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  • Polyolefins are the largest group of thermoplastics, the two most important and common types of polyolefins are polyethylene and polypropylene.
  • A polyolefin is a polymer produced from a simple olefin as a monomer. For example, polyethylene is the polyolefin produced by polymerizing the olefin ethylene. An equivalent term is polyalkene; this is a more modern term, although polyolefin is still used in the petrochemical industry. Polypropylene is another common polyolefin.
  • Polyolefin elastomers are copolymers of ethylene and another alpha-olefin such as butene or octene. Polyolefin elastomers  are a relatively new class of polymers that emerged with recent advances in metallocene polymerisation catalysts. Representing one of the fastest growing synthetic polymers, POE’s can be substituted for a number of generic polymers including ethylene propylene rubbers , ethylene vinyl acetate , styrene-block copolymers , and poly vinyl chloride.
  • The technological progress in the manufacture of value-added polyolefins has yielded resins with highly specific physical and performance properties. These materials are designed to meet demanding end-use requirements and are prepared using tailored catalysts in modified or upgraded process technologies.
  • Polyolefins are ideally suited to a wide variety of applications such as food and drinks packaging, medical end-uses, domestic appliances, agricultural films, industrial piping, electrical cables and vehicle parts; in each application demanding different performance qualities.
  •  General polyolefin fiber characteristics are able to give good bulk and cover, abrasion resistant, colorfast, quick drying, low static, resistant to deterioration from chemicals, mildew, perspiration, rot and weather conditions, thermally bondable, stain and soil resistant, Strong, dry hand; it transport body moisture from the skin, Very Comfortable, very lightweight
  • Polyolefin elastomers are being adopted in a variety of applications and markets resulting in global demand approaching 200 metric tons since their inception in the early 1990s.
  • The market for polyolefin foams in automotive interiors has grown from less than 5% in 1995 to more than 40% in 2002. Of this, a majority of the development has been with polypropylene in the area of extruded foams and with energy-management bead foams. The success of polyolefin bead foam rests in its ability to offer a unique combination of softness, resiliency, ability to be shape-molded, ability to manage energy, excellent strength-to-weight ratio, low cost, and low mass.
  • The polyolefin industry is changing continuously. This development is motivated by the need to further improvement, and thus, to enhance the value of the products that can be produced.
  • The leading share of polyolefins – polypropylene  and polyethylene  - in the total European textiles market is still increasing. In 2006, they accounted for 43% of all man-made materials used for textiles.
  • The largest end-use market is technical textiles, consuming 950.000 tonnes of polyolefins, in articles such as agrotextiles, geotextiles, strapping, packaging, construction and a wide range of other technical applications. Carpet markets, the second largest end-use, recovered in 2006, with PP usage rising by 1% to 635.000 tonnes.
  • The European polyolefin markets can be segmented into three groups according to their growth potential: the saturated Western European markets, the stable CE domestic markets and the Eastern European markets with intensive growth potential. In comparison with Western European markets, the usage of polyolefin per year in Eastern Europe is about two times smaller in more developed areas and five times smaller in less developed areas.
General Information
  • Polyolefin Overview
  • Polyolefin
  • Polyolefin compounds
  • Polyethylene - Polyolefin
  • Characteristics of Polyolefin
  • Tailoring Polyolefin Properties by Metallocene Catalysis

Company Profile

  • US Company
  • US Company from Pawtucket
  • Company from England
  • Company from Netherlands
  • UK Company
  • Indian Company
  • Company from Melbourne
  • Indian Company from Uttar Pradesh
  • Singapore Company
  • China Company
  • Company from Canada


  • US Consultant
  • Consultant from New York
  • Consultant from London
  • US Consultant from Glen Ellyn
  • Chemical Consultant
  • Consultant from Chicago
  • US Consultant from Franklinton
  • American Consultant

Extraction Process

  • Creep & Recovery of Polyolefins Foams- Deformation Mechanisms
  • Chromatography and Extraction Techniques for New Evaluation Methods of Polyolefins Long- Term Performance
  • A Feasibility Study of a Surface Modification Method for Polyolefin Plastics Formed by Injection Moulding
  • Novel Functionalized Polyolefin as Compatibilizers in Polyolefin / Polyamide 6 Blends in Polyethylene / Metal Hydroxide Composites
  • Specialty Minerals Products for Automotive Reinforced Polyolefins
  • Polyolefins and the LC-Transform
  • Monomer Recovery in Polyolefin Plants Using Membranes - An Update
  • Microporous Polyolefin-Polyamide Blend Membranes
  • Enhancing Polyolefin Products Development Through Small Scale Processing and Testing
  • Automated Polyolefin Synthesis
    Scalable and reproducible polymer properties


