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  • Selenium is a chemical element with the atomic number 34, represented by the chemical symbol Se.
  • Selenium is a trace mineral that is essential to good health but required only in small amounts .
  • Selenium is found in economic quantities in sulfide ores such as pyrite, partially replacing the sulfur in the ore matrix.
  • Selenium has a biological role, and is found in organic compounds such as dimethyl selenide, selenomethionine, selenocysteine and methylselenocysteine.
  • Selenium occurs in staple foods such as corn, wheat, and soybean as selenomethionine, the organic selenium analogue of the amino acid methionine
  • Selenium is most commonly produced from selenide in many sulfide ores, such as those of copper, silver, or lead.
  • It is obtained as a byproduct of the processing of these ores, from the anode mud of copper refineries and the mud from the lead chambers of sulfuric acid plants.
  • The maximum acceptable concentration of
    selenium in drinking water is 0.01 mg/L.If selenium is
    present at this level, drinking water would be the source
    of between 10 and 25 percent of total selenium intake.
  • Steps involved in the extraction of Selenium are : Soda Ash Roasting, Sulfation Roasting, Wet Chlorination, Copper-Lead Slimes Treatment.
  • The largest use of selenium world-wide is in glass and ceramic manufacturing, where it is used to give a red color to glasses, enamels and glazes as well as to remove color from glass by counteracting the green tint imparted by ferrous impurities.
  • It is used in many applications, the major ones being a decolorizer for glass, a metallurgical additive to free-machining varieties of ferrous and nonferrous alloys, a constituent in cadmium sulfoselenide pigments, a photoreceptor in xerographic copiers, and a semiconductor in electrical rectifiers and photocells.
  • Use of selenium as a promoter in the reformation of naphtha.
  • The major consumers of selenium in order of importance are Europe, United State and Asia-Pacific, with the latter having the highest rate.
  • The demand for selenium, however, is more influenced by the technological requirements of its end uses and by costs associated with its use as compared with substitute materials than with its initial cost.
  • Selenium has
    also been shown to be teratogenic in a number of avian and mammalian species (a subject extensively reviewed
    by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences(21)), and there
    have been suggestions that selenium may also be a
    teratogen in humans.
  • Chinese demand for selenium is expected to increase owing to a potential expansion of demand from a rise in manganese production, in which selenium is used.
  • The minimum toxic intake
    level has been identified for adults as 0.5 to 0.7 mg/day,
    and daily intakes of less than 0.02 or 0.03 mg may also be linked to adverse health effects.
  • Global demand for selenium from the glass and solar cell manufacturers should also increase as there are few substitutes in glass manufacturing and the expansion of solar cell production is expected to continue.
  • Selenium
  • Selenium Element Facts
  • Element Selenium – Se
  • Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet: Selenium
  • History About Selenium
  • Selenium, Background And Its Evidence


  • Selenium Applications
  • Selenium And Its Effects On Growth, Yield And Tuber Quality In Potato
  • Selenium Fertilization To Prevent Selenium Deficiency
  • The Preparation Of Optically Clear Selenium For Use In Index Media
  • The use of selenium containing intermediates to mediate or catalyze new organic reactions
  • A New Method for the Synthesis of Selenium Nanoparticles and the Application to Construction of H2O2 Biosenso


  • The green technology of selenium phytoremediation
  • The real-time amorphous selenium (α-Se) Flat Panel Detector (FPD) technology overview
  • Advanced Biological Metals Removal Process
  • SeLECT™ Technology
  • The selenium technology


  • Selenium From Coal Mining In The ELK River Valley
  • Determination Of  Impurities In High-Purity Selenium By Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry After Matrix Separation With Thiourea
  • Extraction & Purification Of Selenium


  • High Selenium Pinto Beans As A Value Added Product
  • Prevention of Cancer by Selenium
  • Relationship Between Soil Selenium Concentrations And Selenium Uptake By Vegetation On Surface Coal Mine Lands In Wyoming
  • Site-Specific Water Quality Criteria for Selenium: Development of Implementation Analysis Protocol
  • Selenium Treatment/Removal Alternatives Demonstration Project


  • Environmental effects of selenium
  • Selenium Hazard Summary
  • Selenium Impacts on Fish: An lnsidious Time Bomb
  • Recommendations for Pre-Mine Assessment of Selenium Hazards Associated With Coal Mining


  • Selenium Chemical & Physical Properties
  • Chemical &  Physical Information
  • Physical Properties Of Selenium
  • Synthesis, structure and physical properties of the new selenium containing
    metal complex NBu4[Ni(ddds)2
  • Properties Of Selenium
  • Selenium
  • Thermal Properties Of Selenium -Bismuth Glassy Alloys


  • Selenium Production In The Year 2005
  • Selenium Production In The Year 2006
  • Market For Selenium
  • Selenium Market Overview
  • Selenium Market outlook
  • Selenium Prices and Stock
  • Company In United States
  • Company In Japan
  • Company In Japan
  • Company In China
  • Company In United States


  • Consultant From United Kingdom
  • Consultant From United States
  • Consultant From United States
  • Consultant From United States
  • Consultant From United States


  • Selenium Products
  • Product List Of Selenium
  • Selenium Info And Products
  • Selenium 74


  • Selenium Manufacturers And Suppliers
  • Selenium Manufacturers
  • Selenium Buyers, Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Selenium Buyers, Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Selenium Exporters, Manufacturers, & Suppliers
  • Selenium Exporters, Manufacturers, & Suppliers


  • Control Of Selenium Alloy Fractionation
  • Electrphoretic Deposition Of Selenium
  • Electroded Selenium Lamp
  • Method Of Selenium Removal
  • Preparation Of Red Amorphous Selenium
  • Process For Selenium Purification
  • Removal Of Selenium From Acidic Copper/Nickel Solutions
  • Use Of Selenium For Treating Patients Suffering From Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome And Composition For implementing Said Treatment


  • Selenium Contamination in Corbicula Transplanted into Agricultural Drains
  • An integrated investigation of anthropogenic selenium contamination in Lake Macquarie, NSW
  • Acute Feed-Related Selenium Toxicosis In Weaner Pigs
  • Selenium Danger Ignored
  • Traditional Microbial-Extraction of Essential Selenium from Tea Epiphytic-Parasitic Medicinal Plants Used by the People
  • Selenium reduction through wise water use
  • Setting requirements and recommended intakes of selenium
  • Report About Selenium
  • Biological Assessment of Existing TMDL Stream

Survey Report

  • Selenium Production In The Year 2008
  • Selenium End-Use Statistics
  • Selenium End-Use Statistics US Geological Survey
  • Selenium Production In The Year 2004
  • Selenium Production In The Year 2006
  • Selenium Production In The Year 2007
  • Selenium and Tellurium

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Selenium
  • Selenite Broth
  • Dimethyl Selenium
  • Selenium hexafluoride
  • Zinc Selenide
  • Selenium
  • Tungsten Selenide


  • Selenium Buyers List

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