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  • In addition to new derivatives from the PBZX family and novel rigid-rod polymers such as rigid-rod polyimides  and aromatic poly(pyridinium salt), there are several special groups of rigid-rod polymers that have been studied and developed rapidly after the 1980s.
  • Among them are polyphenylenes,
    poly(phenylene ethynylene), poly(p-phenylenevinylene) (qv), polythiophenes, polyanilines, polyquinolines, and some organometallic polymers .
  • The rigid-rod fibers, especially  poly((benzo {1,2-d:4,5 -d } bisoxazole-2,6-diyl)-1,4-phenylene) PBZO, display superior tensile properties ,thermal stability, flame resistance, barrier properties, and low smoke generation as well as low moisture sensitivity.
  • Other good properties are cutting and abrasion resistance, chemical, oxidation, and radiation resistance, as well as a low dissipation factor .
  • Furthermore, the rigid-rod fibers exhibit potentially useful electrical and nonlinear optical behavior.
  • The rigid-rod polymer fibers also have rather small creep and stress relaxation. Their creep and stress relaxation rates are extremely
    low compared with the conventional nylon and polyester fibers.
  • Rodlike polymers have a finite
    degree of flexibility in the sp3-hybridized carbons in the polymer backbone, whereas rigid-rod polymers are entirely sp2-hybridized and can only be rotated axially since they have no points of flexibility along the backbone.
  • Rigid rod-like polymers form a nematic phase which is of the tumbling type at small and moderate shear rates, to become flow-aligning at high shear rates as a result of nonlinearity.
  • Rigid-rod polymers
  • Rigid-rod polymer hosts (polyacetylene, polythiophene, etc.)
  • Unreinforced Plastics Get Stiffer
  • Past and future of high performance fibers
  • Rigid-rod Type Polymers: poly(n-hexyl isocyanate)
  • Nanotubes as polymers
  • High-performance
  • Polymer data handbook


  • Consultancy from California
  • Consultancy from Canada
  • Consultancy from Texas
  • Consultancy from U.K
  • New rigid-rod polymer jumps to market
  • Self reinforcing thermoplastic is harder, stronger, stiffer without added fibers


  • Rigid rod polymer based on pyridobisimidazole
  • Rigid-rod polymers
  • Adamantane based three-dimensional rigid-rod polymers
  • Two-dimensional benzobisoxazole rigid-rod polymers
  • Water soluble rigid-rod polymer
  • Negative birefringent rigid rod polymer films
  • Rigid-rod graft polymers and copolymers
  • Compositions comprising rigid-rod polymers and carbon nanotubes and process for making the same
  • Dihydroxy-pendant rigid-rod benzobisazole polymer
  • Conductive composites derived from poyaniline and aromatic benzazole rigid-rod polymers


  • Compressive strength in rigid rod polymers
  • Steady state and ultrafast fluorescence depolarisation in rigid rod conjugated polymers
  • The potential of a new rigid-rod polymer fibre (M5) in advanced composite structures
  • Novel synthetic methods of condensation polymers
    and their applications as new composite and optoelectronic
  • Molecular/Nano Level Approaches for the Enhancement of Axial Compressive Properties of Rigid-Rod Polymers
  • Long term creep and stress rupture of aramid fibre
  • Fillers & Additives
  • Exciton Migration in Rigid-Rod Conjugated Polymers
  • Molecular design of rigid-rod polyelectrolytes


  • Turbulent Pipe Flow of "Rod-Like" Polymer Solutions
  • Solvent cast thermoplastic and thermoset rigid-rod molecular composites
  • Rigid rod polymer fillers in acrylic denture and dental adhesive resin systems
  • Nonlinear Optical Properties of Rigid-Rod Polymers
  • Nanoscale Fibrils and Grids: Aggregated Structures from Rigid-Rod Conjugated Polymers
  • Molecular Conformations
  • Mechanical and fracture behaviour of rigid-rod self reinforced polymers
  • Luminescence of Monolayer Thin Films of the Fully Conjugated Rigid-Rod Polymer
    Poly(p-phenylene benzobisthiazole)

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