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  • A North Indian dessert made out of pumpkin dipped in sugar syrup. Especially famous are Pethas from Agra.
  • ASH GOURD (Benincasa hispida) is a popular vegetable cultivated throughout Kerala. The fruits are cultivated mainly for culinary purpose.
  • Medicinal ash gourd is generally cultivated as a rain fed crop during May. It is also rarely cultivated during summer in the rice fallows. Its cultivation is similar to that of the common ash gourd.
  • The process of manufacturing petha sweet is completely manual. Although the process is simple but one needs a lot of experience to actually manufacture the product. Hygienic and sanitary conditions are not up to the mark in most of the units. Old and traditional heating systems i.e. Coal fired bhattis or furnace are used for processing.
  • Gas is used for petha and namkin processing. Residue is excellent organic fertilizer. Gas sample is tested at IOC lab. It can design full scale petha WTE plant.
  • Petha can be used as a vegetable, and in pickles, curries and preserves. The fruit can be eaten when it is young or old, it can be picked as early as one week after fertilization.
  • Petha is antiperiodic, aphrodisiac, diuretic, laxative and tonic. It is used in ayurvedic medicine in the treatment of epilepsy, lung diseases, asthma, coughs etc.
  • Every year the demand for petha is increasing as it is pure and tasty. In Agra, costs of petha range between rupees 44 to 250 per kilogram whereas, in any metropolitan cities.
  •  Petha sweet is a perishable item so its export is very difficult but two-three manufacturers with the use of canning technology have started exporting the product to U.S.A and Gulf countries, however their share is still negligible. The demand for Petha in the domestic market is also increasing day by day as the sweet is an affordable one and is known to give energy and keeps the body cool in summers.
  • About petha
  • About ash gourd (benincasa hispida)
  • Information about benincasa hispida
  • Medicinal ash gourd
  • About melons
  • Benincasa hispida waxgourd, waxgourd, petha various
  • About winter melon

Cultivation Process

  • Agra petha cluster
  • Seed production in cucurbits
  • Method of petha
  • A case study of tendral winter melons (cucumis melo l.) postharvest senescence
  • Tohgan - a Japanese marrow with potential for New Zealand growers
  • Petha waste processing


  • Grower from India
  • Another grower from India
  • Grower from  Sheridan, Indiana
  • Another grower from New Delhi, India
  • Grower from Oakland, California
  • Another grower from Haryana, India


  • About ash gourd uses
  • How ash gaurd (petha) is used in burning urination
  • Cucurbit seed as possible oil and protein sources
  • Economic aspects of melons in sicily
  • The melon fruit fly, Bactrocera cucurbitae: A review of its biology and management
Ingredient Extraction
  • Information about limestone water
  • Pumpkin production
  • Sugar production from sugarcane
  • Products about Petha
Function & Properties
  • Possible anorectic effect of methanol extract of Benincasa hispida (Thunb). Cogn, fruit
  • Agronomic response of winter melon (Cucumis melo inodorus Naud.) to biodegradable and polyethylene film mulches, and to different planting densities
  • Physicochemical characterization of Tendral Melons Stored in Modified Atmosphere Packaging  
  • Effect of methanolic extract of benincasa hispida against histamine and acetylcholine induced bronchospasm in guinea pigs


  • Winter melon peel (benincasa hispida, wax gourd, dong gua pi) extract powder
  • Kesar angoorie petha
  • Haldirams Kesar Ganderi or petha for Rakhi
  • Petha sweets

Market & Production

  • Pollution turns Agra petha bitter
  • Analysis of Forces Affecting Competitive Position of Mexico in Supplying U.S. Winter Melon Market
  • Agra petha cluster
  • Loofahs, gourds, melons and snake beans
  • Demand on agras petha
  • About asian melons
  • Evaluation of two Benincasa hispida Genotypes for Fruit Yield, Vine Growth, Size and Shape Characteristics

Suppliers & Buyers

  • Suppliers of petha
  • Petha suppliers
  • Petha trade leads
  • Selling leads of petha
  • Suppliers and manufacturers of petha
  • Antibiotic buyers
  • Insulin buyers

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