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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Ship breaking is the process of dismantling a vessel that is no longer sea worthy.
  • Scrap materials are often recycled or discarded
  • Ship breaking industry depends on availability of scrap ships. Every year around 600-700
    larger sea vessels are taken out of service and brought to Asia for scrap
  • The ship owner simply evaluates the expected future earning potential and the expected cost of keeping the vessel in operation against the price obtainable when the vessel is sold for scrap.
  • The Ship Breaking Industry is a major source for raw materials to the local steel rerolling mills
  • When the demand for steel and other
    reusable items increases, the ship scrappers' earning potential increases
  • In Asian Countries like Pakistan, China, India and Bangladesh more than 90% of world ship breaking occurs.
  • Over the next quarter of a century, an average of 1400 ships per annum will be scrapped
  • About 30 to 50 Crores of investment is needed to set up this kind of project

Basic Information

  • Basics

  • Green Awareness

Companies & reports

  • Company profile

  • Company Rating

  • Company - Singapore

  • Ship Support provider

Trade, Technology Scenario
  • Indian companies
  • Ship Recycling Convention
  • Convention 2009
  • Convention 2010 - contacts
  • Ship Demolition - 2010
  • Ship Demolitions- 2009
  • Philippine shipyards
  • Ports sector - India
  • UK Ship Recycling Capability
  • Ship dismantling in Turkey
  • Norwegian Industry
  • Recycling of Ships - Links
Regulatory Issues
  • Ship Recycling Plan
  • Environment Issues
  • Ships to Break
  • Labour Issues
  • Waste Management at Ports
  • Workers at Shipyards
  • Green Re-Cycling of Ships
  • Environment Guidance Manual
  • Marine Green Passport
  • Environment Consultants
  • Inspection of Ship for Breaking

Project Information

  • Ship Breaking -sample report
  • Ship breaking Problems & Prospects
  • Locations
  • Modern Ship Recycling Sites
  • Ship Dismantling Facilities
  • Steel Floating Dry Dock
  • Project Consultants
  • Selling ships for recycling
  • Project Divest

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