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  • Milled Steel rolling shutters are fabricated from high-quality steel rods to operate on the same principles of rolling shutter. This shutter can be integrated with grills or perforated panels to achieve ventilation or see-through vision. It is easy to install. It is weather resistant. This roller shutter is the cost effective solution for any kind of application & prevent the shutter from rusting and helps to provide them with a long life.
  • Aluminium Rolling Shutter is designed with extruded aluminium section & fabricated using superior grade aluminium. Aluminium shutters are available as both single wall and double wall with insulation. These roller shutters are light in weight, corrosion free and give the good aesthetic appearance.
  • Polycarbonate or Transparent Rolling Shutter creates an aesthetic transparency throughout the area whereby visibility can be achieved from either side of the premise when the shutters are lowered. It is transparent, lightweight, and secured. Mostly they are made from polycarbonate but are very costly.
  • The automatic rolling shutter is generally power drives. It is fitted with electric motor and gear box
  • When the area of the opening is less than 10m2, the shutters are operated by applying manual pull or push. These types of the rolling shutter are known as push-pull type rolling shutters
  • When the area of the opening is greater than 10m2 then the shutters are operated by reduction gear, connecting rod and winding handle or chain of pulley blocks. This type of roller shutter is known as mechanical gear rolling shutter.
  • Grill rolling shutter is built of aluminium alloy or steel links of 0.9mm thickness assembled on rods. The grill can be made out of 8mm diameter mild steel or aluminium alloy round bars. These types of the rolling shutter are used where protection and safety, visibility and ventilation is also desired.
  • The industrial rolling shutter is most commonly used where the environment is harsh with usage and has very large sizes. It is made from metal, aluminium and steel
  • Window roller shutters Window rolling shutters are another popular variety of security shutters that come in a range of different styles and designs, and each has its own benefits.
  • M.S. Strips of desired width are taken in coil form and fed to roller type sheet forming machine in which the rolling shutter profiles are formed. The spring steel wires are formed into springs shape in the spring coiling machine. The hand shearing machine and the press brake are used to frame fabrication. All the components are assembled and painted with red oxide primer.
  • The product is to be fabricated and inspected as per ISI specifications i.e. IS : 6248. Beside, IS specification; there are customerís specifications, which may be strictly followed too.
  • Roller shutters have many applications, including doors for vans, garages, kitchens, schools, prisons and warehouses
  • In areas that are frequently exposed to inclement weather, roller shutters are used as a method of insulation and can protect windows against hail damage.
  • There is good demand for rolling shutters, as an item of common use in construction of shops, godowns, workshop sheds etc. They are sold directly to the users.
  • Rolling shutters are requires for every new shop / enterprise coming in any area. On an average in every city around 400-500 new shops grow every year. If we club the demand of rural area, it would be around 2000 numbers every year. In addition to rolling shutters, concern would utilize its fabrication facility in fabrication of other products as per market demand on job to bob basis.
  • About Rolling Shutters
  • Roller shutter systems
  • Door Systems for Collective Garages

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  • Standard Drawing & component parts
  • Steel Roller Shutters
  • Architectural Specifications
  • Specification - Aluminium rolling shuttet
  • Hand Chain Roller Shutters
  • Push Up Roller Shutters
  • Electric Operated Roller Shutters
  • Fire Rated Personnel Doors

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  • Technical Details
  • Door Systems
  • Manufacture of Shutters & component parts
  • Cold rolling Machinery
  • Technology Product profile
  • Industrial rolling shutters spec sheet

Product Design 

  • Design Guide
  • Operating systems for rolling shutters
  • The structural behaviour of rolling shutters subjected to wind pressure
  • Safety in Design, manufacture, Installation & maintenance
  • Gear System
  • Installation drawing
  • Certification drawing

Product Information

  • Types of Rolling Shutters
  • Innovations
  • Product Evaluation
  • High Security - Heavy Duty

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  • Tender sample - Pre-Engineered Building rooms

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