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  • Polyester filament yarn is a long chain or synthetic polymer composed of an ester of a substituted aromatic carboxylic acid such as terephthalic acid.
  • Polyester filament yarns are manufactured either from molten polymer or polyethylene terephthalic acid chips by melt spinning process
  • Polymer chips are melted at 500-518F (260-270C) to form a syrup-like solution. The solution is put in a metal container called a spinneret and forced through its tiny holes, which are usually round, but may be pentagonal or any other shape to produce special fibers. The number of holes in the spinneret determines the size of the yarn, as the emerging fibers are brought together to form a single strand.
  • Polyester filament yarns is used in knitting & weaving to make polyester fabrics such as consumer fabrics and home furnishing like curtains, bed sheets, bed spreads and draperies
  • Polyester high tenacity industrial yarns can be used to make ropes, conveyor belts, safety belts & tire fabric. Polyester Staple Fiber is mainly used as fiber fills to stuff pillows, cushion, sofa & beddings
  • Globally polyester filament production in 2000 was 10907 000 tonnes and in 2011 it was 25991 000 tonnes which is expected to touch 32590 000 tonnes in 2016.
  • Synthetic fibre production is already greater than cotton production and will continue increasing to satisfy growing demand.
  • Global filament production is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 7.2% through 2025, driven by China and to a lesser extent India.
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