  • Catalysts tailor Polymer Properties
  • Design & Process for Producing Silane-Cross linked Polyolefin Compound
  • Process For Linear Alpha Olefin Production
  • Machine Means for Design, Control and Economic Optimization of Polyolefin Production Process and their Products
  • Process Analytics - an Essential Element in Polyolefin Production Plants


  • Eastoflex Amorphous Polyolefin as  Bitumen Modifiers in Roofing Formulations
  • Polyolefin Applications
  • Minapol™ Additive Technology in Polyolefin Applications
  • A Commercially Available Continuous Bench Scale Polyolefin Pilot Plant
  • High Performance FR for Polyolefin Applications Requiring Excellent UV Stability or Excellent Electrical Properties
  • Future Developments in the Design and the Use of Polyolefin Pilot Plant
  • High Performance Polyolefin
    for Plumbing Applications
  • Use of Polyolefin Additives in Inert Gas Extrusion Foaming of Polystyrene

Grade & Technology

  • How to choose a Polyolefin grade for Physical Foaming
  • Dupont Dow Introduce Five New Grades of Polyolefin Elastomers
  • Optimal Grade Transitions in the HIPS Polymerization Process
  • Additives for Polyolefins: Newest Advances Add Ruggedness,
    Good Looks & Easier Processing
  • Opportunities for Advanced Technology Polyolefins in an Imploding Auto Supply Chain
  • Additive Technology for Polyolefin Biodegradation
  • Integrated Catalyst & Process Technologies for Value-Added Polyolefins
  • Recycling of Polyolefins by Pyrolysis in a Fluidized bed Reactor
  • Polyolefin foam on the rise
  • Simultaneous stretching technology
  • Armor-X™
  • Corzan® CPVC
  • Eastoflex Amorphous Polyolefin
  • TERA™  Elastomer Seal
  • Polyolefin Resins - A comprehensive list of Polyolefin Resins.
  • Proteus® Co-Polymer
  • Sanalite®
  • Seaflex
  • Polyolefin HeatShrink Sleeving
  • TIVAR­ 1000
  • Polypropylene Tubing & Angle


  • MasterBatch Formulations for Polyolefin Applications
  • Method to Decrease Aldehyde Content In Polyolefin Products
  • Modified Polyolefin
  • Pressure vessel: overmolding a polyolefin onto a polyolefin
  • Process for modifying a Polyolefin
  • Process for the preparation of porous polyolefin particles
  • Process for improving the adhesive properties of polyolefin products

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Xante Colour Laser/Screenwriter Dye Sub Toner – Cyan
  • Propylene/Ethylene Polymers and Copolymers plus Additives
  • Foam Plastics
  • Phoenixboard®Builders Shim Stock™
  • Polypropylene
  • Polypropylene Copolymer
  • ScotchCast polyolefin Fiber
  • Toner Cartridge


  • Aker Kvaerner wins world-scale polyolefins project in Saudi Arabia
  • Polyurea Project profile
  • Erucamide in polyolefins
  • Polyolefins Compounding and Masterbatches
  • Next Generation Solar Heating Systems/Match
  • Suez petrochemical complex
  • Whitetopping an Existing Asphalt Pavement with Polyolefin Fiber Enriched PCC


  • Fast Coloring of Textile or Industrial Products with Spundyed Polyolefin fiber
  • Polyolefin Elastomers – Properties and Applications of Polyolefin Elastomers
  • Polyolefin Elastomers
  • Polyolefin Foam Physical Properties
  • Polyolefin Typical Properties


  • SABIC Annual Report
  • Automotive
  • Integrating our strengths
  • The Petrochemical Business Unit
  • Petrochemical Report
  • Merger Procedure Article
  • Market Trends in Non-halogen Flame Retardants
  • Benefits in Polyethylene Applications via the Use of One-Packs
  • No Dust Blends (NDB’s) of Additives: An Overview of Technical and Commercial Advantages Associated With Their Use
  • Growth of Metallocene Polyolefins not upto expectations
  • Polyolefin Market


  • Basell Reports Full Year 2005 Results
  • Borealis: creating & delivering value
  • LDPE Sheets & HDPE Sheets
  • International Symposium on Structure Development in Polymer Film and Fiber Processes
  • The environmental issue. A challenge for new generation polyolefins
  • Crosslinking Polyolefins 2005
  • Polyolefin Planning Service
  • National Industrial Chemicals
    (Notification and Assessment) Scheme
  • Polyolefins industry Report

Suppliers & Buyers

  • Polyolefins Suppliers serving All States/Provinces
  • Selling Leads of Polyolefin
  • Indian Suppliers of Polyolefin
  • Global Supplier of Polyolefin
  • Polyolefin Resin Suppliers
  • Manufacturer and Suppliers of Polyolefin
  • Polyolefin Buyers List 1
  • Polyolefin Buyers List 2

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