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Information @ a Glance


  • Agrochemicals are used to improve crop performance, yield or control pests
  • Pesticides are the chemical products used for plant protection
  • As per Indian Journal of Ecology report, major crop losses due to non-usage of pesticides were about 17.5% of the yield
  • The global crop protection market is fairly consolidated with top nine companies accounting for over 80% of the market. Syngenta, Bayer and BASF are the market leaders in the global crop protection market.
  • The Indian crop protection chemicals market is highly fragmented in nature with over 800 formulators. The competition is fierce with large number of organized sector players and significant share of spurious pesticides
  • Residues of pesticides may remain in treated products and get into human food chain. These residues should not exceed a limit above which they may pose risks to human health
  • Farmers are mostly unaware of the technicalities of the pesticides and follow the instructions of the pesticide dealers
Background Information
  • Indian Agrochemical Industry
  • Pesticides Industry
  • About Pesticides
  • Production & availability
  • Treatment of Pesticide Poisoning
  • Poisoning Data
  • Avoid cases of Pesticides Poisoning
  • Industry Clusters
  • List of Insecticides

Regulations Information

  • Pesticide Regulations
  • The Prohibition on the handling ofazodyes
  • Tolerance Limits
  • Names of Pesticides registration refused
  • Banned pesticides
  • Restricted Pesticides
  • Licensable Chemicals
  • List of C.I.B Registration
  • Registered Pesticides
  • Approved Uses of Pesticides in Agriculture
  • Pesticide Buyer & Registration requirements

Consultants & Organizations involved

  • Expert from Academic Institution
  • List of Consultants
  • Nodal Organization
  • Working of Committee
  • Organizations in Regulation & Registration
  • Organizations in registration administration
  • Governing Body
  • Industry Association
  • Interaction with Industry
  • Case Study - Legal Issues
  • Case Study - Taxation
  • Company Report
  • Uniform Evaluation of Insecticides

Reference Documents

  • Pesticide Registration & Control Scheme
  • Legislations
  • Legislations - States
  • Role of Government
  • Responsibilities
  • Rules - Amendments
  • Data Requirement for Registration
  • Application Form
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Emergency & Crisis Management
  • Hazardous Waste rules
  • Networking - Regulatory Issues
  • Computerized Registration of Pesticides
  • e Governance
  • e Governance - sample case
  • Links to documents
  • Licensing Officers

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