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  • Oximes are chemical Compounds of structure R2C=NOH derived from condensation of aldehydes or ketones with hydroxylamine. Oximes from aldehydes are called aldoximes; those from ketones are called ketoximes.
  • Several procedures for the preparation of oximes exists
  • Oximes are prepared by refluxing an alcoholic solution of a carbonyl compound with hydroxylamine hydrochloride and pyridine
  • Conversion of carbonyl compounds to oximes in aqueous biphasic medium and ionic liquid/water biphasic system has been reported
  • There is also claim of environmentally safe, and clean synthesis of aldoximes and
    ketoximes under solvent-free grinding condition.
  • Nitriles, amides via Beckmann
    rearrangement, nitro compounds, nitrones, amines, and azaheterocycles can be synthesised from oximes
  • Oximes find applications in the production of Agrochemicals

  • Chemistry of Oximes
  • Catalysts
  • Carbonyl Chemistry

Process Details

  • The synthesis of oximes using grindstone chemistry

Project Information

  • Oxime , Ketoxime & by-products
  • Tandem synthesis
  • Structural chemistry of oximes


  • Oxime
  • Oximes
  • Oximation Process
  • Method of producing high purity Oximes
  • Oxime esters
  • Preparation of Oximes


  • Electrorerductions of Oximes
  • Synthesis and Transformation of Cyclic Nitrones
  • Synthesis of o-aryloxime
  • Phosgene oxime
  • Immino-oxime
Company Information

  • Company annual report
  • Company profile
  • Company strategy
Material safety data sheet

  • Milbemycin oxime
  • Benzophenone Oxime
  • 2-Butanone oxime
  • 2-Pyridylamide
  • Thermally conductive Oxime
  • Methomyl Oxime

  • Conversion of Oximes to the Corresponding Carbonyl Compounds
  • Adhesives, sealants and RTV Silicone Rubber

Market Information

  • Product over view
  • Suppliers
  • Environment Protection
  • Consultant - market information
  • Substitutes

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