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  • A spring is a device that changes its shape in response to an external force, returning to its original shape when the force is removed.
  • The energy expended in deforming the spring is stored in it and can be recovered when the spring returns to its original shape.
  • Springs are usually made out of hardened steel.
  • Small springs can be wound from pre-hardened stock, while larger ones are made from annealed steel and hardened after fabrication.
  • Springs are classified according some of its properties.
  • Depending on load it can classifies as: Tension/Extension spring, Compression spring, Torsional spring.
  • In tension/extension and compression there is axial load. On the other hand in the torsional spring there is torsional force.
  • Most springs (not stretched or compressed beyond the elastic limit) obey Hooke's law, which states that the force with which the spring pushes back is linearly proportional to the distance from its equilibrium length.
  • Steel alloys are the most commonly used spring materials. The most popular alloys include high-carbon (such as the music wire used for guitar strings), oil-tempered low-carbon, chrome silicon, chrome vanadium, and stainless steel.
  • Other metals that are sometimes used to make springs are beryllium copper alloy, phosphor bronze, and titanium.
  • Rubber or urethane may be used for cylindrical, non-coil springs. Ceramic material has been developed for coiled springs in very high-temperature environments.
  • Manufacturing process of steel-alloy, coiled springs include Coiling, hardening, and finishing.
  • A Company in California uses HELI-CAL Flexure technology to produce high performance, machined springs in a way that takes much of the guesswork out of the design and manufacturing processes.
  • The gas springs of the LIFT-O-MAT and BLOC-O-LIFT series from STABILUS provide comfortable and safe lifting, lowering, and positioning of flaps, lids, and hoods.
  • STABILUS has also developed highly compact gas spring types for trailer applications, they are easy to install and follow the rules of space optimization.
  • The gas springs of are also used for the manufacture of highly functional and ergonomic vehicle and airplane seats.
  • Spring
  • How to make springs
  • Coil spring
  • Closed & Open Coiled Helical Spring
  • More about Torsion Springs


  • Clock And Power Springs
  • Compression springs
  • Spring Design
  • Design of Helical Springs
  • Helical Springs
  • High Strength, Oil-tempered Steel Wire for Valve Springs, Manufactured by Rapid Heating Mono-strand Process
  • Alcan Spring
  • Helical Spring Design
  • Process And History Of Springs
  • Other Types Of Springs

Products & Application

  • Dynamic Response Of Compressor Valve Spring To Impact Loading
  • Spring Force Constant Determination as a Learning Tool for Graphing and Modeling
  • The use of helical spring and fluid damper isolation systems for bridge structures subjected to vertical ground acceleration
  • Mechanical Design Applications Of Springs
  • Special Heavy Duty Compression Springs
  • About Helical's Extraordinary Machined Springs
  • Modern gas spring technology provides comfort and safety in vehicles
  • A Leading-Edge Spring Making Technology and a New European Presence in Spring Formers
  • Applied Spring Technology

Project & Consultant

  • Project On Compression Spring
  • Project On Coil
  • Design And Calculation Of Ring Springs
  • Consultant In United States
  • Another Consultant In United States


  • Garage Door Extension Spring Installation Instructions
  • Supplemental Instructions Extension Spring Installation
  • Simple Guides To Springs


  • Company in United Kingdom
  • Company in India
  • Company in Japan
  • Company in North Carolina
  • Another Company in United Kingdom
  • Company in Australia
  • Another Company in India
  • Another Company in India
  • Company in England
  • Company in United States
  • Another Company in United States


  • Bent Wire Spring Module
  • Coated Coil Spring
  • Coil Spring Device
  • Electro Conductive Spring Contact Unit
  • Process For Making Heavy-Duty Springs
  • Method Of Manufacturing Printed Spring
  • Spring Used With Complementary Spacer
  • Compressor For Vehicle Suspension Spring


  • Spring manufacturers and suppliers
  • Torsion Spring Manufacturers, Buyers & Suppliers
  • Spring manufacturers
  • Spring Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Spring Manufacturers & Suppliers

Market & Report

  • Light weight, Low Cost, Composite Coil Springs are a Reality
  • Exploiting the Spring Structure of MEMS-Based Storage Devices to Reduce Their Shutdown Energy
  • Experimental Investigation Of Polymeric Compound Cross Section Springs
  • White paper on E Yantra MEDO Spring Module
  • Spring Report Summary
  • Helical Goes Galactic With Sage MAS 500 and MRP
  • Residual Stresses In Cold-Coiled helical Automotive Springs
  • The Double Helix Theory of the Magnetic Field
  • Singapore Contract Manufacturers Target High-End Medical Device Market In The US
  • Enter The World Of Machined Spring

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