared Optical Materials
  • Gradium Lenses
  • Holographic Optical Elements
  • Large Lenses and Filters
  • Micro-optical elements
  • Micro photonic structures
  • Aluminum Beryllium Mirrors
  • Calcium Fluoride optical blanks


  • Lens Blanks
  • Freeform optical elements
  • EUV Mask
  • EUV Blank Inspection
  • Improvement of defects and flatness on EUV mask blanks
  • Diffractive optical elements
  • Optical Fabrication
  • Fabrication Methods
  • Zirconia Ferrule Blank's Production
  • Fiber-Optic Technology
  • FIB Milling
  • Grinding & Polishing
  • Hot embossing process
  • Large Optics Manufacturing
  • Lens Manufacturing
  • Freeform and conformal optical manufacturing
  • Aerial imaging technology
  • Optical Design & manufacturing
  • Fabrication of micro optical parts in Polymers
  • Microstructure Fabrication
  • Passive micro optical elements
  • Optical Media Manufacturing
  • Optics Manufacturing Process
  • Holographic optical elements
  • Reflector Manufacturing Technology
  • Synthesis of Sapphire Windows
  • New Manufacturing methods

Project Information

  • Optical Fabrication
  • Manufacturing Feasibility
  • Technology Consultancy
  • Budgetary Cost estimates
  • Technology Institute
  • Rotary Electric Glass Furnace
  • Mold for fusing & shaping Glass
  • Technology Offer
  • Optical Testing



  • Apparatus for forming optical blanks
  • Process of making optical blanks

Company Information

  • Company - Advanced infrared electro-optical components
  • Company & Products
  • Company - optical blanks from synthetic fused silica, fused quartz, and other optical materials
  • Company - Lenses
  • Precision Optical Components
  • Precision sapphire and YAG optics
  • Company - optical components in glass and plastic materials
  • Germanium blanks for Infrared Optics
  • Optical Components
  • Company - Molded Optics
  • Company - Ultra precision machining
  • Company - Sheet Products
  • Licensed manufacturer of free-form products
  • Half Ball Lenses
  • Large Blanks
  • Moulded Optics
  • Optical glass for precision molding
  • Precision Optical Blanks
  • Spinel ceramic
Market & applications
  • EUV Mask Blank Development Center
  • Moulded Optics standard aspheres - distributors
  • Optical Blank Manufacturers
  • Largest supplier
  • Consultant - market reports
  • Price List

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