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  • Scandium is a chemical element that has the symbol Sc and atomic number 21.
  • A silvery white metal that is always present as compounds, scandium ores occur as rare minerals from Scandinavia and elsewhere.
  • It is sometimes considered along with yttrium, and the lanthanides and actinides, to be a rare earth element.
  • Scandium is a rare, hard, silvery, rough very dark metallic element that develops a slightly yellowish or pinkish cast when exposed to air.
  • Scandium is distributed sparsely on earth, occurring only as trace quantities in many minerals. Scandium is more common in the sun and certain stars than on Earth.
  • The extraction of Sc(III) proceeds according to the cation-exchange reaction at lower acidity and to a solvating reaction at higher acidity.
  • The quantitative extraction for Sc(III) with PC-88A was found within 1 min while with D2EHPA the same was attained only after 5 mins of shaking, though 77.6 % Sc(III) was extracted into the organic phase within 1 min.
  • Separation of Sc(III) was also carried out from some commonly associated metals and the method further extended for its recovery from synthetic and real solutions of Fe(III), Al(III) and Mg(II) scrap.
  • The main application of scandium by weight is in aluminium-scandium alloys for minor aerospace industry components, and for unusual designs sports equipment (bikes, baseball bats, firearms, etc.) which rely on high performance materials.
  • It is used in lacrosse sticks; a light yet strong metal is needed for precise accuracy, speed and its useful in the making of aircraft and spacecraft structures, probably alloyed with other metals.
  • Scandium (45Sc) NMR was used to explore the B-site order-disorder in the Perovskite piezoelectric material.
  • Scandium can significantly increase strength and reduce grain size and has been added to aluminum alloys in the former soviet union for missiles and MIG fighter applications.
  • The two-stage amorphization found in the present case of scandium molybdate is in contrast to the single-stage amorphization reported in other isostructural Sc2(WO4)3 and Lu2(WO4)3 occurring at 4 and 5 GPa, respectively.
  • Scandium Appearance
  • Basic Information
  • Chemical properties of scandium
  • History
  • Scandium Sources
  • Occurrence
  • Scandium Isolation
  • Scandium Info


  • Scandium - 46
  • Scandium
  • Scandium Catalytic Vent - Free Fire Place
  • Radiochemical


  • Scandium (1000ug/ml)
  • Scandium 1000 ppm A/S Standard
  • Scandium 46 Radionuclide
  • Safety data for scandium trifluoromethanesulfonate
  • Scandium

Processing and Technology

  • Extraction and Separation Studies of Scandium (III) from Perchlorate Media by D2EHPA and PC - 88A
  • New Scandium Production Process
  • Photoionization of doubly charged scandium ions
  • Scandium - Technology Report


  • Hydrosilation, and Dehydrocondensation of Silicon Hydrides, Catalysed by Scandium, Yttrium and Rare Earth Metal Compounds
  • Article with Scandium Compound Decorative Coating
  • Scandium Halide and Alkali Metal Halide Discharge Lamp
  • Ion Exchange Method for the Recovery of Scandium
  • Liquid Extraction Procedure for the Recovery of Scandium
  • Separation of Scandium from Tantalum Residue Using Fractional Liquid - Liquid Extraction

Company Profiles

  • Company from Italy
  • Another Company from Italy
  • Company from China
  • Company from New Jersey
  • Company from California


  • Survey Report - 2006
  • Production in the year 2002
  • Production in the year 2003
  • Production in the year 2004
  • Production in the year 2005
  • Production in the year 2006
  • Production in the year 2007


  • Applications of Scandium
  • Scandium mineralization associated with hydrothermal lazulite-quartz veins in the Lower Austroalpine Grobgneis complex,
    Eastern Alps, Austria
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Scandium in Perovskite Relaxor Ferroelectrics
  • Scandium(III) or lanthanide(III) triflates as recyclable catalysts for the direct acetylation of alcohols with acetic acid
  • Use of scandium tris(trifluoromethanesulfonate) as a Lewis acid catalyst in supercritical carbon dioxide
  • X-Ray Spectroscopic Investigations of Scandium Chloride Aqueous Solutions using the Hydrothermal
    Diamond Anvil Cell

Consultancy Services

  • Australian Consultant
  • Consultant from Sydney
  • Consultancy Service
  • Another Australian Consultant
  • Consultant from Canada


  • Scandium Suppliers
  • Scandium Products
  • Selling Leads
  • Scandium Exporters


  • Project Report
  • Element 21 Golf Scandium Driver Receives USGA Approval
  • Differential Cross Sections for (d,a) Reaction on Scandium 45
  • Electronic state of scandium trimer encapsulated in C82 cage
  • Hyperfine splitting in lithiumlike scandium
  • New process for recovery of nickel, cobalt, scandium
  • Rare Earths
  • EXAFS spectroscopy of amorphous iron-scandium alloys Fe100-xScx
  • Scandium Binary and Ternary Alloy Systems and Intermetallic Compounds
  • Two-stage amorphization of scandium molybdate at high pressure

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