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  • .Polyurethanes are a group of polymers created by reacting a diisocyanate with an alcohol (a diol or a polyol). Around 95% of polyurethanes globally are produced from isocyanates, either methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) or toluene diisocyanate (DTI), which are aromatic chemicals derived from benzene and toluene, respectively
  • Polyurethane elastomers are noted for their toughness, flexibility (even at low temperatures), strength, abrasion resistance, shock absorbency and chemical resistance. Their physical properties can be tailored to a wide variety of end uses by adjusting the mix and nature of the raw materials. Because they are relatively expensive compared with most other elastomers, they are used primarily in demanding applications such as automotive bumper covers/fascias/trim, solid tires, industrial rollers, shoe soles, sport boots and various mechanical goods.
  •  Many flexible PU foam producers and automotive seating manufacturers provide products made with bio-based polyols (the renewable content is widely varied). However, market penetration of "green" PU was still small in most of the global PU markets in 2012
  • The United States, Western Europe, China and Other Asia are currently the major producing and consuming regions for polyurethane (PU) elastomers. Global consumption of PU elastomers was 74% thermosets and 26% thermoplastics in 2012.
  •  China will continue to be the largest global producer of footwear and the largest consumer of PU elastomers for this sector. The largest sector of the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) polyurethane elastomers market is in footwear/microcellular systems. Despite the relocation of the shoe industry to the Asia Pacific region, PU demand for footwear in EMEA is still significant.
  • Basics
  • Products for polyurethane dispersions
  • Fact Sheet

Project Information

  • Process Overview
  • Polyurethane Synthesis
  • Synthesis of Polyurethane Elastomers
  • The production of rigid polyurethane foam
  • Project Progressing
  • Lignin-Based Polyurethanes
  • Flexible Foam
  • Processing Equipments
  • Elastomeric polyurethanes
  • Synthesis from Natural Materials
  • Transparent & Flexible Polyurethanes

Raw materials

  • Raw material for Polyurethanes
  • Isocyanates
  • Tolylene diisocyanate
  • Polyols
  • Additives
  • Additives for polyester
    polyurethane foam
  • SiliconeSurfactants
  • Catalysts for the polyurethane industry
  • MDI Production
  • Supplier
  • Phenylene diisocyanate
  • Naphthalene diisocyanate
  • Hexamethylene Diisocyanate
  • Isophorone Diisocyanate
  • Methylene dicyclohexyl diisocyanate
  • Long chain diols
  • Technology
  • Project Planning
  • Consultancy - Market reports
  • Market Research

Company Profiles

  • Company - Indonesia
  • Company Investment in China
  • Top technology companies

The Environment

  • Design of Green Polyurethanes
  • Polyurethane precursors
  • Synthesis of isosorbide based polyurethanes
  • Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate (MDI)
    And Related Compounds
  • Spray polyurethane foam systems containing unreacted diisocyanates
  • MDI Emissions Reporting Guidelines
    for the Polyurethane Industry


  • Polyurethane Types & applications
  • Polyurethane Solutions
    in Construction
  • Application in Polyurethane
    Elastomers Catalysis
  • End Uses
  • Polyurethane-based 1C adhesives
  • Transportation Industry
  • Aliphatic Polycarbonate Polyurethanes for
    Medical Devices
  • Textile applications

Market Scenario

  • Polyurethanes Industry in USA
  • Polyurethane industry to growth
    and jobs in Europe
  • Weekly Newsletter

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