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  • Pyrophyllite is a phyllosilicate mineral species belonging to the clay family and composed of aluminium silicate hydroxide AlSi2O5OH.
  • It occurs in two more or less distinct varieties, namely, as crystalline folia and as compact masses; distinct crystals are not known.
  • Pyrophyllite occurs in phyllite and schistose rocks, often associated with kyanite, of which it is an alteration product.
  • Pale green foliated masses, very like talc in appearance, are found at Beresovsk near Yekaterinburg in the Urals, and at Zermatt in Switzerland.
  • Illite is the dominant clay in the upper part of the deposit. It rapidly diminishes in the lower sections where there is an increase in kaolinite, alloysite, and pyrophyllite.
  • In the grinding process of Pyrophyllite, some effects such as delamination, gliding and folding of the layers, and decrease in particle size were detected by SEM and XRD, resulting in a large increase in specific surface area.
  • Clays in Las Aguilas Formation were characterized by mechanical, X-ray powder diffraction, chemical, differential thermal, dilatometric, thin section, and electron microscopy analyses.
  •  Most samples are strongly cemented with Fe203, and their dispersion is sometimes very difficult.
  • Mechanical size analyses may therefore yield lower percentages of the clay fraction than is actually the case.
  • The Newfoundland government assumed control of the property under the Undeveloped Mineral Area Act of 1952.
  • It was reopened in 1956 by Newfoundland Minerals Limited, a subsidiary of a company that later became the American Olean Tile Company.
  • Infrared spectroscopic observations of the incorporation of CO2 into pyrophyllite that has been heated between 200ºC and 1250ºC for periods of 15 min, 1 h and 5 days.
  • It is added to clay to reduce thermal expansion when firing but it has many other industry uses when combined with other compounds, such as in insecticide and for making bricks.
  • Historically pyrophyllite has been used for carving statues and ornaments owing to its relative ease of machinability.
  • Pyrophyllite used in Ceramic formulations e.g. tile and refractory.
  • The Mineral Pyrophyllite
  • Pyrophyllite Background
  • Classification of pyrophyllite
  • Pyrophyllite History
  • Pyrophyllite
  • General Pyrophyllite Information


  • Atomistic Models for the absorption ofOil Production Chemicals on Clay minerals
  • Effect of Dry Grinding On Pyrophyllite
  • Clay Deposits of Las aguilas Formation
  • Mechanisms of Nickel Sorption on Pyrophyllite Macroscopic and Microscopic Approaches
  • A rectorite-pyrophyllite-chlorite-illite assemblage in pelitic rocks from Colombia
  • The Effect of Silane Modification on the Adsorptive Properties of Natural Pyrophyllite and Synthetic Titanium-Based Powders Prepared by the Sol-Gel
  • Synthesis of pyrophyllite polytypes and mixed layers


  • Mineral Industry Survey
  • Origin of acid fluids in the caywayan sector backman in the geo thermal production
  • Pyrophyllite Occurrences in the Coxheath area, Cape BretonIsland
  • Origin of the Pyrophyllite
  • Aspects of Mining in Newfoundland & Labrador


  • Casting Molten Steel
  • Investment Material
  • Manufacture Of Pyrophyllite
  • Refractory Composition & Method For Preparation
  • Method Of Producing Printed Matter
  • Process For Preparing Goagulant From Pyrophyllite

Report & Market

  • Geoscience Newsletter
  • Continuing the Long Tradition of Mining on the Avalon Peninsula
  • Investigation of Ni Sorption on Pyrophyllite
  • In situ impedance spectroscopy on pyrophyllite and CaCO3 at high pressure and temperature
  • Spectral Unmixing of aster Data
  • Talc and Pyrophyllite

Company Profile & Consultants

  • Company From Australia
  • Company From Canada
  • Company From Carolina
  • Consultant From Australia
  • Consultant From USA
  • Consultant From Australia


  • Pyrolite
  • Pyrophyllite
  • Latex Flat
  • Pyrax
  • Pyrophyllite Clay

Commodity Reports

  • 2006 Pyrophyllite Minerals
  • 2003 Commodity Report
  • 2004 Commodity Report
  • 2005 Commodity Report
  • 2006 Commodity Report
  • 2007 Commodity Report


  • A rectorite-pyrophyllite-chlorite-illite assemblage in pelitic rocks from Colombia
  • Observation of five-coordinated Al in pyrophyllite dehydroxylate by solid-state2 1Ll NMR spectroscopya t 14 T
  • Ultra low and negative expansion glass–ceramic materials produced from pyrophyllite and blast furnace slag
  • Structure Of Pyrophyllite
  • Infra red Study of CO2 Incorporation Into Pyrophyllite[Al2Si4O1 0(OH)2 ] During De Hydration


  • An Application of Geostatistical Method to Estimation of Some Variables Distributed in a Geothermal Reservoir
  • Identification of polytypic groups in hydrous phyllosilicates using electron back scattering patterns
  • Thermodynamics of phyllosilicates and low temperature thermometry
  • Examionation of phyllosilicates bearing materials in the vicnity of the nili fossae using thermal infra red data
  • Kimberlitic sources of super-deep diamonds in the Juina area, Mato Grosso State
  • Pyrophyllite application

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